The Chlidren of Yisrael – A Short Tribute to a Great Cause- Bet Shemesh Educational Center!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011  

Bet Shemesh is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged boys
and helping them reach their full potential.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” –

Maimonides (the Rambam z’l)

Please watch our latest video and read our letter below and respond kindly …

This is a short tribute for a Great Cause and there founders-

Dr. David J. Portowicz – Chairman
Dr. David J. Portowicz - ChairmanDr. David J. Portowicz co-founded the Jaffa Institute in 1982 and orchestrated it’s merger with the Bet Shemesh Educational and Residential Center in 1986. Prior to establishing the Jaffa Institute, Dr. Portowicz, an American-born rabbi with a Ph.D. in social work, was the director of the Jewish Community Center of Jaffa. Today, he is acting Chairman of the Jaffa Institute and the Bet Shemesh Center, and lecturer in the School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University; a post he has occupied for over thirty years. “Students here are given the chance, for the first time in their lives, to be part a nurturing community. The best way to help these children is to say ‘you are our son, you are our family'”.

Rabbi Avi Burstein – Founder
Rav Yemin Akrish- Rosh YeshivaRabbi Avi Burstein founded the Bet Shemesh Educational and Residential Center over 20 years ago. From the beginning, his vision was to provide beyond a standard education. He created a supportive boarding school for 10 at-risk boys, which, over the years, grew to be a warm home with a nurturing family of over 300 students per year. “Hundreds of graduates still have a strong connection to the Center; they are the proof that we are one big family. I dream and pray that this educational center will continue to support and advance hundreds of students for many years to come.”

Dear kind friends this just one of the causes i want you to help…

I (eli goldsmith) work for the Jaffa Institute We have over 30 programs helping 4,000 Israeli citizens a year, if you cannot come to volunteer in Israel short/long-term then you can still connect from home! We have had groups make challahs, sell them at shul and donate the proceeds to our Food programs. There have been Mother’s Day sales for our parenting program, garage sales to adopt a kid, fashion shows conducted to adopt an at-risk teenager at our girls hostel, fun packs sent with notes in Hebrew, walks organized for the Jaffa Institute’s after-school programs and more. It is all up to your group and their interests.

The Jaffa Institute is also currently funding the Bar Mitzvah’s of 28 Ethiopian Immigrant children this summer at its sister organization that it founded, Bet Shemesh . A Bar Mitzvah costs$944/child and includes the ceremony, a new pair of tefilin, a breakfast for them and their families and an educational field trip. It would be amazing if you or anyone you know could sponsor a child and give them a really special day! Be in touch about this mitzvah opportunity and read below how to make a difference now!

I look forward to being in touch.

Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith
Israel 00972-57-317-5856
U.S. line  718-705-7395

P.S. Thank G-d we have managed to raise over 30000$ in the previous year 2012  with some smaller donations on the way for a cause that breaks our hearts until it is filled.
Imagine not having ability to get married, or in this case to have a Bar Mitzvah 2013,  28 children await your kindness to correct that now!
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About Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith

Eli Goldsmith aka the Midnightrabbi inspired, is originally from a well-known family, in the music biz and entertainment industry, from London, has transferred his upbringing and talents to be at the cutting edge of culture and Jewish talent hosting events for many programs. He studied in England at John Lyons School Harrow, Woodhouse College and Sussex University! Continuing his education in Israel, Talmudic Law and group council at Ohr Somayach, Kollel Aiza Birah and Kollel Boston, in Derech Hamelech and Rabbi in 6 well-known programs where was named honorably the Midnightrabbi by the beloved students themselves, He has rounded off his outlook with a large breath of wisdom including the "7 habits" from Stephen Covey to become the “10 habits” practical business successful approach. Working as a Consultant in the well-known Charity for 4 years, the Jaffa Institute and sister program the Bet Shemesh Educational Center is where he honed his talents in management and formed a bond with many special people worldwide. Recently working as a Consultant and Office manager of UKA United Kashruth Authority. And as a Counselor at Retorno a REHAB center. Eli was excitedly consulting, & as Customer Service & Sales Executive updating their Social media, @Student Services at MJI Institute. Eli Goldsmith is looking for new opportunities to inspire, alongside performing successfully as a Customer Service Executive at Nu Mark LLC. Eli contributes to HR and training with CX talks and positive professional feedback. Speaking in front of large audiences with confidence and inspiration. Eli is dedicating his spare time to the Future Special Education. This is the key to the root of the issue in Education! Partner with Founder of Unity Inspires Projects aka UPI! speaker :) Eli G consults with many artists and businesses to success! Look forward to hear from you for dedicated work together!

