Great news, Eli Goldsmith is coming to London Today!

Have a safe trip to London today and don’t forget to meet with the people we love♥

For more info about Eli’s trip aka -> Midnightrabbi inspires<- click here or email umuse613@gmail and live with #inspiration and #kindness!

Rabbi Daniel Leeman.The final volume of #Revealing the #Secret (3) has been released!!!

REVEALING THE SECRET- Inspiring us for every-year- Rabbi Daniel Leeman.The final volume of #Revealing the #Secret (3) has been released!!!

This blog is dedicated to authors father – Shlomo ben Shimon Zelig – who passed away recently.

To order your copy at a reduced price, e-mail this address. – Similarly volumes 1 and 2 are still available.

Samples from the new book :D Spy sight 

  Cuthbert MacMillan lived in a small, quiet town, next door to Mrs. Ethel Brownheart. Shortly after her 97th birthday she passed away and DJ Andy Cee moved in.

  Cuthbert tried to get at least eight hours sleep every night, but since his new neighbour moved in he had not been able to get more than six. The music drove Cuthbert crazy. He would grin and bear his suffering and complain the following day, when he returned from work. Andy Cee would just shrug his shoulders and the same thing would continue to happen.

  One day at work, Cuthbert became so wound up by his lack of sleep that he began to curse his neighbour in front of all his friends. When he got home and complained, again Andy Cee just shrugged his shoulders. In order to counter his anger, Cuthbert went into the garden and hammered a nail all the way into Andy’s wooden fence.

  So lived our friends: loud music, late nights, complaints, shrugged shoulders, anger, bang bang bang.

  One night, about 500 nails later, the music was particularly loud and Cuthbert had an important meeting at work the following morning. He put on his dressing gown and resolved to put an end to this once and for all. He was just about to bang on his neighbour’s door, when he realised that the noise was not coming from DJ Andy Cee at all – in fact, all his lights were off; rather, it was coming from the next house along.

  Later, when Cuthbert discovered that Andy Cee worked every evening and did not return until the next morning, he began to understand what those shrugged shoulders really meant.

  When Cuthbert apologised to Andy Cee, he was forgiven, but was asked to remove all the nails that he had hammered into the fence – and he embarrassingly spent hours removing them.

Those nails represented the curses Cuthbert had placed on Andy, and removing them to rectify the effects of those bad words took far longer than saying them – if, that is, the damage   could be undone at all.

When we speak, we are hitting a nail into a fence, throwing a handful of ashes into the wind. At best, it will be hard to remove the nail and almost impossible to retrieve all of the ashes.

The spies who brought back negative reports of the land of Israel before the Children of Israel were to enter it, also spoke before properly assessing the situation.

The first letters of the verses of almost every chapter of the book of Eicha (Lamentations) follow the order of the alphabet. But in almost every instance, those beginning with letters ‘ayin’ and ‘peh’ are in the reverse order. We have been taught that this sequence reminds us of the spies who spoke with their mouths (peh) before looking properly with their eyes (ayin).

The world was created with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the order of the letters teaches us how we should behave. The letter ‘ayin’ comes before the letter ‘peh’ to teach us to us to place our ‘ayin’ (our eyes), before our ‘peh’ (our mouths). Not only should we think before we speak, but we should also first take a good look to ensure that our words reflect the true picture, rather than our personal bias.

The effects of neglecting to absorb this message are also reflected in the book of Eicha. After the order of the letters ‘ayin’ and ‘peh’ have been reversed a number of times and become the norm, the final chapter – even though it has 22 verses, corresponding to the 22 letters of the alphabet – is completely out of alphabetical order.

The order of the creation of the world was that first the basic substance was created and then it was fashioned in the way we know it. By changing the pre-ordained order, as reflected in the alphabet, we return the world to chaos. We knock in more and more nails, and scatter more and more ashes, making the damage we do harder and harder to rectify.

But it is not too late.

Throughout this Torah reading we see an apparently superfluous word crop up again and again: “See!”

See! We must use our eyes properly to look at what God has given us and how He has treated us. Learn to appreciate.

In the account of the spies, we are reminded ‘to look’, on seven occasions – one for each day of creation. Look properly before speaking, and retain the order of the alphabet and the world order.

