Details of terror attack in Har Nof from Rebbetzin Heller. She asked that we post the real #truth wherever we can

Dear friends,
Yesterday at about 7am my daughter Miri called. “Mordechai just came home from shul. He said that Arabs came in and are shooting, and that a man with an axe is hitting everyone. Some of the people threw chairs at them, but it didn’t help”. The twelve year old had hit the floor along with everyone else when the bullets began to fly. He was fully aware of what was going on, and what it meant. He somehow found the courage to let go of his father’s hand, crawl towards the exit and break into a run. Some of you know Miri and her family. She has had some of you over for Shabbos and holidays, and others sleeping in one of her kid’s bedrooms when the crowd at my house gets too big to accommodate sanely. Mordechai is blonde, freckled, and a soft spoken somewhat introverted and studious boy, much like his father, Shmuli. He is not Huck Finn, and the courage he found at those moments were a gift straight from G-d. By the time he finished telling Miri what happened, sirens from Hatzalah ambulances, police cars, and Magen David could be heard telling her that there were casualties. “Where’s Shmuli” was the thought that entered her mind again and again as the seconds which felt like hours began to tick. She called me and said, “Say Tehillim. There is shooting in Bnei Torah”. I began to say the ancient prayers, stopped myself and called Rabbi Weidan, and told him what was happening. I then began the Tehillim again, knocked on my neighbor’s door and told her to do the same. Chani called and told me to look at the news to see what was really happening. Nothing was reported as yet. Of course not. It was only 7:10.
I realized that the whether or not the attack was over, that no one as yet knew whether the murderers escaped. I called again, asking that everything be done to see that no one leaves the campus, and then called Miri. Thank G-d she had the sense to stay indoors and not run to the besieged synagogue. When Mordechai came home, the shooting was still happening. By 7:20 we both realized that if she didn’t hear from Shmuli, something was very wrong. The police and other services had no information as yet to give to the public, but a family friend who had seen the terror with his own eyes, said that Shmuli had been taken to Haddassah EIn Karem. When Mordechai let go of his hand, he instinctively ran after the child placing himself in the sight of the terrorists. One of them attacked him with his axe, hitting him on the left side of his head, his back and his arm. Somehow he made it to the door. Josh White, a student of Machon Shlomo was riding down Agassi on his bike. He noticed what he described later as “a lot of confusion” in front of Bnei Torah asked someone what was going on, and surprisingly (for Har Nof) the man answered him in Hebrew! In the midst of what to him was gibberish, he picked up the word Aravim (Arabs) and immediately grasped what was happening. He approached the shul and saw Shmuli who was still aware. The Machon student took of his shirt and stopped the bleeding, a move which may have saved Shmuli’s life. The shooting was still happening inside. It was about 7:15! The emergency crew drew back, but because SHmuli was already outside, they evacuated him thus making him the first of the wounded to be taken to Hadassah, another factor in his survival. Before collapsing, he asked where Mordechai was, and when he was told that the boy ran away from the carnage, he said, “Baruch Hashem”. Inside, the terrorists were continuing their “work”. When they entered they turned to their left, and immediately cut down Rabbi Twerski and Rav Kalman Levine who were standing in the corner. Reb Kalman was the husband of Chaya, formally Markowitz who was a student and later a madrichah at Neve. Her husband was not a regular attendee of Bnei Torah. He would generally daven in the earliest possible minyan so he could get in a couple of hours of learning before beginning his day. Yesterday he had a question about something he had learned and had gone after davening to Bnei Torah to put the question to its erudite rav, Rabbi Rubin. The question will now only be resolved in the Heavenly Acadamy. Rev Avraham Goldberg, the third man to be killed is Breina Goldberg’s husband. Many of you know Breina as the warm caring efficient secretary cum mother figure at the front desk in the afternoon. I don’t as yet know how her husband, or Reb Kupinski the fourth victim met their deaths. The only thing that I know, is that it was brutal and swift. The first policemen to enter were traffic cops who knew what they were facing, and also knew that they were not wearing protective gear. They entered anyway and together with the forces that came afterwards ended the bloodbath. By 7:30 the murderers were apprehended.
Miri, my daughter Guli, and her husband were in Hadassah. Miri’s other kids were watched by relatives and friends for the day. Mordechai was urged to speak about what he saw again and again in order to diminish the damage of the trauma he had undergone. The rest of the family flowed in, saying Tehillim and waiting for updates. The hospital social worker, Aviva, who is blessed with the rare gift of being empathic without being overbearing, and the women of Ezer Mitzion (a volunteer organization) kept us well supplied with food, calming conversation and practical advice. We were allowed to see Shmuli who was put under anesthesia. We don’t know if he heard us or not, but we were talking to him stressing that Mordechai was fine. In the hours before the surgery was done, we found ourselves with Risa Rotman. Her husband, Chaim Yechiel ben Malka, was also attacked, and the extent of his wounds are very serious. Some of you may know Risa (who if I am not mistaken also is an OBG) and those of you whose husbands learned in Ohr Sameach or who recall Reb Meir Shuster who he helped unstintingly for years, may know him as Howie. The policeman who entered first, passed away. May Hashem avenge his blood.
Every day in Eretz Yisrael is a gift and a miracle. I have no pretensions of knowing Hashem’s will, but I do know that everything He does is purposeful, and that His compassion that is often hidden from the human eye. Anyone who values human life and reality and the eternal nature of the soul is appalled by the idea of people entering a synagogue and killing people who they never met randomly.
Except for CNN. They reported the entire event as an attack on a mosque.
Except for BBC. They reported that the Israeli police killed two Palestinians (they meant the murderers). The victims of Israeli brutality presumably were going on a stroll through scenic Har Nof when attacked by the racist troops….
Please post the truth to whomever you can reach.
Please please continue saying Tehillim for Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila and the other victims. Daven that Hashem give strength to the five new widows and 24 new orphans. Most of all thank Hashem that we are not Them, and treasure Hashem’s Torah and His Land.
Love always,

