Enjoy Parshat Noach #KeepingItTogether #KneadingItTogether #ChallahBake #ShabbosProject #HavdallahConcert #alexclare #zusha #nissim and beyond!

Enjoy #KeepingItTogether #KneadingItTogether #ChallahBake #ShabbosProject #HavdallahConcert #alexclare #zusha #nissim

Thanx for the #share and the #struggle, on my way to #inspires tonight in Jerusalem, Israel , give us a call if you want to meet up umuse613@gmail.com 0533175856 otherwise will 1st go to the RAP near ben yehudah

Thinking of phoning up again next week tuesday 6pm, or american time 12pm where there is a live stream, as I have some clarity but need more forMidnightrabbi inspires #inspired to really go ahead!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3VHjOuMa4A&list=UUkmDTaRtR0FMx2FHeL76X2g&index=1 <-

For your part email umuse613@gmail.com students are already wanting this to go ahead b’H

Mazel tov and bracha for the great project lakavod shabbos and bringing out the truth even more publically of amech kolam tzaddikim. ( We are all good as a nation truly)
Please give me the merit to be representative of your great work in the holy land. Amongst our network of chizzuk here and globally with inspiration I would like to offer my support. Rav Moshe Weinberger as mashpia of YU mentioned the shabbos project in his latest class. The importance of the soul and inner level of Shabbos is there too. And the Binah magazine article from the Rebetzin Goldstein and concert with #Alexclare my friend from London is a kiddush Hashem. I will forward my info and look forward to hear how I can partner with the Chief Rabbi and staff and this great enterprise bs’d .
Eliezer hakohen.

With sincere regards and welcome to contact eli Goldsmith and connect  00972-53-317-5856

Radio Therapy host Rabbi Mordechai Weinberger wants the midnightrabbi inspires back helping the youth and on the streets this year, do you?

b’H Thank G-d was just on the radio on a 5000 plus listening show and watch from 50 mins and look how he plugs the midnightrabbi #inspires project for 10-15 mins with weekly follow up and how to make this work financially email me your ideas and thanks and lets grow together, BIG thanks to #THERAPIST rabbi MORDECHAI WEINBERGER, and Chag Somayach :D Let our youth and parents be truly happy and grow email umuse613@gmail.com!

Midnightrabbi Inspired in J-town, #Wakeup! Going back on the street tonight :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRPxOOntLVk email umuse613@gmail.com

Enjoy and be apart of this :D welcome your comments , one email “Hi, I heard you on Mordechai Weinbergers show. You sound like such a loving and caring person. I checked out your stuff online and just want to wish you siyatta dishmaya on your work. You are in my tifillos.”

The Rebbe’s Sukkus 5774 in the new Shul and Sukkah, B’H, Jerusalem!

Tolna Rebbe Sukkus 5774 in the new Shul and Sukkah, B’H, Jerusalem!<- Last years chizzuk !!!

Hope all fasted well and enjoyed being off facebook.
Going to buy my ‪#‎Lulav‬ and ‪#‎Esrog‬ , the Sukka Decorating for the elderly is B’H almost ready and then there’s inviting the guest, what special guests every year and this year  Midnightrabbi inspires keep in contact or come dance in Jerusalem, Israel email umuse613@gmail.com 

Come meet #inspirational people this #sukkot in the holy land  email umuse613@gmail.com! 

Missing all my crew, and have loads of good past chizzuk and #inspirationhttps://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sukkot+midnightrabbi <- email to meet up umuse613@gmail.com and live #inspired especially Sukkot 5775!

rebbe claps

Appreciation and the Gratitude – The Hakaras Hatov Initiative is a platform for revolutionary change in relationship dynamics.

Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith:

Really think and see that say #thankyou is a way to make the world a better place.

#‎YomKippur‬ is so close so now is the time to straighten things out with your friends and family… I’m very sorry if I hurt or offended anyone out there with my words or actions this year, please forgive me! And if you wronged me in anyway, no worries, I forgive you!

Be bsimcha no matter what :D #excited
Midnightrabbi’s Simcha Songs from Jerusalem Sukkot 5774-5

Listen Rabbi Moshe Wolfson Teshuvah: 5875 – 5775 The Year Of The Geulah! http://www.torahanytime.com/video/teshuvah-5875-the-year-of-the-geulah/ Please forgive me and your appreciated always for being a true friend, now get off Facebook and show your The friend of ‪#‎Gratitude‬ ‪#‎APPtitude‬ not ‪#‎attitude‬ – email umuse613@gmail.com

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The Hakaras Hatov Initiative is using a multi-pronged approach to facilitate the shifting of one’s focus towards the good.