At the end of Eicha we read, “Bring us back to You, God, and we shall return, renew our days as of old,” and herein lies the solution: “we shall return” the ‘ayin’ before the ‘peh’ – our eyes shall, once again, precede our mouths. Then He will “renew our days as of old” – restore our world of chaos, exile and spiritual darkness to how it once was, when the world was established by orderly creation.

May we soon merit seeing that day.

Have a ‘fansee’ Shabbos.

The Perfect Present for the new year! from Rabbi Daniel Leeman brought to you by the Midnightrabbi inspires ! Like!


Inspiring stories and practical
insights into Devarim
by Rabbi Daniel Leeman

All or nothing

Towards the end of the journeying of the Children of Israel in the desert, on their way to the land of Israel, they encircled Mount Seir for a few days until God instructed them “enough of circling this mountain; turn northward”. Instead of conquering Mount Seir from the descendants of Eisav, the Children of Israel would have to change their course. Due to the failings of the scouts, the Children of Israel were commanded not to provoke the descendants of Eisav.

But what is the connection between the failings of the scouts and not provoking the descendants of Eisav? And why was the command not to provoke them preceded by the words “enough of your circling this mountain” – surely that would be self-evident from the instruction to “turn northward”?

  A representative of a certain charitable institution returned to Israel after a fundraising trip in England and told of his meeting with a major donor.

  The man lived in a simple house, although he was in fact extremely wealthy. When confronted about his seemingly contradictory lifestyle, he explained that he used to live in Berlin and felt somewhat personally responsible for the Holocaust. Every day, as evening approached, the wealthy Jews used to turn on their ostentatious chandeliers, so that the passing Germans walking their dogs, would see them and the expensive furnishings in their houses.

  Years later, when the man found himself in the concentration camps, he vowed to himself that if he were to survive, he would live a simple life, regardless of his wealth.

One aspect of the failure of the scouts was that they seemed concerned about what others were thinking: “we saw great giants and we were like grasshoppers in our eyes, and so too in theirs”. If they had been less concerned about their own honour, and how they were perceived by others, we would have entered the land of Israel much sooner.

“Enough of circling this mountain”. Instead of merely ‘circling’ our enemies, repeatedly parading, flaunting and showing-off, we should instead “turn northward (צפנה)” i.e. conceal (צפונה) both what we do have as well as, more importantly, what we do not have. Rather than giving the impression that we have more than we actually do have, we should act humbly and modestly.

Eisav testified that he had “enough” – even a lot more than he needed. But nevertheless, he was always looking for more. Even after he sold his birthright, he continued to consider it “his”. And we are taught that he even resorted to stealing in order to accumulate more. Even though he at least at first appeared to reject Yaakov’s gifts this was, in fact, merely an act.

Perhaps he initially rejected them only because he saw how willing Yaakov was to give them away, and how dishonourable it would therefore be for him to accept them. Of equal importance to his greed, was Eisav’s desire to impress others with his wealth.

Yaakov, on the other hand, declared that he had “everything” – he was satisfied with his lot. He was not interested in receiving honour because of his wealth or giving the impression that he possessed more than he actually did. This is the greatness of Yaakov.

However, if we start to compromise our ideals because of other people’s perception of us, as the scouts did, then measure-for-measure we will lose this advantage over our enemies. We are the descendants of Yaakov and should follow in his footsteps. This is the advantage we have over our enemies and this is how we will be saved from them.

We have been taught that Eisav’s merit was that he honoured his father, and for that reason we were instructed not to conquer his descendants’ land but rather to “turn northward” instead. “Northward” is also referred to as an ascent. If, instead of looking for honour, we honour our Father in Heaven we can ascend to great spiritual heights.

Have an ascending Shabbos.


It is my pleasure to pen a letter of recommendation for my dear friend and colleague Rabbi Danny Leeman shlita, who serves as Maggid Shiur at our Beis Midrash.


Rabbi Leeman’s well-presented Shiurim are attended by an enthusiastic audience and have merited much acclaim by the participants. Intertwined with classical commentaries and modern authorities, he spices his lectures with stories, anecdotes and innovative insights.