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  1. midnightrabbi says :

    Please check out which was founded in 1982 and orchestrated it’s merger with the Bet Shemesh Educational and Residential Center in 1986. Appreciate your concern and support!
    Donate generously after reading our site write in comments eli’s friends…

    • midnightrabbi says :

      Good start to the week, I was up north for 2 days and saw groups of rich american teenagers
      sporting the Jaffa Institute T-shirts and it made us proud, while being
      great advertising there obviously busy doing great work!

      Some more donations came through students/teachers and friends, thanks beyond words and blessings too,
      please can you all read t

    • midnightrabbi says :

      Updates on Our Sister Organizations
      Bet Shemesh
      2011: Our 20th Graduating Class
      On June 19th, the young men at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center celebrated a most important event in their lives. Together with their families in an atmosphere of great accomplishment, 22 students marked their graduation from high school. In many communities in Israel and throughout the world, children grow up in families where from a young age there is a basic assumption that they will graduate from high school. In families where parents for various reasons are unable to provide the needed emotional, educational or financial support to their children, graduating high school is not at all taken for granted. The majority of the students at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center fall into this category. With this background in mind, the overwhelming feelings of success at the graduation ceremony were something that everyone present felt very strongly.
      With great patience, support and a guiding and encouraging hand, the Educational Center’s teaching staff, as well as the social worker and dormitory counselors, have helped our students grow from boys to young men, who are leaving the sheltered setting of the Center and embarking on challenging new directions. 11 of the graduates will continue in various settings for a year or two before serving in the Israeli army. 8 will begin their army service within the coming months, including 5 who will become combat soldiers. 3 of the graduates will be participating in a program that combines studies towards becoming an electrical technician, prior to applying their studies towards serving in the Israeli Air Force. All of the graduates have gained confidence and emotional strength from their experiences at the Educational Center, enabling them to move on to become the next generation of contributing Israeli citizens. We extend our congratulations and warm wishes to all of the graduates.
      For more information visit:

  2. midnightrabbi says :