Let There Be RainA book of stories, ideas and insights on gratitude, arranged for daily inspiration, has been coauthored by Rabbi’s Shimon Finkelman and Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein. Each an icon in their respective fields, the collaboration generated a sefer that is destined to transform lives for years to come. The book proudly joins the catalogue of the premier international Jewish publishing house…

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Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith:

Recommendation from Dr David from the Jaffa Institute! #YomKippur is less than a week away so now is the time to straighten things out with your friends and family… I’m very sorry if I hurt or offended anyone out there with my words or actions this year, please forgive me! And if you wronged me in anyway, no worries, I forgive you!  See below :D  <- Gmar Chasima Tova and hope to be less and less on treifbook other than a post here and there! This one is from my loving father B’H :D http://www.chabad.org/tools/cards/ <-

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Encounters with the kitchen counter again!


We already established in a few different ways what counts to help make Husband, Wifey happy, however we didn’t count on the numerous ways to stimulate the kitchen counter to get clearer and thrown our Husbands way. So let’s get it straight with clarity and apply the crucial lessons we just heard recently by our Husband from the infamous Rabbi Manis Friedman shlita. Did you know this special Rabbi has a brother that has brought more happiness to Wifey than almost anyone with his songs, “Avraham Fried” (just look up the Google haDor and see the story that they really are brothers). The importance of happy song and soul filling Wifey’s home time, cheering on Husband’s newly focused time, with her can’t be underestimated. Then there’s an important theme that needs private sessions on either…

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Bd’H Midnightrabbi Tribute to David Gordon A’H and hear him speak of kindness and integrity!

DDavid Gordon: Death of a Lone Soldieravid Gordon: Death of a Lone Soldier . A tribute to David Menachem Gordon through his own moving words. Thanks to Aish.com for the article. May the new year begin with a blessing and good sweet news!

by I sit here sad as I reflect the terrible news of the untimely passing of a friend – David Menachem Gordon.

David was a lone soldier from the U.S. and a corporal with the elite Givati infantry brigade.

He bravely fought in the recent Gaza operation and returned to his base. On Sunday he left his base for dental treatment and after receiving his treatment he disappeared.

Two days ago he was found dead, at age 21,not far from his army base. There is an ongoing investigation regarding the cause of his death. Regardless of the outcome, David’s story is one of courage and one that touched my heart. <- Read here for Defending David Gordon – His death has not been declared a suicide, despite what you may have read on the Internet.

He was buried with full military honors on Har Herzl Military Cemetery.

I spent a year in yeshiva with David and his constant kindness and respectful nature made him the guy everyone wanted to spend time with.

He was a deeply caring person, always with a smile and spot-on advice. David was loved by everyone and we kept a connection over the years.

David was an activist, journalist and blogger. He began his writing career as an intern at The Suit Magazine, a New York City-based business publication, eventually earning his way up to the position of Staff Writer and Middle East Correspondent.

According to the Huffington Post “He has emerged as a champion columnist specializing in security, business and finance while using a delicate combination of professionalism and personality in his writing”

The post added “His inspirational blog Sparks of David has gained worldwide popularity it infuses practical spirituality and self-help and psychology”

We can get a peek into his life, and an appreciation of his essence, through his own words. David wrote this blog post last year:

“Today is a New Day, but this is not my time to go, grace has brought us another day but if tomorrow were to bring my turn;

What would I leave unsaid?

What would I leave undone?

What would I leave behind?”

-String Cheese Incident ‘SIRENS’

Today is a new day with new opportunities:

To think

To speak

To face my fears

To act

To create

To exercise

To laugh

To be free

To be me

To believe in myself

To love myself

To care for myself

To trust myself

To introduce myself to myself

To have faith

To give thanks

To connect with friends and family

To connect with a community a unit

To develop a lifestyle

To achieve or at least pursue my goals

To try new things

To express myself

To be happy and experience pleasure

To grow and feel good in the process,

To love – to hope

To hope to love

To see what I am capable of

To pursue knowledge, clarity, and understanding

To better myself

To face reality

To break barriers

To love – to give

To give to love

To contribute in conversation

To pray

To meditate

To break bad habits

To make good habits

To use my imagination

To reach out

To get involved

To be a leader

To change the world

To realize who I am

To recognize who I am not

To identify with who I want to become

To find rhythm

To ask

To listen

To learn

To be aware

To pursue my dreams, goals, and ambitions

To be responsible

To be positive

To give it one more shot

To make one more effort

To live life


Have a great day: D”

He added: “This is a timeless piece – for today and every day. There can definitely be more on the list so feel free to add your own. And pass it on!”

