A dedication blog 2 Leibby Kletzky & strengthen in Faith – David Dome

A dedication blog 2 Leibby Kletzky, Borough Park boy, found; Murdered, may his soul get peace and family be comforted…

Among-stA dedication blog 2 Leibby Kletzky, Borough Park boy, found; Murdered, may his soul get peace and family be comforted…
Among-st all the mourners of Israel…

The blog is being built , asap, to give us the needed strengthening in Faith/belief/knowledge that all is under G-d’s kind control…

Here’s a post of Reb david Dome who helps us with this http://www.daviddomemusic.com

Its important for us all not to get depressed in anyway, or give up at all (never!) …

Music is an important tool to convey this important message for all the mourners of Israel…


Remember! this blog is being built , asap, to give us the needed strengthening in Faith/belief/knowledge that all is under G-d kind control…

DD: I went to a catholic school where I was one of 3 Jews out of 600 Xians.

BI: Did you have any thirst for spirituality?

DD: I was always interested in books on outer body and psychic experiences and even joined a spiritual circle to develop “spiritual” connections. Then one day I had an experience of a presence coming through saying “David , this isn’t Truth , GET OUT ! I strongly advise anyone to stay away from such things as it creates spiritual darkness in a deep way .Vibes with kedusha , Torah , simcha and hitbodedut is the only real way.

BI: So what happened?

DD: I got out .Once I left that darkness behind one thing led to another and Hashem guided me to a shiur I didn’t want to go to. My Uncle was visiting from Israel and asked me to join him. I went because I love my Uncle not because I wanted to hear a Rabbi preach. He told a story of how Hashem, to wake us up, sends us tribulations . I related to that having been through some really horrible times. I realized I was being called back to Torah, after too many generations before me had walked away from it.

BI: Did your move have an effect on your family?

DD: Certainly; since then all of The Domes, Baruch Hashem, are now baalei teshuva, my Mum, Brother, Uncle, his kids, and my wife and kids. Quite a miracle…

BI: What inspired you to begin writing songs?

DD: As an emotional teenager I used to write dirges in my room, complaining and moaning about typical teenage angst. Looking back, I realize that I was praying to God .Even though the mood was often sad, I was reaching out.

When I became a baal teshuva years later I followed the mainstream programs that Anglo Jewry had to offer but I found it hard to connect to what was being taught. For me I wasn’t finding spiritual nourishment. Gemara was on the menu and more Gemara but I lacked the tools to absorb or make connections. I wasn’t really growing or being shown how to rectify my character flaws. I felt too many people were hiding behind their learning, looking the part, saying all the right things but ultimately appearing uptight .Where was the joy? Why weren’t they smiling more? Why wasn’t I smiling more?

At that time my son became very ill. He was born with bilateral kidney blockage .I went to the grave of the Shotzer Rav in Enfield , UK to pray to Hashem for his good health. I prayed my heart out. Baruch Hashem, he’s well. However, I believe as the Heavenly Court opened my file in Shamayim, the Shotzer Rav’s influence led me to Rabbi Lazer Brody who was the understudy of The Melitzer Rebbe, the great grandson of The Shotzer Rav. By the way – coincidence or not – Rabbi Brody’s Hebrew name is the same as my father’s.

One day I was surfing the net and found a site for baalei teshuva in the USA. I checked it out hoping to find any like-minded people struggling to find their place in Judaism. Unfortunately even on that site people still seemed to be very polite and say the right thing at the right time without daring to ask or say anything outside their comfort zones.

Then I found a question which Rabbi Lazer Brody was asked to respond to. His response was to me like an oasis in a desert. His response was truthful and he didn’t seem to mind giving it straight and that’s what I needed, some straight talking.

May Leibby’s memory be for blessing and to pass our tests to awaken us all to a true way of life….

http://www.youtube.com/user/Daviddome somehow be inspired!


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  1. midnightrabbi says :

    http://www.daviddomemusic.com/ for more check it out friends and keep strong no matter what ….

    Please asap help our great cause, as the summer warms up so does our kind hearts.. http://t.co/l0SWEXw

    Jaffa Institute The place to donate is
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  2. believer says :

    Only through faith in the Holy One of Israel and trusting in Yeshua can we have the strength to live our lives here. This is not our home.

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