Throughout his book too, Rabbi Leeman utilizes the power of the story and mashal in a very inspiring and captivating way to illustrate a deeper understanding of the pshat. He demonstrates his special talent of showing how messages and morals gleaned from long ago events are relevant to our daily lives, motivating one to strive for a higher level of spiritual achievement.


With its pleasant format, readers are sure to enjoy the diverse topics discussed,              spiced with wit and a deep understanding of human nature.

Rabbi Binyomin Goodman

Revealing the Secret©
Volume 2: Shemos
Copyright © by Daniel Leeman, 2011 Perfect present for the new year 2012
Approbations and letters of recommendation
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Revealing the Secret – Vayikra by Rabbi Daniel Leeman (Nov 15, 2012)

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Revealing the Secret 2 by Rabbi Daniel Leeman (2013)

Hardcover $23.06 $23.05


Revealing the Secret - In the Beginning (Bereishis)

Revealing the Secret – Vayikra [Kindle Edition]

Rabbi Daniel Leeman 

Zusha “Singing the highs and the lows.”

Zusha is in the holy land, we want a show, email to sponsor and bring more soul in music!
Zusha – The East Shtetl Niggun (Gaisin and Mlotek, on cajon, during a jam earlier this year)
Thanks for getting in touch. Always amazing to connect to another yid, especially when he’s trying to lift up da nation.
Basically, Zusha have been experimenting with this neo-hassidic folk thing for a few years now. They have solidified into a tight trio (Zachariah Goldschmiedt – Guitar, Elisha Mlotek – percussion, and Shlomo Gaisin – vocals), showcasing Shlomo Gaisin’s really unique melodies and vocal soloing, over the past few months and are currently finishing up work on their first EP, set to release this August.
The band will all be in Israel from August 10th – 18th, and the dream is to spread these soulful restorative tunes throughout the homeland during that week.
I have linked three of their videos here (including an Acapella three-weeks-friendly one), as well as an early track of theirs recorded in the guitarist’s makeshift home studio, for you to give others a feel for the music. Otherwise, when the EP comes Zusha – Tzion:
Thanks so much for listening and I cannot wait for the world to hear this revolutionary EP.
Zusha – Dreams – UWS (from an intimate acoustic apartment show with friends) Vocals – Shlomo Ari Gaisin, Influences Shabbos

Guitar – Zachariah Juke Goldschmiedt, Hometown Manhattan

Percussion – Elisha Mendl Mlotek,  ” Loving the sincere soulful sounds ” Midinightrabbi inspired!

 Zusha is in the holy land, we want a show, email to sponsor and bring more soul in music!

Inspirational speaker Rabbi Fischel Schachter Shlita will speak this Sunday night @Cong. Emunas Yisroel, Beitar, Israel!

Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith:

Bs’d This years speech 2014<- Download the class here and share thanks! 

We are happy and honored to have hosted Rabbi Fischel Schachter Shlita
the well-known Mechanech and inspirational speaker (Sunday 9pm July13th 2014) !

click here and learn how to -> #struggle to #carryon with Rabbi Fischel Schachter. Last night#inspired July 13th ,2014 as the #sirens and #rockets continue to fall on Israel, B’H 

A Hot Afternoon in Ashdod from Lazer Beams

The south of Israel is still under heavy rocket fire from Gaza. In the last hour, we’ve had four Red-Alerts here in Ashdod alone. The Iron Dome intercepted several incoming missiles, and several others fell outside of town in unpopulated areas. Metal fragments from the exploded missiles rained around the city, that’s why it’s important to stay in a protected zone for at least a minute after hearing the explosion.

We pray for the recovery of a 17-year old lad in Ashkelon who has been seriously injured from a direct missile hit while he was running for cover in an open area.

Hashem continues to do miracles…

Enjoy last years visit we posted below!
A donation will be appreciated. For more info phone 0573175856
Email –

Originally posted on midnightrabbi inspires!:

Bs’d This years speach 2014<- Download here and share thanks! 

We are happy and honored to have hosted such a Chizzuk Drasha.  It was incredibly inspirational  and hope to have The Rov and Shiur again!