    $1.00 EACH
    Distributed by:
    Mechon Shiurei HaMashgiach
    718 438 3451
    Edited by: Rabbi Simcha Goldstien
    Rabbi Chaim Laufer
    This week’s edition was sponsored by:
    Pinchos – Eliyahu Hanavi will rectify every Jew
    Pinchos’s Descent to Raise his Generation
    ” וכו ןהכה ןרהא ןב רזעלא ןב סחנפ ‘ ” (Pinchos 22:12)
    The Tribes jested at Pinchos after his act of zealotry and said “Did you see this
    grandson of the one who fattened calves for the idols?” Pinchos’s mother was a
    descendent of Yisro, who before he converted, was a priest for idols. The Tribes wished
    to excommunicate him and being that the Heavenly Court’s rulings follow the court of
    Jewish law on earth, the heavenly angels wanted to banish him as well.
    Therefore the verse states Pinchos’s lineage after his father and grandfather to
    show that his act was inspired by his holy paternal roots. G-d did not allow them to
    banish him; to the contrary, he was greatly rewarded.1
    The Baal Shem Tov says that when someone thinks negatively about another
    person it affects that subject negatively. Pinchos was thus negatively affected by the
    judgment against him. His priesthood was taken away from him since a Kohen that kills
    someone can’t serve as a Kohen,2 and he became a plain ‘Hedyat’ – a simple Jew. We
    must understand why did this happen to him. Afterward, he was rewarded by Hashem.
    Besides that, he and his children became Kohanim and Pinchos himself was
    transformed to be Eliyahu Hanavi.3
    Whenever the Gemarah (Talmud) does not reach a conclusion it says “ קית ” ו ”
    which is an acronym for – “ ת יבש י ץרת ק תוישו ו ביא ע תוי ,” Tishbi (Eliyahu Hanavi) will
    answer questions and difficulties.” Why is Eliyahu Hanavi referred to as Tishbi here and
    not Navi or Geladi, the way he is usually referred to?
    Eliyahu Hanavi sacrificed Korbanos on a mountain in Eretz Yisrael called “Har
    HaCarmel,” in order to prove to his generation that Hashem is the true G-D. Normally it
    is forbidden to sacrifice Korbanos outside the Temple Mount. However, being a prophet
    of Hashem he was commanded by Hashem to make an exception for the benefit of his
    We must understand, why did it have to be done in this manner, to sacrifice
    outside the Bais Hamikdash?
    Jewish Souls belong in the Machne Yisrael (Jewish Camp – like under the clouds
    of glory in the wilderness.) In this world the Jewish Camp is Jerusalem. Jerusalem
    corresponds to Olam Habah, the world to come in which every Jew has a part in.
    “ שי לארשי לכ אבה םלועל קלח םהל רמאנש : י םלועל י ץרא ושר , 5” All Jewish People have
    a part in the world to come; (proof from the verse,) they will forever inherit the land.) The
    land they will inherit refers to Eretz Yisroel which is concentrated in Yerushalayim. This
    is proof that the Jewish People have a place in the world to come because
    Yerushalayim corresponds to Olam Habah. (Yerushalayim is Malchus which is the
    seventh middah; Malchus is also called Eretz.)
    However, there are some Neshamos which, due to their sins, seem to have no
    place in the Machne Yisrael. The Mishne lists people who have no place in Olam
    Eliyahu Hanavi’s successor was Elisha Hanavi. He had a student named
    ‘Geichazi’. A Gentile General named ‘Naaman’ came to Elisha in request that he heal
    him of his Tzaraas (Leprosy.) Elisha did so, but refused payment in order to make a
    Kiddush Hashem (Glorify G-d’s name.) Gechazi pursued Naaman after he left Elisha
    and asked for money in Elisha’s name, for his own use.
    When Elisha found out what Gechazi did, he cursed him: “May the Tzaraas of
    Naaman attach itself to you and your children forever.”6
    The Mishne lists Gechazi among those who have no place in Olam Habah. Why?
    Someone who has Tzaraas may not enter Yerushalayim. This means that he
    cannot enter Olam Habah, the ultimate Jewish Camp.
    Since Gechazi will never rid himself of his Tzaraas because of Elisha’s curse,
    and he could never enter Jerusalem and correspondingly Olam Habah, but isn’t he a
    Jew? Doesn’t every Jew have a place in the Olam Habah?