David’s tragic passing brings his message home: appreciate all the opportunities for growth we are given each day and to begin accomplishing TODAY.

David was also a warrior in his spiritual pursuits. He was a staunch activist against sexual abuse. He shared his story publically of being abused as a child because he had a burning desire to help others. Instead of remaining silent, he bravely fought for others.

In another bog post he wrote: “In a mighty gesture, God reminds us of His provisional power in a wondrous way. In the midst of a rainstorm – yet another form of sustenance – a lightning bolt illuminates the sky”

Through the storms and troubles in his life, David always strove to see the light in the rain and tried to bring that light to others who only saw darkness.

The amount of hearts David has touched in his lifetime are just beginning to surface. Some of it we will never know.

David was a hero to his family, friends and the entire Jewish nation. His writing, wisdom and kindness was a gift to us, and he will be missed by all.

Let us all try to do a simple good deed TODAY, in the memory of Dovid Menachem ben Rivka Leah.

May his memory be blessing to us all.

Happy sweet new year from Midnightrabbi inspires and fam.

See below for some more links of inspiration and please keep in contact with success
eliezer. Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith Email – umuse613@gmail.com 
 Happy sweet new year from Midnightrabbi inspires and fam.
Happy new year from the Goldsmith fam. email to send your #treats and hope to be in #Jerusalem  for this special time of year – umuse613@gmail.com
Originally posted on Midnightrabbi inspires:The Shidduch (finding a life partner) Guide in short 5 point form!. The most imp. post and blog yet! To read the full version your going to have to help edit this and print for the full book, contact details are…
 About to perform in Jerusalem with song and#inspiration  0533175856 is corrected number to get me @D
A #great Rebbe just gave me a sweet present to my family and honey for all the nachus beyond :D #shanatova new gates of blessings are opening for us all, תש’עה in English “the great wealth” is coming this year עשירות הגדולה.

Educational Advice from the Tolna Rebbe Shlita.

Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith:

A #great Rebbe just gave me a sweet present to my family and honey for all the nachus beyond :D #shanatova new gates of blessings are opening for us all, תש’עה in English “the great wealth” is coming this year עשירות הגדולה.

Rebbe smilesBaruch Hashem, really beyond simcha this Elul 5774, best way to prepare for the new year, with simcha, Torah, and a heil’ge Rebbe 5775 with sweetness and only good news!

Originally posted on midnightrabbi inspires!:

Rebbe smilesRebbe DaveningFor the full updated new blog with the Rebbe for the new year click here <-

The Tolna Rebbe Shlita early this morning is speaking to a group of kind people / Chassidim in L.A. for a once in a year inspiration in English.

Nice pictures please click here <-

There’s good news from the Tolna Rebbe who now has a new Shul which still needs some help with the final payments , email umuse613@gmail.com if you can help.  This is all in the Merit of Dovid of Tolna the original Tolna Rebbe whose Yahrzeit is today Netsach Sheb’Netsach, may His merit protect and bless us ! (We didn’t take  pictures or videos of the  Yahrzeit Sudah where the Rebbe as a once in a lifetime requests money for the already bought Shul , give us the merit to build a Shul that will be a light unto the nations, including Lag Bomer

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The Midnightrabbi story in “finding ones soul mate”, to turn around 9-11 by listening carefully

The Midnightrabbi story in “finding ones soul mate”, listen carefully :D.<-

Inspiration on 9-11 and kindness will protect us all! :)

Inspiration from 9-11, Midnightrabbi inspires always brings an insight if you’re looking for one:)

Being at the World Trade Center now reflecting and praying for peace. Lets all make a difference and move towards a new future together.

From Dan Winger – As the anniversary of the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks on our great nation gets closer, I find myself going through many different emotions. I will NEVER forget that day of horror as long as I live. I watched as thousands of my fellow citizens were murdered in front of my eyes and I felt so helpless to do something. To this day the main emotion that surfaces is anger. Angry that I could not do something. As a police officer, you are trained to help save peoples lives. I could do nothing since I was so far away. I pray for the families of the victims that terrible day all the time. They will always be in my thoughts and prayers. NEVER FORGET 9-11! NEVER!