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The Effective Relationship / Shidduch (finding a life partner) Guide in short 5 point form!

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Have a great shabbos, shabbat #shalom literally, a good time for finding your soul mate this week, and deserve a mazel tov on the first Goldsmith’s Bas Mitzvah in generations, we deserve a mazel tov for Rivkalah!

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loveWow so our Husband left you above with a burning question, so all let’s recap again.  “What about Wifey’s? Do they never make mistakes? Are we to consider them perfect and is all the hard work on us Husbands?” The answer is simply “Yes” Wifey’s mistakes is simply marrying our Husband. Not that they weren’t meant to be, like people use Beshert/Destined, once Husband and Wifey is married, there is no going back. For sure this is going to require a whole chapter if not book in its self, to clarify Wifey’s mistake. And you are all welcome right now to provide the means to go ahead and clarify this point. But for now my close friend of our Husband is pointing us at a more pressing ?.

shabbat shabbosBefore Husband and Wifey there are our single/half souls = Young men and Young women. And  our good friend wanted to know…

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Shalom,I’m so happy you got a chance to meet D…. ( M….. brother). They still need a little help getting along, but they are getting there. Maybe you can speak to him and explain to him that his brother really loves him, but the way he is now- I’m also glad you had a good Chanukah with your family. I wanted to write sooner but I didn’t want disturb your festivities of Chanukah. I don’t know if you know this, but M mentioned that he introduced k to smoking cigarettes. This is not good for any one. M…. needs to be guided off of smoking- this is one the major areas we had difficulties with- we hate it, his brother fights with him bitterly on this and M…s bad Asthma. Is there anything that can be done to get him “unhooked?” Also if we can work on his overall appearance and stress the importance of first impressions. How people view others at first just on their appearance. He needs to look sharp, clean, and well kept. He needs his hair cut and styled, – and not wear a hat all the time- (if he does). Also explain to him that not everyone has to know that he doesn’t always eat kosher ( he mentioned that to my cousins- ) he should understand that they will only remember that part of the visit- ( they are not observant). I do hear that there are some changes- positive ones and I am grateful for those changes- but as you know there is still more work to be done. M…. also has to realize that he is an adult and will be held accountable for his actions- unlike when he was younger.

Thank you again,

Hatzlacha Rabba

Dear Rabbi EliYou are all welcome. It was an honor and our pleasure to share with your family. You and your family have made Y…. so happy that we hope we have done the same for yours. The only thing we ask of Mrs. Goldsmith is that she keeps our family in her prayers when she lights the shabbos candles. I know we pray for yours to be safe, see yiddish nachas from the children, and that the Midnight Rabbi continues to do his wonderful work kessed with  all of you by his side.

Keep in touch

Have a good Shabbos

Dear reb Eliezer Goldsmith “the midnight rabbi” Shlita,I don’t know if you heard about an article in a widely read Jewish newspaper in America. The article basically was trying to discredit neveh and other similar programs catering to kids coming to have a year in Israel. The author obviously was bent against neveh and had to mention ………. as the place where a boy ODed a few years back. Luckily she wasn’t totally ludicrous and actually quoted the ….., Rav …….., on some very crucial issues. He definitely saved face for the yeshiva. I wanted to let you know he mentioned you as being a vital player in the Yeshiva doing all that is possible to provide a safe and constructive environment for these kids at risk. I think you were the biggest part of saving face for the yeshiva. SEE

Hashem should give you the strength to continue your Avoda of saving these Neshamos. I hope the Yeshiva will be able to keep you aboard. I know how much Rav Tzvi Meyer holds of what you do, he even spent TWENTY FIVE minutes on the phone with me to better understand the yeshiva and your role in it. For a normal person that would be like spending a month on the phone.