    There is an axiom in Jewish Law, “Anyone who isn’t Mechuyav (obligated) in a
    thing can’t fulfill the Cheyuv (obligation) for others in that thing.” Examples of this law
    are: a minor cannot make Kiddush for an adult; a woman can’t blow shofar for a man.
    The Meor Einayim on Parshas Shemos sees in this a hint to a deep
    phenomenon; anybody who is not ‘Mechuyav’ – from the root of ‘Chayev’ which means
    ‘deserves punishment for a sin’ – in a specific area, can’t release others from their state
    of ‘Chiyuv” in that area of sin. A Tzaddik can’t rectify someone who committed a grave
    sin if he has no connection to that sin. The Tzaddik will need to somewhat touch upon
    the sin to enable him to lift up those that are stuck in its quagmire.
    This is similar to a person who wishes to rescue an unfortunate individual who’s
    stuck 10 feet deep in the mud. He can’t get him out unless he bends down a little and
    gets a bit dirty from the mud, too.
    Pinchos, after his great act of self sacrifice in his act of zealotry, was designated
    to rectify fallen people. He therefore needed to fall a bit himself. That is why the Jewish
    Court wanted to excommunicate him and the heavenly angels wanted to banish him,
    until Hashem interfered and listed his lineage from Aharon Hakohen, proving his
    innocence and greatness.
    Even though it was permitted for Eliyahu Hanavi to sacrifice outside of the
    Temple Mount, it was considered some sort of minor blemish on his part. Hashem
    therefore told him that he needs to exile himself to Damesek (Damascus.) He
    consequently descended a bit from his holiness and was able to raise his generation
    along with himself, rectifying them from their sin of idol worship.
    Eliyahu Hanavi’s Blemish was only superficial
    We can say that the fact that Eliyahu Hanavi needed rectification because of a
    slight blemish on his part is only so on the surface.
    In truth he didn’t need rectification at all.
    Eliyahu Hanavi is from the utopian era.
    Rabba the son of Avuya found Eliyahu Hanavi in a gentile cemetery. He asked
    him, “Aren’t you a Kohen?” Eliyahu answered, “The graves of gentiles do not defile.”
    Tosfos asks a question: Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is the one who holds this
    opinion. However, Rabbi Yehuda holds that graves of gentiles do defile and we go
    according to his opinion.
    Tosfos answers: Eliyahu is not really a Kohen, but was just trying to push him
    away. However, the Zohar says that Eliyahu is Pinchos Hakohen!
    The Tiferes Shlomo says in Parshas Shoftim: LeAsid Lavoh (when Mashiach will
    come and the world will be utopian) the law will be according to Rabbi Shimon. Similarly
    the Divrei Yoel7 writes that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is from the Olam Hatikun (the
    days of the utopia, when Mashiach will come) ans then we will go according to him and
    not Rabbi Yehudah.
    The Zohar Hakadosh says that Rabbi Shimon was on the level that it was always
    Shabbos for him. “Just like Shabbos is holy to Hashem; Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is
    holy to Hashem.” In the entire Tractate Shabbos the Halacha is like Rabbi Shimon.
    Shabbos refers to the ultimate Shabbos, (when we won’t work and will learn Torah the
    entire day,) the days of Mashiach. ‘ הל שדוק ‘ ,’ (holy to Hashem) is gematria (has the
    numerical value of) ןועמש ‘ ,’ they both equal 466.
    For Eliyahu Hanavi who is a neshama of LeAsid Lavoh the law is according to
    the opinion of Rabbi Shimon that gentile graves do not defile.
    The Connection Between Yerushalayim and Damesek
    It says that Har Hakarmel will be Yerushalayim LeAsid Lavoh.8 LeAsid Lavoh,
    Hashem will take Mount Tavor, Sinai and Carmel and he will build the Bais Hamikdash
    on top of them. From a perspective of LeAsid Lavoh, Har HaCarmel is actually the Bais
    HaMikdash. For Eliyahu Hanavi, being a Neshama of LeAsid Lavoh, Har Hakarmel is
    the Temple Mount! It only appeared according to the status of today that Eliyahu Hanavi
    sacrificed Korbanos outside of the temple.
    So now we have a question, why did Hashem command Eliyahu to exile himself