Place: Cong. Emunas Yisroel – Beitar   HaMaggid MeMezritch 39   July 4th  Parshas Matos/ Masai Thursday bs’d!

Rav Fischel Schechter – Shiurim on the Parsha Rav Fischel Schechter – Ein Yaakov

The well-known and inspirational speaker

Rabbi Fischel Schachter Shlita<- to listen to the latest class in Israel click!

Watch live video -> <- Midnightrabbi inspiresd posting this here as we need to laugh! :) by overcoming anger :)

Follow and listen here in Yiddish The Mashgiach speaks in Beitar, Parshas Toldos 5773!

I’m writing to you hoping for a kind response is there is huge need for need encouragement in the new city we have chosen…

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Great news, Eli Goldsmith is coming to London Today!

Eli will be in London from TLV to LTN Jul 17- till Jul 23 for fam. Bar Mitzvah and more!

Great news, Midnightrabbi aka Eli Goldsmith is coming to London July 17th! Thanks goes to the fam for organizing the weekend of Fam. Goldsmith’s Bar Mitzvah July and bringing me to London. This is my first nephew and parents grandchild to reach this all important point in life! (my oldest  is next in Nov. for Bat Mitzvah would u believe)!!
Anyone is more than welcome to pick me up at Luton (nice and near) on arrival and departure, thanks!!!
Any more details from your side and times to meet up are more than appreciated ?
I’m staying in Edgware, London from Thurs 17th till Wed 23rd the whole time. Except hope to walk up to Bushey shul Sat. morning 19th July to stay till after shabbos Sat. night (might go back to Edgware on Shabbos, so keep in contact) welcome to meet up for the people who live near by e.g. Radlett, Edgware, Jerusalem ;) etc…
eli and fam
p.s. unfortunately only i’m visiting but will come with smiles and pics from the kids and wifey , also to bring back some too:D
TLV to LTN Jul 17 Thursday
Tel Aviv TLV
7:05 PM
London LTN
10:30 PM
easyJet 2086
Jul 23-Confirmation #EM9577G
London LTN
12:25 PM
Tel Aviv TLV
7:25 PM
I will be available for consultancy during my stay and would love to make a breakfast too for the causes i’m building. Either way your support and friendship is more than appreciated from eli please email as i’m no longer working for the jaffa institute !

Details of last LONDON trip, THURSDAY UNTIL mONDAY all those years ago lol

fUNNY spot the rabbi!  :D

This link is almost the main stage for all the important sites we recommend you to see <-

For all our crucial work to make a difference with your help for the youth and world at large, “to live inspired!”

Hand baggage allowances

• 1 piece of hand baggage per passenger, including hand bag and laptop case
• 1 carrier bag of duty free items purchased at the airport
• Maximum hand baggage dimensions: 56 x 45 x 25cm
• Please check oversized or excess hand baggage items in at the check-in
 desk – if they need to be placed into the hold once you are at the departure
 gate, the fee will be considerably higher.

Boarding Pass – London trip – Inspirational opportunity  :D email!

Tribute to the Rebbe from Eli in UKA this Gimmel Tamuz 2014, with appreciation!

Tribute to the Rebbe from UKA this Gimmel Tamuz 2014, with appreciation!.

Today Tuesday, July 1st – the third of Tammuz on the Hebrew calendar – marks twenty years since the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory. Though it has been two decades, his presence is felt stronger than ever. His teachings continue to inspire and guide and his insights remain as fresh and relevant as if they were given today. 
We invite you to learn more about the Rebbe, his life and teachings and the impact he continues to have today, at the newly relaunched site. Or just open your eyes and see how big his legacy grows and grows!

Eyal yifrach Naftali frenkel Gilad Shaer

From left: Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaer

Rabbi Steinsaltz, (a chassid of the Rebbe) His Murdered Students And A Call To Action

From PINCHAS ALLOUCHE July 1, 2014, 4:43 am

Rabbi Steinsaltz a Chassid of the Rebbe and perhaps the wisest Jewish sage of our time, is the Dean of the Mekor Chaim high school, where two of the boys were students, and where I too had the privilege of studying. The news splashed across his face and turned it white. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Uncontrollably, he repeated the Psalmist’s words: “For Your sake we are killed every day; we are being slaughtered like sheep!”