Hatloch UBracha

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Lots of stories as yet unreleased…for this and that profitable blog…”

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My own story is that more than 13 years ago i was in Brighton. Not so bright as you may imagine being that i was in Sussex University in England etc… However, G-d had grace on me and the same friend who donated 5000$ for the Bar Mitzvah (see above) the other week , also had a father with good hookups in property and found me a place by the sea and next to the only shul (he was a Chabad shliach which we will get to that story another time bs’d) in 1000;s of miles etc…

However, as yet unafliated to any shul i was trying to keep shabbos/Shabbat/the sanctified day of rest. Little did i know, lol and truth to be told i ate cold…

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#Zusha – live, our dreams are coming true!

Zusha- Dreams live at the Mercury Lounge (2014)

Sweetest friends, OUR EP IS LIVE! Turn up your speakers///Get your headphones out///Open your heart///
Sing with us!!! Hear and download ZUSHA on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.
Order our beautifully designed album at

This is awesome. Thank you to everyone for making this possible.
We love you all.
zusha  iTUNES:

ps- if you have any pics or video clips from the SOLD OUT Mercury Lounge EP Release, post em on all forms of social media as #Zusha

Zusha is in the holy land, we got a show or 2, email to sponsor more shows and bring more soul in music!
Zusha – The East Shtetl Niggun (Gaisin and Mlotek, on cajon, during a jam earlier this year)
Thanks for getting in touch. Always amazing to connect to another yid, especially when he’s trying to lift up da nation.
Basically, Zusha have been experimenting with this neo-hassidic folk thing for a few years now. They have solidified into a tight trio (Zachariah Goldschmiedt – Guitar, Elisha Mlotek – percussion, and Shlomo Gaisin – vocals), showcasing Shlomo Gaisin’s really unique melodies and vocal soloing, over the past few months and are currently finishing up work on their first EP, set to release this August.
The band was here in Israel from August 10th – 18th, and the dream is to spread these soulful restorative tunes throughout the homeland again in our new inspired year!
I have linked three of their videos here (including an Acapella three-weeks-friendly one), as well as an early track of theirs recorded in the guitarist’s makeshift home studio, for you to give others a feel for the music. Otherwise, when the EP comes Zusha – Tzion:
Thanks so much for listening and I cannot wait for the world to hear this revolutionary EP.
Zusha – Dreams – UWS (from an intimate acoustic apartment show with friends) Vocals – Shlomo Ari Gaisin, Influences Shabbos

Guitar – Zachariah Juke Goldschmiedt, Hometown Manhattan

Percussion – Elisha Mendl Mlotek,  ” Loving the sincere soulful sounds ” Midinightrabbi inspired!

 Zusha was in the holy land, we want more shows, bigger and better, email to sponsor and bring more soul in music!

My recent message to the holy yidden of Zusha

brother shana tovah to u and the crew.
Will do your request today bsimcha.
Have a chilled jam tonight with your bro and hope we can all keep spreading light
Slowly I am returning back a little to the music biz so if u need me to send an improved media package to the pros at the top bsimcha and bsd
The rebbe says I have to work with my fam from London for the meanwhile , but bigger plans are in his holy mind for the new year.
Hope a sincere path for us all can be found where music and success with true niggunim aren’t a contradiction to long term dedication to Hashem the source of all.
P.s. the chilled vibes of your vids is great even if the other guys jamming had a few lchaims lkovod simchas and a few off beat chords etc…  All the playing on the #tzion song and generally compliments the nigunim well . Good news and blessings…

Enjoy Parshat Noach #KeepingItTogether #KneadingItTogether #ChallahBake #ShabbosProject #HavdallahConcert #alexclare #zusha #nissim and beyond!

Enjoy #KeepingItTogether #KneadingItTogether #ChallahBake #ShabbosProject #HavdallahConcert #alexclare #zusha #nissim

Thanx for the #share and the #struggle, on my way to #inspires tonight in Jerusalem, Israel , give us a call if you want to meet up 0533175856 otherwise will 1st go to the RAP near ben yehudah

Thinking of phoning up again next week tuesday 6pm, or american time 12pm where there is a live stream, as I have some clarity but need more forMidnightrabbi inspires #inspired to really go ahead! <-

For your part email students are already wanting this to go ahead b’H

Mazel tov and bracha for the great project lakavod shabbos and bringing out the truth even more publically of amech kolam tzaddikim. ( We are all good as a nation truly)
Please give me the merit to be representative of your great work in the holy land. Amongst our network of chizzuk here and globally with inspiration I would like to offer my support. Rav Moshe Weinberger as mashpia of YU mentioned the shabbos project in his latest class. The importance of the soul and inner level of Shabbos is there too. And the Binah magazine article from the Rebetzin Goldstein and concert with #Alexclare my friend from London is a kiddush Hashem. I will forward my info and look forward to hear how I can partner with the Chief Rabbi and staff and this great enterprise bs’d .
Eliezer hakohen.

With sincere regards and welcome to contact eli Goldsmith and connect  00972-53-317-5856

Radio Therapy host Rabbi Mordechai Weinberger wants the midnightrabbi inspires back helping the youth and on the streets this year, do you?

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