Hide & Seek
Elul 16, 5774 ·
Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. SchneersonRosh Hashanah, the Baal Shem Tov taught, is a game of hide and seek. G‑d hides, we seek.

But where can G‑d hide? Wherever you go, there He is. As the Zohar says, “There is no place void of Him.”

So perhaps what the Baal Shem Tov meant is more like peek-a-boo—when the parent hides behind his or her own fingers. So too, G‑d hides Himself within the guise of an awesome, indifferent king, judging His subjects strictly by the book until the most sublime angels shiver in dread.

And we seek. We seek the father behind the stern voice. We are the small child who climbs into the king’s arms, tears off the mask and exclaim, “Daddy!”

Which is just what He was waiting for.

Best Bet in a Chancy World from Lazer Brody 

I must humbly disagree with the doomsday prophets. Sure, Israel suffers from big problems and major threats. But it’s heaven for your soul. The fact is that here, more and more people are quietly getting closer to Hashem. In Israel, a beautifully quiet spiritual revolution is taking place. Entire communities of emuna-oriented Jews are mushrooming in places that for years never had a synagogue or a Torah scroll. Yavniel, Carmiel, and Maalot are three examples. Folks there aren’t yelling at social protest demonstrations because they’re talking to Hashem. Many of our good friends in the USA and Canada have made Aliya recently. I urged those who sought my advice to consider places other than Ramat Bet Shemesh and Har Nof. I sent them to Maalot, to Katzrin, and to Yerucham, where they could buy nice apartments for a song, not worry where the kids are playing and breathe clean air. I’ve heard no complaints, only expressions of how happy they are to be here. I firmly believe that 5774 will be a wonderful year for the Jewish people in Israel, despite the threats.

The Evil Inclination wants you to think otherwise. By the way, the EI will do anything to prevent a person from making Aliya, especially casting worry and doubt in people’s hearts. The EI was active back in the time of the “Sin of the Spies”, and he’s still active now…

Every day, I get letters from worried parents with children in yeshivas and seminaries here in Israel. They’re frantic for their children to come home to the USA or Canada because of the apparent impending danger with Iran. Other families who had planned Aliya write and ask if it’s still safe to come to Israel; many are getting cold feet, especially whenever they listen to the news.

So is it safe in Israel? Let me preface my answer with a quick historical refresher of what happened a mere two decades ago….


The learning for this week’s shiur, Midnightrabbi Ashreinu class preparing for the new year with the macho man Randy! Tonight’s learning should be a zechus for the speedy redemption of:  Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka (Rubashkin). Please remember him in your tefillos.

Midnightrabbi inspires thanks to all the Rabbonim and friends for making this happen doing-it!

Great new opportunities as the new year approaches, Linkedin together!

Looking forward to hear from you, and much success and blessings in all you do!
Please respond kindly and contact Eli GoldsmithEli Goldsmith (Eliezer / Elliot) Midnightrabbi

Israel – +97257-317-5856

WhatsApp – 0573175856 or +972573175856
Viber – +972545237265
Email – umuse613@gmail.com 



Eli Goldsmith aka the Midnightrabbi, originally from a well-known family, in the music biz, from London, has transferred his upbringing and talents to be at the cutting edge of youth culture and Jewish talent hosting events successfully for many programs. 

He studied in England at John Lyons School Harrow, Woodhouse College and Sussex University! Continuing his education in Israel, Talmudic Law and group council at Ohr Somayach, Kollel Aiza Birah and Kollel Boston, in Derech Hamelech and Rabbi in 6 well known programs where was named honorably the Midnightrabbi by the beloved students themselves, He has rounded off his outlook with a large breath of wisdom including the “7 habits” inspired to become the “10 habits of truly effective You’s (Jews)”

Was working as a Consultant in the well known Charity 3/4years, the Jaffa Institute/ sister program Bet Shemesh Educational Center is where he formed his special bond with many special people world wide inc. many programs, students and staff.
Recently working as a Consultant and Office manager of UKA United Kashruth Authority with professionalism and Kosher Certification!

Eli Goldsmith is looking for new inspirational projects and jobs to dedicate fully too!