    to Damesek if he didn’t really need a tikun (rectification?)
    The Medrash says on the words “ מ קשמדו ותחנ ,” and Damascus is his (Hashem’s)
    resting place; in the future Yerushalayim will expand until Damesek. “ קשמד דע יבחרה
    ךיתנכשמ,” expand until Damesek your resting place.9
    Why did the verse say that Yerushalayim will spread till Damesek instead of
    measuring the distance it will spread to each side?
    Yerushalayim and Damesek are two opposites; Yerushalayim on the side of
    holiness, Damesek on the side of impurity. Yerushalayim is a concentration of the
    Machane Yisrael, appropriate for people that will inherit Olam Habah; Damascus is a
    city for people with Tzaraas.
    Naaman, in the story with Elisha was afflicted with a very severe Tzaraas in the
    city of Damesek. It was a permanent kind of Tzaraas, which has no cure. When Elisha
    rid him of it, it didn’t disappear; it floated in the air and waited. When Gechazi sinned, it
    befell him. “And the Tzaraas of Namaan will attach itself to you forever.” And that’s why
    the Mishna says that he doesn’t have a part in Olam Habah, because he has no part in
    Yerushalayim since he’s a permanent leper.
    Naaman became a leper in Damesek. So when Gechazi contracted tzaraas, he
    also went to Damesek since it’s a place for Metzoraim.
    However when Mashiach will come Yerushalayim will spread out until Damesek.”
    Damesek will cease to exist, and all the Mitzoraim will find themselves in Yerushalayim.
    The Rambam (Miamonidies) says; Yerushalayim is called “שדקמ,” (holy.)
    שדקמ has the same letters as קשמד. These two are diametrically opposed to
    each other. Nevertheless, in the future, Yerushalayim will heal the tzaraas of Damesek
    and the letters of its name will be rearranged to the word שדקמ.
    The relationship between the Jewish People and Hashem is compared to the
    relationship between a chassan and a kallah. Throughout the exile, the Kallah is
    separated from the Chassan i.e. the Jewish people are separated from Hashem. The
    state of redemption is when Knesses Yisroel (the Jewish people) are connected to
    The Kallah, Knesses Yisroel, will be reunited with Hashem when she will be
    ready. She will be ready when all her ‘Jewelry’ will be complete. The ‘Jewelry’ of
    Knesses Yisrael is the 24 Books of Tanach. These are referred to as the “ כ ” ד יטושכת
    הלכ,” 24 Jewels of the Kallah.11
    “םדאה לא האביו,”12 And he (Hashem) brought her (Chavah – who is the Kallah and
    hints at Knesses Yisrael) to Adam (the Chosson who hints at Hashem.) האביו is
    gematria 24.
    The Sefer Divrei Hayamim is the 24th Sefer in Tanach.13 It completes the
    ‘Jewelry’ of the Bride. It is a sefer of the Olam HaTikun (rectified world of Mashiach,)
    when the Divine presence will finally be able to completely manifest itself on the Jewish
    people because they will have reached their perfection. “…As the Choson [Hashem]
    rejoices with the Kallah [the Jewish People.]” 14
    David Hamelech is the soul of Mashiach. He will arrive with the completion of the
    Kallah. דוד will be spelled with a י ‘ when Mashiach will come and Knesses Yisrael will be
    complete. In sefer Divrei Hayamim, the sefer that completes the Kallah and heralds
    Mashiach, his name is spelled that way. וד י ד is Gematria 24.
    Damesek is the city of Mitzoraim, people who speak Lashon Harah and cause
    separation between people. ”ולהאל ץוחמ בשיו,”18 and he sits outside of the Jewish Camp.
    As a punishment for causing separation between people, he himself must be separated
    from other people.
    “ דע לאמשמ רשא הבוח קשמדל ,”16 until Choveh that is to the left of Damesek, is
    Gematria, “תולודג תרבדמ ןושל,”17 tongues that speak haughtily i.e. Lashon Harah. They
    both equal 1481.
    The letter ‘ר’ is a letter of Shalom, completeness and peace.15 When Damesek
    will finally reach its perfection in the days of Mashiach it will be written with a ‘ ר’ , ד ר קשמ ,
    and then it will be united with Yerushalayim and attain peace. In Sefer Divrei Hayamim,
    the sefer of Olam Hatikun, it is spelled with a ר ‘ . ד ר קשמ . 10
    ד ר קשמ is gematria י הנחמ לארש ; they both equal 644.