“Why?” I asked him. “Why, Rabbi, does God do this?” He was silent. But I knew that he was not ignoring the question. Quite the opposite: he was answering it, through his reverberating silence. Indeed, these tragedies are inexplicable. Sometimes, God is irrational. He is beyond understanding. “All we can do,” Rabbi Steinsaltz told me after a long pause, “is shout and protest.” Again, he quoted the same Psalm (chapter 44): “Awake! Why are you sleeping, O Lord? Rouse yourself! Do not abandon us forever!”

But it was the lesson that he drew from this tragedy that most moved me: “People will light memorial candles, recite prayers, and attend vigils,” he said. “Our boys were killed al Kiddush Hashem, because they were Jews.”

The Rabbi went on, “Therefore, to best honor their memories – indeed, to confront evil –we must act always as proud Jews, in our deeds and through our lives.”

A dark cloud has befallen our nation today. Our hearts are broken, yet united with the hearts of the boys’ families, as we mourn and we cry with them. We cannot erase the evil. But we can create good. We can transform the world through goodness by living as Jews and acting as Jews, with our Torah and mitzvot.

Let us demonstrate to the world that “the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied” (Exodus 1:12), and that the very Jewish soul that our enemies so wish to destroy, is alive and vibrant as ever.

Until the day, when God “will destroy death forever, and wipe away the tears from all faces” (Isaiah 25:8). Amen.

Read more: Rabbi Steinsaltz, His Murdered Students And A Call To Action | Pinchas 
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Why the Kidnapping? And Murder Bd’H!

Bd’H on the Murder of Three Special Israeli Teens

We cry out in anguish and in outrage at the unspeakable horror of today’s announcement that the three teens, whom Jews and so many other people of good will around the world dared to hope would be found and returned safely to their families, were instead murdered in cold blood by their Hamas kidnappers, apparently shortly after their abduction 18 days ago.

We must, with the rest of acheinu kol beis Yisroel (our brothers and sisters, the entire nation of Israel), mourn this unthinkable tragedy, this worst possible end to the search for Naftali Frenkel, 16; Gil-Ad Shaar, 16; and Eyal Yifrach, 19. This is, unfortunately, only the latest episode in which innocent lives have been snuffed out by adherents of a murderous, amoral death cult sworn to the destruction of Israel, and the genocide of the Jewish people.

We all offer their profound condolences to the families of these three boys, whom we have all come to think of as our own sons. Naftali, Gil-Ad and Eyal were our family, our brothers. The world needs to recognize, as it often fails to do, the nature of the enemies that are arrayed against Israel and the level of inhumanity of which they are capable. We join in the call for swift and resolute punishment for the perpetrators of this atrocity, and call upon world leaders to continue to affirm that such heinous tactics have no place in the civilized world.

The recurring theme expressed by the courageous mothers of the teens, as they saw the throngs who joined with them in support, is the unity of the Jewish people. Before, we were unified in prayer and hope for the boys’ safe return. Now, tragically, we are unified in grief.

May the families, the people of Israel, all those who stood with the families and held them in their hearts and prayers, be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Shared this on your #inspire beyond blog. Really nice to see father and son together remembering our terrible loss! Only good news and success Ari Lesser and dad!

Dear Chevra,
I just heard the heartbreaking news about the three Kedoshim, may Hashem avenge their innocent blood. The heart is screaming “eretz al techasi damam.” May the day of reckoning be soon. In the meantime, let’s all daven for their beautiful families and for all of Am Yisroel that is so desperately waiting to finally see Nechamas Tziyon v’Yerushalayim.B’ahava v’y’didus,From Rav Moshe Weinberger

Why the Kidnapping? from Lazer Beams

Eyal yifrach Naftali frenkel Gilad Shaer

From left: Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaer

Animals react with instinct, for they lack the power of reason. If a dog is hit with a stick, it will growl at or bite the stick. Yet, the stick is not responsible for hurting the dog; the person who wields the stick is.

Much of the Israeli media has been blaming the police and the secret services here for all types of operative breakdowns that enabled the tragic kidnapping of the three Gush-Etzion yeshiva students, Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel. So who is responsible?

