Get me HIGH, not dope! bs’d

Music and charity is a better choise… 

Guys have told me how do you get so high, they ask me to give them some, so an easy response is ” we are high we are jews and children of G-d , with a deep relationship beyond words this is enough to get me high” u want some …

Heres an excerpt from a profitable-blog!

“The music connection as you already sense is a huge part of the youth today, almost religiously approached and lived. We wanted to be rock stars, hippies, drugies, M.C’s for the coolest D.J.’s in the coolest clubs and we managed this on some level
This is a quote from a blogg of someone who inspired me here Gil is well-known at the Western Wall’s Chabad Tefillin Booth. With humor, warmth and love, he helps thousands of Jews, tourists, seekers, cool Israelis, soldiers, visiting politicians, to try this mitzvah. Making the experience personal and meaningful, he asks the person to “picture everyone in your family, one at a time. Try to picture them with light on their faces and smiling. Pray for their well-being, and for everyone you love. Pray for all of us. Don’t forget our soldiers, Jews in dangerous places, and those in the hospitals hurting.”
Sharing lessons learned the hard way, Gil gives hope and direction to many. “Why did I have to go through these long and torturous steps before I came home?” he muses. Though he usually describes his days wrapped in a tablecloth with his hair tied in a knot on his head with humor, “It was not really much fun to sit there in my hut in the woods, holding my hands clenched until they cracked and bled. Nor were those many months of having demons torture me during times of great joy.” But when called in desperation by a worried young man whose Buddhist meditation started turning into voices and a wrestle with evil forces, Gil was able to guide him as only one who knows the terrain can.
Rather than walk away from his past, its unique and crazy lessons are utilized to help others. Gil’s mission now is not to “escape the movie and come to a place where the world just doesn’t affect you anymore,” but to live up to what he has found to be the highest teaching of the Torah, encapsulated in the words of the Rebbe Maharash, Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch: “One ought to know the route to the supernal chambers, though it is not necessary. All you need is to help your fellow with a complete heart, to take pleasure in doing another person a favor.”
“Came from london long hair earing and all, tell the guru gill story to white bearded tefilin guy, he says thats me wanna come for the seder tonite, yeah and now check me out can we appreciate the effect our changes teshuvah makes, he’s straight and spiritual inspired me. IMP is he knows how to chill with his old friends too

Also you should know the path of teshuvah has its tests and down time, and those moments were lifted up with a strength from deep within to sing and dance know matter what. The power of simcha and truth really kept me a live in many dark moments, this is what enables me to help others in there dark moments. There were many occasions where my emmunah (faith ) and life style were tested and Baruch Hashem was able to look deep inside with the help of good advice and a good wife to make the right choices, this is a fundamental part of life where a person can pass his tests. For example, quiting smoking cigarettes and weed, started with Shabbos Kodesh a true high. 

And then gave courage to spread this self control to the rest of the week. A few other reasons, like using the spare change to give charity instead of cigs and life is so much healthier… wishin us all long life…

So lets get to a story you all want to hear the big test that changed my life from a self loving hunky secular music fanatic football fan night club runner drug dealer hippy skater smoker drinker gambler pimp etc,,, you know the average teenager these days to a focused spiritual life of Hashem loving torah lifestyle from within and without etc…gtg go next bus lol check some inspirational Torah advice to stay away from Dope!

Really! What’s Wrong With Dope?

From Gutman Locks…

“Hey, don’t you see it, man?” He was standing in front of the Kotel, stoned out of his mind. He looked at me and asked, “How come you don’t see it?” He was looking at the stones and seeing lights and hearing sounds, or maybe it was seeing sounds and hearing lights. He was really “getting off” on it.

So what could possibly be wrong with this?

Here’s what wrong with it. It rips you off. big time! (Translation for those of you who did not experience “the sixties,” “a rip off” is a thief who grabs something away from you, something that you want hold onto.) And this is just what drugs do to your life. They rip off both your physical life, and from my point of view even worse, they rip off your spiritual life, too. And, that’s what hurts so bad.

A guy was crying to me, “I need money. I’m broke. I only have five dollars in the bank. I have to pay my bills. What am I going to do?” He was really having a hard time, and for a good reason, too. After all, creditors were closing in on him.

I said, “No problem. Give me your bank book, and I’ll fix it right up for you.”

He gave me his bankbook. I wrote in 6 zeros, right after his five dollar balance, and I gave it back to him.

He looked at it and said, “Wow! Thanks a lot. You saved my life. I’m rich. I have 5 million dollars in the bank!”

And this is what drugs do to your life. Drugs lower your standards so that you are satisfied with much less, and you even call it more! That guy who was stoned in front of the Kotel was seeing the physical Western Wall, and because of the drugs that he had smoked, he was seeing it as if he was having a spiritual experience. He wasn’t. He was having a drug experience.

The real problem is not that he was having a good time. The “munchies” are fun while you are munching. (Stoned people often get ravenous appetites to stuff food, usually, for something like a few candy bars.) The problem is that he is so satisfied with his drugged experience, that he will never feel the need to do the hard work that is necessary in order to have a true spiritual experience. He will go through his entire life “getting off” on the stones, not even knowing that there is a true spiritual Revelation available.  And that’s why they call it “Dope!”

From Rabbi Lazer Brody

People often ask me what’s wrong with casual smoking of hash or marijuana. I’ll tell you what’s wrong – these “light” substances are, to a certain extent, even more dangerous than heavy substances, because the problems they pose are not immediately obvious. A heroine addict is not likely to marry, and if he does, it probably won’t be an orthodox Jewish marriage. But a person who smokes marijuana appears to function normally. He usually holds down a job and gets married. Yet he will be greatly challenged in attaining Shalom Bayit, (marital harmony), may have greater difficulty in educating his kids properly, and find it almost impossible to serve Hashem (God), with his entire heart. The marijuana eventually affects his brain, and he may even reach a point where a joint takes precedence over his wife and children – and even Hashem! Marijuana causes people to become lethargic, lose their initiative, shirk responsibility. Basically, it causes people to lose their ability to function properly. Ultimately, they become slaves to a vicious master – their habit.

People who are slaves to their habits give the habit precedence over all else. As a result, they may behave cruelly and take extreme measures to fulfill their lusts, even to the point of letting their wives and children go hungry. Alcoholics are known to be self-indulgent; even when they don’t have the money to pay the electric bill, they come up with money to purchase beer and wine.

Addicts – even functional ones, whether hooked on alcohol or drugs – see only themselves. They are the arch-prototype of egotists. Whenever I encounter a married substance abuser, I tell him categorically – it’s either your wife or your habit. You can’t have both. A wife needs a husband who’s a giver – addicts are takers. They have no qualms about taking what doesn’t even belong to them to satiate their urges…

keep going up!


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