GOALS – advise people through personal conflicts – relate to peoples different interests/ goals/ ideas, in order to empower them – in touch with current educational issues and visualize positive change and growth – to clearly listen and be supportive to people’s needs in a dynamic way

Networking – collaborate with people & their various projects – believing in peoples causes and branching them out to succeed – to successfully bridge gaps to correct all stratums of society on a global level!

Using his inspirational focus on the good of our generation is available to be consulted for advice and arrange uplifting programs with music and education!

Eli is near Jerusalem with his wife and 6 beautiful children. 
Contact 00972-57-317-5856
Email – umuse613@gmail.com

Inspirations for Everyday! <-click here-> here for Today's!

Inspirations for Everyday! <-click here-> here for Today’s!

Glimpse of 13 in 2014 Special Bar Mitzvah, Festive, Presents, Kotel & Tour

Glimpse of 13 in 2014 Special Bar Mitzvah, Festive, Presents, Kotel & Tour

Welcome to be inspired, about me(bs'd)!

Welcome to be inspired, about me(bs’d)!

midnightrabbi_eli_goldsmith on Instagram

midnightrabbi_eli_goldsmith on Instagram

UKA ‫‎kosher.co.il

UKA ‫‎kosher.co.il


Eli Goldsmith aka Midnightrabbi inspires for all programs!

New Projects and Yeshivat Ashreinu

September 2006 – Present (8 years)Israel

Mission statement from Midnightrabbi

The Midnightrabbi wants the children of today to know that we are here for them. Many young people are not coping with the pace of today’s society, causing drug and alcohol dependancy and petty crime.

Midnightrabbi is ready to be on the streets at all hours providing council and friendship.

Midnightrabbi wants to train midnight students (with scholarship funding) to follow in his footsteps so we can have more people on call to do this important work together.

Midnightrabbi provides an address to re-address all the burdens’ that nobody has got time for!

Midnightrabbi is a free agency for troubled young people, with the placement requiring a small payment from the professional centre.

To provide live performances, keeping the price low for large attendances and quality performance. Always needed sponsorship to advertise your product and cover costs of the top level artists we host!

Midnightrabbi has a large social network following and is in touch with today’s music / social media!

Group pages are updated daily with inspiration, and guidance. The Midnight Rabbi needs funding to expand the quality of the on-line sites and programs!

Ask any of the alumnae from these great programs and you will see they continue to live inspired. Thank G-d,Not included in the list is the programs Ner Yakov, Netsach, Derech Hamelech, Sharei Yerushalyim and Tiferes !!! 1000’s of inspired souls through music shows and street inspiration!

Student posted on The Midnightrabbi Inspires wall! 
Rabbi Goldsmith is an awesome Rebbi and friend. Although I finished my year in Israel years ago, it’s great to hear the latest goings-on with the music, the guys and the learning. May “The Xbox Rebbe” be zoche to inspire people for many years to come and we should all have a great kumzits with Moshiach! Xbox Rebbe!!

Send your inspirations and donations to make the Midnightrabbi more of a reality inspired: umuse613@gmail.com He’s ready to uplift your program!

Unity Concerts, from the Midnightrabbi, Jerusalem to the world, the Jewish stars, Living inspired!

Unity Concerts, from the Midnightrabbi, Jerusalem to the world, the Jewish stars, Living inspired!

The Fortunate Ones and the Midnightrabbi MusicMystic hour in the Bet Shemesh Educational Center!

The Fortunate Ones and the Midnightrabbi MusicMystic hour in the Bet Shemesh Educational Center!

Today, we in education need to bring the 10 habits of inspiration alive!

Today, we in education need to bring the 10 habits of inspiration alive!

Uploads from Eli Goldsmith - YouTube

Uploads from Eli Goldsmith – YouTube

Inspirations for Everyday! Click here for Today's!

Inspirations for Everyday! Click here for Today’s!

Consultant, Office manager, Inspires

UKA United Kashruth Authority

June 2014 – July 2014 (2 months)Jerusalem

Known to have serious experience in high-level professional management in the not-for profit and now profit sector.

Outstanding management skills with proven ability in managing complex environments. At the same time the must be an excellent team player and be open and ready for outside guidance.

Outstanding communication and motivation skills, with highly developed team management and interpersonal skills. They must actually like people and not be afraid of them. 

Knows what it means to create an organizational culture, and be excited to help make that happen. 
Self-driven, results-oriented, have a positive outlook, and a keen sense for producing high quality product. 

Willing and able to work long hours, be highly flexible on work availability (days and hours) and be able to travel internationally multiple times each year. 