Hashem is. The first principle of our faith as brought down by the Rambam is that Hashem alone, did, does and will do every deed. So, with emuna in mind, Hashem is responsible for the kidnapping and Hashem is also responsible for the three young men’s safe return home from captivity, wherever they are. Hashem is responsible for the success of our security forces and is also responsible for their failure. Knowing this important fact, we no longer waste time on useless blame games but instead ask Hashem why He is doing this to us. By soul-searching and uprooting the spiritual reason that led to the kidnapping, we are doing the best we possibly can to bring Eyal, Gilad and Naftali home.

These three young men are absolute tzaddikim and are suffering for the sins of the Jewish People. This past year has been exemplified by unprecedented intramural Jewish hate, spearheaded by self-serving populist politicians. Hashem can’t stand dissenion among His children. Yet, since the three yeshiva boys were kidnapped 17 days ago, all talk of dissension has ceased. The entire nation has come together. If the Hamas (or whoever else committed the crime of the kidnapping) knew that they’d contribute so much to Jewish unity in the Land of Israel, they’d have never allowed this to happen.

Today begins the new month of Tammuz. The notorious Three Weeks begin in another 17 days. Now is the time to love and accept one another and to uproot the ugly sinat chinam, the senseless intramural hate and dissension that caused both the Destruction of our Holy Temple and the kidnapping of our three cherished young men. G-d willing, with ahavat Yisrael, love and tolerance of one another, we’ll get them back together with the bonus of Moshiach and our rebuilt Holy Temple, soon, amen.

Singing with Love from Gutman Locks, together we’re trying to rescue the kidnapped teens. Good Chodesh And only good news!

#kosherfood and #kosher catering can be so cool !

Really so #cool :D Bs’d Working to keep our eating #kosher!
Email -> Eli UKA ‫‎<-‎‬ for #koshercertification!
Great news  :DLooking to host Ari Lesser before the new Jewish year (August to September 2014) 5775 Shemitah tastic  :D to sponsor the shows and info email First up with “the Fortunate ones” before the Shofar blows 5775! The New crew of Yeshivat Ashreinu <- click here for Ari Lesser 5774  :D and more!


Ashreinu and the Midnightrabbi inspired music mystic classes and shows, we welcome sponsors

Ashreinu and the Midnightrabbi inspired music mystic classes and shows, we welcome sponsors.

Growth to Marriage and Relationship success, needs the right advice and clarity. We read / live and highly recommend reading of the 7 habits of highly effective families and more :D

Please feel free to sponsor our Self-help growing library by emailing and dedicate the books for a loved one. We had almost the whole program reading the 7 habits!

Great news, Midnightrabbi aka Eli Goldsmith is coming to London July 17th!

Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith:

A week away almost, ready to come and #inspire with love and holy words from the heart, and would you believe some people in London are interested! A Miracle! Email me now thanks!

Family will miss me, but we together can make it worth it and inspirational for the London crew! Only simchas, nachus and lots of donations with full hearted support!<3

Blessings and appreciations B’H Check out glimpses of the audio and visual of a great program and Siyum!->midnightrabbi siyum ashreinu <- Great Siyum of Ashreinu 2013/4 to 2015 beyond, with the fortunate ones #inspired for life. All the blessings from the Midnightrabbi and fam. 

Originally posted on midnightrabbi inspires!:

Eli will be in London from TLV to LTN Jul 17- till Jul 23 for fam. Bar Mitzvah and more!

Thanks goes to the fam for organizing the weekend of Fam. Goldsmith’s Bar Mitzvah July and bringing me to London. This is my first nephew and parents grandchild to reach this all important point in life! (my oldest  is next in Nov. for Bat Mitzvah would u believe)!!
Anyone is more than welcome to pick me up at Luton (nice and near) on arrival and departure, thanks!!!
Any more details from your side and times to meet up are more than appreciated ?
I’m staying in Edgware, London from Thurs 17th till Wed 23rd the whole time. Except hope to walk up to Bushey shul Sat. morning 19th July to stay till after shabbos Sat. night welcome to meet up for the people who live near by e.g. Radlett etc…

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