    Gechazi will be rectified
    The Gemarah expounds on the verse “קשמד עשילא אביו,”19 and Elisha came to
    Damesek. “Why did he go? To inspire Gechazu to do Teshuvah, however, Gechazi
    didn’t repent. This is what our tradition says, ‘All who cause the public to sin aren’t
    granted the opportunity to repent.’” How does the Gemara know that Gechazi did not
    repent? Because the Mishna says he has no place in the world to come.
    However, there is a Braisa20 that states “Dorshei Reshumos (those who expound
    upon hints,) say he does have a part in the world to come. According to this Breisa,
    Gechazi did do Teshuva (repented.)
    There are numerous levels in Gilui Eliyahu (when Eliyahu reveals himself to a
    tzaddik.) The most complete level is when Eliyahu comes to a tzaddik together with his
    successor Elisha and afterwards, when he leaves, Gechazi comes running asking,
    “Was my Rebbe here?! Was my Rebbe here?!”21
    It seems that when Gechazi will attain perfection, he’ll at last reach his Rebbe.
    This will be with the coming of Eliyahu Hanavi to announce the redemption. It will be a
    wonderful sight to see Eliyahu Hanavi, Elisha Hanavi together with Gechazi.
    ‘בוט רשבמ,’ a harbinger of good news which refers to Eliyahu Hanavi’s role in the
    redemption, is Gematria, ‘ ג עשילא איבנה והילא יזח ;’ they both equal 559.
    There are 600,000 Jewish Neshamos corresponding to the 600,000 letters in the
    Torah. The Jewish people are called לארשי. This is Roshei Teivos (first letter of
    consecutive words,) “ י ש ש םיש ר יובי א תו תוי ל הרות ” – “There are 600,000 letters in the
    Torah.” They are also called ןורושי, which is Roshei Teivos ” , תומשנ יוביר םישש שי ” there
    arre 600,000 Jewish Souls.
    Each soul is rooted in a different letter which is part of a word which is part of a
    topic. A person who ruins his soul through sin will cause a question in his Parsha and
    Halacha. The Zohar states that questions are Kelipos, impure forces that block holiness.
    Through exertion in Torah one breaks the kelipah and arrives upon a resolution.
    Eliyahu comes to draw near, inspire to teshuvah, and speak positively upon
    every Jew that sinned. Thereby, the question on his part in Torah is answered.
    יבשת is from the same root as בישהו – to return. Eliyahu will return each Jew to
    Hashem. He will answer the difficulties that exist upon even the most cast off Jew of
    Damesek. Their rectification will come from the ‘ר’ of ד ר קשמ , as קשמרד and they, will be
    reunited with Yerushalayim.
    When the Gemara doesn’t reach a conclusion it says ‘ וקית ‘ , meaning Eliyahu
    Hanavi will answer all the questions on Jewish souls by inspiring them to teshuvah.
    The word וקית with the יולימ, meaning each letter is spelled out, ת is וית, י is דוי ,ק
    is ק ו ף , ו is ויו ; is Gematria ד ר קשמ , they both equal 644.
    Yerushalayim will spread to Damesek. Therefore “ רי הנוב ו ה םילש ‘ ,” Hashem will
    build Yerushalayim, is Gematria קשמד םרא; they both equal 685.
    In the Gemara, Meseches Sanhedrin, the ‘Dorshei Reshumos’ reckon all those
    that the Mishna rejects as having no part in the Olam Habah and from the verses in
    Tehilim, chapter 60, they expound for each one a tikun. On the words “יצחר ריס באומ,”
    they deduce a tikun for Gechazi.
    The words that contain the tikun of Gechazi, “יצחר ריס באומ,” are gematria,
    איבנה והילא , איבנה עשילא , יזחג ; they both equal 627.
    ” רוכז איבנה והילא תא ונל חלשי אוה ןמחרה ונקדצ חישמ אובי ונרשבל והילא ואבי
    ובוט תורושב ונל רשביו בוטל ת תומחנו תועושי ”
    1 (בפ ןירדהנס)
    2 (Zohar)
    3 Zohar & Targum Yonoson Ben Uziel
    4 ב םיכאלמ ‘
    5 פ שיר ןירדהנס הנשמ ‘ קלח
    6 רחאו ערוצמ תשרפ תרוטפה האר י
    7 Vol 6 Page 410
    8 Yalkut
    9 אבר אנ עשוה טויפ
    10 in Targum Yonoson, Parshas Lech Lecha it is also called ד ר קשמ
    11 see שר ” אשת יכ י
    12 כ ” ד :ב תישארב
    13 (Gemarah Bava Basra – Seder Shel Kesuvim; Rambam; Shulchan Aruch.)
    14 Lecha Dodi prayer
    15 Kehilos Yaakov – a kabbalistic sefer
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    20 פ ןירדהנס ‘ קלח
    21 Chaddishei Harim