Comfortable with technology including, email, Facebook, Word, Excel, YouTube, blogging and every other network etc.

A keen interest self-help and self-transformation fields through books, or other such programs is a very serious advantage. 

Finally, he is an all-round awesome human being, with a passionate heart and a visionary mind, that deeply loves and cares for other human beings, and wants to pour his soul into a massive game-changing project to make the world a better place

Help the all people lead successful lives and to be a role model of healthy family ideals, providing education, healthy living and religious inspiration.

Eli is looking for new projects email umuse613@gmail.com to inspire success!

(Open)2 projects
Come visit for the Midnightrabbi Tour of Israel, Jerusalem, and the Kotel!:)

Come visit for the Midnightrabbi Tour of Israel, Jerusalem, and the Kotel!:)

10 part #newcourse in a new approach to #happylife the "10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS"!

10 part #newcourse in a new approach to #happylife the “10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS”!

Midnightrabbi on a mission to inspire Youth-At-Risk in Israel @world :)

Midnightrabbi on a mission to inspire Youth-At-Risk in Israel @world :)

About Office Management at UKA

About Office Management at UKA

Eli Pmusic (midnightrabbi) on about.me

Eli Pmusic (midnightrabbi) on about.me

Musician & Promotor

Event Merchandising

March 1980 – July 2014 (34 years 5 months)Israel and World

You will have to google hador the music or link up here to see for yourself and listen carefully!

The Midnightrabbi is promoting a wide range of acts so be in contact if you want to live inspired and simchas inspired

Published on Oct 28, 2012 with a weekly post of famous acts with performances and classes by Eli Goldsmith. Midnightrabbi inspires said “This great post and program for “The Fortunate ones” motivated me to post my latest class , spread the love and truth with success and blessings 

Click here -> http://soundcloud.com/midnightrabbi-musicmystic http://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/inspirations-for-today/

Midnightrabbi wants us to make a "music 4 youth" Unity concert, with special guests T.B.A.

Midnightrabbi wants us to make a “music 4 youth” Unity concert, with special guests T.B.A.

Unity Concerts, from the Midnightrabbi, Jerusalem to the world, the Jewish stars, Living inspired!

Unity Concerts, from the Midnightrabbi, Jerusalem to the world, the Jewish stars, Living inspired!

The Jaffa Institute


The Jaffa Institute

March 2011 – June 2014 (3 years 4 months)bet shemesh

The Institute for the Advancement of Education in Jaffa (The Jaffa Institute) was established in 1982 as a private, non-profit, multi-service social agency to create a new reality for thousands of underprivileged Israeli children from Jaffa, South Tel Aviv and Bat Yam. Residing in poverty stricken neighborhoods where the majority of parents and caregivers are unemployed, these children are physically and emotionally undernourished and too often suffer from neglect and/or abuse. Violence, crime, and poverty are the norm and what these children can expect for their futures, unless intervention is taken. 

Into this void penetrate the dangerous elements of the street life, luring children with promises of belonging and acceptance – of fitting in and being loved. Once a child has left school for the streets, it is very difficult to bring them back. 

Each of the Jaffa Institute’s centers and residential facilities provide a wide range of programs and services that also encompass the child’s family and community. This creates a wide network of continuing support which remains with the child as s/he develops. 

Our programs offer a holistic therapeutic approach, providing tools that allow each child to develop and flourish in their own individual way. From food and tutoring assistance to emotional counseling, art therapies and preventative health care, we provide the necessary elements for a safe and secure childhood.
Education, Food Security, Youth At-Risk, Professional Training, Coexistence, Immigration Absorption 

“Eli Goldsmith fundraised and consulted with many professionals. Daily providing successful online SEO and P.R. to all our online sites. Building pages for Bet Shemesh Educational Center, on Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter. Blogging and networking that created a large following of our inspirational causes and projects. Providing events and sponsorships which inspired our staff, students and many supporters. We recommend his great work!”

(Open)1 recommendation
  • Ben Bresky
    Ben Bresky
    journalist and production manager at Israel National Radio

    I am always impressed by Rabbi Goldsmith’s never-give-up attitude. If it isn’t obvious by his nickname, he is the type of guy that will stay up well past midnight to get the job done, and that job often means just being there for someone. He knows…View

2012 Bar Mitzvah Celebrations

2012 Bar Mitzvah Celebrations

"13 in 2013" Bar Mitzvah Event for Disadvantaged Youth, Reported by Arutz Sheva, Israel National News.

