Midnight rabbi – an old article which needs to be re-thought … appreciate your advice where is the next step and project …bs’d (via midnightrabbi inspires!)

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Even newer http://midnightrabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/

Midnight rabbi - an old article which needs to be re-thought ... appreciate your advice where is the next step and project ...bs'd “THE MIDNIGHT RABBI IS HERE TO A-MUSE U” MUSIC … The power to heal, the power to unite, the power to bridge gaps, the power to build worlds. Introducing U-MUSE: YOUTH AND MUSIC created by Eli Goldsmith, Jerusalem (formerly London) inspired by youth everywhere. Eli Goldsmith, affectionately known as The Midnight Rabbi, treads the streets of Jerusalem in the wee hours of the morning, meeting wi … Read More

via midnightrabbi inspires!



About Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith

Eli Goldsmith aka the Midnightrabbi inspired, is originally from a well-known family, in the music biz and entertainment industry, from London, has transferred his upbringing and talents to be at the cutting edge of culture and Jewish talent hosting events for many programs. He studied in England at John Lyons School Harrow, Woodhouse College and Sussex University! Continuing his education in Israel, Talmudic Law and group council at Ohr Somayach, Kollel Aiza Birah and Kollel Boston, in Derech Hamelech and Rabbi in 6 well-known programs where was named honorably the Midnightrabbi by the beloved students themselves, He has rounded off his outlook with a large breath of wisdom including the "7 habits" from Stephen Covey to become the “10 habits” practical business successful approach. Working as a Consultant in the well-known Charity for 4 years, the Jaffa Institute and sister program the Bet Shemesh Educational Center is where he honed his talents in management and formed a bond with many special people worldwide. Recently working as a Consultant and Office manager of UKA United Kashruth Authority. And as a Counselor at Retorno a REHAB center. Eli was excitedly consulting @Grantwatch.com, Hiko.Energy.com & Campuscasa.com as Customer Service & Sales Executive updating their Social media, @Student Services at MJI Institute. Eli Goldsmith is looking for new opportunities to inspire, alongside performing successfully as a Customer Service Executive at Nu Mark LLC. Eli contributes to HR and training with CX talks and positive professional feedback. Speaking in front of large audiences with confidence and inspiration. Eli is dedicating his spare time to the Future Special Education. This is the key to the root of the issue in Education! Partner with Founder of Unity Inspires Projects aka UPI! Unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com speaker :) Eli G consults with many artists and businesses to success! Look forward to hear from you for dedicated work together!

3 responses to “Midnight rabbi – an old article which needs to be re-thought … appreciate your advice where is the next step and project …bs’d (via midnightrabbi inspires!)”

  1. midnightrabbi says :

    On Monday 18 Sivan-6/20/11 will be my Jewish birthday. I will I.Y.H. bli ayin horo be reaching a new decade. I will let you guess which one. I am sending this sicha out as a birthday present and a merit for myself.


    I once heard from my Rebbi in the name of the the “Avnei Neizer,” a beautiful explanation of the Gemoro Shabbos105b “Whoever lets down/ weeps over the passing of an adam kasher — upright, virtuous man — Hashem counts his tears and puts them aside in His treasury.”

    The Avnei Neizer explains why the term Adam Kasher is used as opposed to Chosid, Tzadik, Gaon…

    He brings the Gemoro in Chulin 58a which says “A Treifah, an animal with one of the 18 signs described in Chulin 42a that are terminal, cannot live for twelve months.”

    He explains that during the 12 months there are different situations that the animal must go through such as heat and cold. If the animal can endure all situations then this is a sign of “Life.” And it is rendered “Kasher.”

    So too, a person goes through different situations and challenges throughout his life. If one can serve Hashem even in the tough situations then he is truly rendered an “Adam Kasher.”

    My Rebbi added that he heard from Rav Moishe Feinstein, ztl [and I saw in the Introduction of “Likutei Basr Likutei,” from Rav Shmuel Alter, ztl.] that
    in Parshas Bechukosai, we find the “Tochahcha” which depicts the yissurim-suffering chas veshalom that klal Yisroel will endure if they don’t keep the Torah.

    Immediately afterwards, the posuk deals with Erchin-the evaluation of a Jew.

    The idea that the Torah is teaching us is, that to really know the value of a person we should not look only how he acts when things are going good. Rather his true value is determined by looking how he acts when he meets up with adversity.

  2. midnightrabbi says :

    +so good shabbos Midnight rabbi – an old article which needs to be re-thought … appreciate your advice where is : http://t.co/wNr84VU

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