  3. Yosef benoliel says :

    Hi, This message is actually for R David Portowitz, but, not having his e mail, I’ll place it here for the meantime.
    My name is Yosef Benoliel. Resident of Yerushalayim.
    Twenty years of experience with all types of youth.
    My respect and admiration for the work of the Bet Shemesh Ed Center, and me being an idealist regarding saving our youth, propells me to propose an idea re an avenue for fundraising which I’m pretty sure you havn’t been involved in, yet.
    I’d be glad to sit down and propose an idea (connected to the Syrian Community in Brooklyn-reknown Baale Tzeddaka).
    Also, I was wondering if you would be interested in any voulenterer work on my part; baruch h I ave the time for it, and assisting /saving youth has been the blood that has been running in my veins since quite a while back.
    I’d like to continue working in this area for the sake of Am Yisrael, and I’m sure that after hearing about my successful career with both children and teenagers (Hatzalat Nefahot)you’ll be happy to put me to work.
    Being that I have other offers, please respond ASAP, to
    0527 122 611 (if I’m not available, simply leave a message;I’ll get back to you)
    OK, now let me see how to get in touch with David Portowitz himself.
    But you can forward this to him, in case I don’t.
    Keep up the fantastic work!
    Yosef Benoliel

  4. Yosef benoliel says :

    From R Y Benoliel
    Somehow I can’t seem to locate the e mail address of David Portowitz, and don’t have his phone # either, so, considering that (as I explained above) my passion, as an Idealist ,for saving Youth has me into creative thinking about how to help out with funding (I’m nostranger to the world of Indirect/direct fundraising), which I see you can use, please call me so that we can arrange an appt, with R David.
    You’re doing phenomenal work, and if I can have a chelek in it, it woulkd be my honor.

    Another thing;
    It’s been twenty years now since I’ve been working successfully with all types of teenagers and children requiring older brother informal warmth, love, guidance and that type of listening ear regular staff members may not have the time for.
    I assisted in the establishment of a well known Chinuch Institution , here, in Yerushalayim where, besides teaching, my job was primarily “Older brother Mashpia/address” for each boy and their struggles/world.
    I tend to devote heart and soul so that the boy truly feels how important he is-self image and morale is the key, of course.

    Following my years at that Chinuch Institution I was asked to establish a Youth center for the Youth of Lod- a jungle of a city….where children and teenagers were being destroyed spiritually and emotionally,
    I was responsible for both the budget through a connection I had in Ny, and for the successful running of the Hatzala/kiruv center, the only one of it’s kind in the city.
    It required alot of self sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, but the fruits of our labor were phenomenal.
    It was in lod (apx seven years )hat I discovered what neglected/underpriveleged Israeli youth is really all about and how to capture their hearts .
    Our Outreach Center was a beautiful Success, however when I saw that carrying the ENTIRE finnancial burden on my shoulders alone was too much for me (and interfering with being the Abba for the boys re Kiruv-one to one) i came to the conclusion that it would be best for me to give of myself to an existing organization/Institution.

    I I am currently looking into some ideas,, while sharing what and who I am with you, as well.
    If the above messages could be forwarded to David Portowitz, I’ll appreciate it.
    Continued Hatzlacha!
    Yosef Benoliel
    0527 122 611

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