“13 in 2013″ Bar Mitzvah Event for Disadvantaged Youth, Reported by Arutz Sheva, Israel National News.

Glimpse Of 13 In 2013-4 Special Bar Mitzvah, In Our Educational Center & Trip To The Kotel!

Glimpse Of 13 In 2013-4 Special Bar Mitzvah, In Our Educational Center & Trip To The Kotel!

Midnightrabbi inspires music mystic sessions for Ashreinu!

Midnightrabbi inspires music mystic sessions for Ashreinu!


Relationship Guide inspired, Happy Husbands! Happy Wifey!(Link)



THE GUIDE FOR Relationships, HUSBAND WIFEY HAPPY! <- Ourboox
Something to do and read while your on your summer holidays well definitely a good #bathroom read while you’re trying to escape! lol Via Click here for the full rough unedited version of the book / blog that will change your life and our’s!


ohr somayach

  • Discovering the truth of the Jewish soul (613)



January 2013


Excited to post the new Blog so despairingly needed in 2014 / 5774-5 where relationship skills have fallen apart to the point of mass divorce and the resulting broken homes, children and hearts. This was originally from Facebook -> midnightrabbispiritualguide, but now will be updated in Blog form that you can easily read and be…more

2 team members

Relationship guide with Happiness!(Link)

March 1980 – Present

Is a guide in process which needs your support and interest to become a fully edited and packaged book, blog, and more…

2 team members


  1. Hebrew

  2. Yiddish

  3. Official Aramaic (700-300 BCE)

  4. English

    Full professional proficiency

Volunteer Experience & Causes



Event Merchandising

January 1997 – July 1998 (1 year 7 months)Economic Empowerment

Inspiring how much work is done and satified customers there are!

Opportunities you are looking for:

  • Skills-based volunteering (pro bono consulting)

Causes you care about:

  • Children

Organizations you support:




ohr somayach

B.S, Talmudic and Rabbinic skills

1998 – 2001


Activities and Societies: Torah

(Open)1 course
Eli learned the light of our soul can shine anywhere :)

Eli learned the light of our soul can shine anywhere :)

University of Sussex

University of Sussex

music, 1st year

1998 – 1999

your the man

Activities and Societies: Choir

Uploads from Eli Goldsmith - YouTube

Uploads from Eli Goldsmith – YouTube

harrow school

my soul, Music

1993 – 1998

Learn to seek truth

Activities and Societies: Chill spot

by the Midnight Rabbi

by the Midnight Rabbi

John Lyons School

GCSE, History

1991 – 1996

GCSE 5 A’s History and Music were my favourite

Activities and Societies: Debate teamDrama and Music concerts


Additional Info

  1. Interests

  2. Personal Details

    Birthday March 4, 1980
    Marital Status Married
  1. consultant

    The Jaffa Institute

    Ben Bresky
    Ben Bresky
    journalist and production manager at Israel National Radio

    I am always impressed by Rabbi Goldsmith’s never-give-up attitude. If it isn’t obvious by his nickname, he is the type of guy that will stay up well past midnight to get the job done, and that job often means just being there for someone. He knows how to relate to people on their level. I am also impressed by his ability to adapt and use his job skills for a variety of tasks.

    December 25, 2012, Ben worked with Eli Goldsmith at The Jaffa Institute


  • Jeff PulverJeff Pulver

    helped make VoIP happen. Continuing to explore Disruptive Technologies

  • Yotam TroimYotam Troim

    Product & UX

  • Ronen RazRonen Raz

    Chief Global Strategist at ironSource

  • Jacob Ner DavidJacob Ner David

    CEO at Zula, Inc.

  • Todd J. SukolTodd J. Sukol

    Executive Director at Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation

  • Ron BowmanRon Bowman

    President at Dale Carnegie Training of Israel and Owner, Dale Carnegie Training of Israel

  • Elliot JaffeElliot Jaffe

    Site Reliability Manager at Google

  • Chaim SzmidtChaim Szmidt

    The Supreme Gourmet at The Kosher Scene

  • Sim ZacksSim Zacks

    Open Source Team Leader – Development, Databases, System

  • Dennis OuelletteDennis Ouellette

    Digital, Web & Inbound Marketing, Certified Project Manager

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Eli Pmusic on about.me
Eli Pmusic

Recommendation from Dr David from the Jaffa Institute!


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