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Shalom Rabbi Machlis and friends 

This blog is a small way of showing your appreciation, at time where the ways of kindness is what will aid our people more than we realize.

My life was changed and we all know of many others, thanks to your open house on Shabbos /Shabbat and your kind words of inspiration.

Many years ago we were looking for a place to pray and eat for Shabbos morning.

We found our way to your Minyan and prayed with simcha. Then you kindly invited us all back to your house for a meal. The house was overflowing with guests which were all happy to be there. And we enjoyed the food and comfort. You even encouraged people like me to speak and try to inspire us all. I even remember what I spoke about. It was to do with the spiritual connection we can all gain with music and song! A Bridge between the physical and spiritual.

After I was married and living in Jerusalem, my parents came to visit I prayed at the Kotel with my father Shabbos morning.  My father had a beautiful new Tallis (pray shawl) and I asked him where did u get that from, he winked at me and said he just bought it from the Arab Shuk! And my dad winked and carried on praying. Oih vey, my soul cried in me,  its Shabbos and u cant but this then!

Anyhow, we finished praying a great prayer service and my father and I had blessed the jewish people together twice as we are both Kohanim. He turned to Rabbi Machlis and thanked him, while handing the beautiful new Tallis (pray shawl). “Thanks for letting me borrow this for the prayer service” and Good Shabbos Rabbi” as he winked at me again, and we smiled together within. Lol !

This is from the Rabbi’s team which you should support to keep up their important work for us all!

“Thanks for getting in touch, Midnight Rabbi.

Anything you can do to help is great! Perhaps along with a ‘blurb’ you could post this video we made to celebrate 120 Machlis Presents shows:  etc… “
You might ask , why are you sharing this when you have your own causes…
The simple answer is we all have the merit to help each together with kindness, and the more people donate the sooner the world will reach is completion. You can all donate to us all, lol…
Appreciate your concern and support!

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  1. midnightrabbi says :

    The Depth of the Jewish Bond to Eretz Yisroel
    “,וילכו בני מכיר בן מנשה גלעדה וילכדה ויורש את האמרי אשר בה”
    And the children of Machir the
    son of Menashe went to Gilead and conquered it and drove out the Emoriim that inhabited it.
    Why did the children of Machir conquer Gilead rather than Moshe Rabbeinu during the conquest
    of Sichon and Og?
    The verse continues, ” ” and Moshe gave Gilead to [the מנשה בן למכיר הגלעד את משה ויתן,
    family of] Machir the son of Menashe. We must understand this since Moshe Rabbeinu generally
    designated land only for Shevatim (tribes) Reuven, Gad and half the tribe of Menashe, not for
    individuals. Why was Machir an exception, that Moshe assigned land to his individual family?
    At the end of Parshas Masei, the leaders of the Family of Machir requested that the
    daughters of Tzelafchad shouldn’t marry out of the tribe, because if they do the land they
    inherited from their father would go to their husbands [which would be from a different tribe],
    and the portion of Shevat Menashe would be diminished. This must also be understood. What
    were they so concerned about, since likewise, the men of Menashe could marry from other tribes
    and enlarge the land of their Shevet?
    “,ותהיינה מחלה תרצה וחגלה ומלכה ונעה בנות צלפחד לבני דדיהן לנשים”
    The verse says that the
    daughters of Tzelafchad married their cousins to show their greatness that they waited forty years
    until they found appropriate spouses, and did not compromise their spiritual stature. We know
    however, that Nadav and Avihu who did not marry because they couldn’t find anyone
    appropriate for themselves were criticized. Why are the daughters of Tzelafchad praised for the
    same thing Nadav and Avihu are censured for?
    We can also ask, in the desert, the Jewish People camped according to their families, so
    the daughters of Tzelafchad were neighbors with their future spouses all along! Didn’t they know
    of them all these forty years?
    We will now explain some concepts upon which the answers to the above questions will
    be based.
    The Origin of Adam and Chavah
    The Hebrew word for ‘woman’ is אשה, because the verse tells us, ” “זאת לקחה מאיש כי,
    was taken from the ” ” – man. Hashem took a rib from Adam and formed it into Chavah. All איש
    the Jewish men are rooted in Adam and all the Jewish women are rooted in Chavah. Just like
    Chavah was originally a part of Adam, so too each woman was a part of her husband and
    through marriage they reunite back to their original status.
    The Hebrew word for man is אדם because he was taken from the אדמה, earth. Adam [the
    first man] was created from the dust of the place of the Mizbe’ach (altar.) Really, all of Eretz
    Yisroel is called Mizbe’ach, as the Gemarah says, “Everyone who is buried in Eretz Yisroel is as
    if they are buried under the Mizbe’ach.” A similar opinion is found in the Medrash which states
    that the head of Adam [where his body started developing from] came from the place of the
    Mizbe’ach [where Eretz Yisroel started developing from], and the rest of his body came from
    different parts of Eretz Yisroel. Either way we look at it, Man was created from the earth of the
    Mizbe’ach and Eretz Yisroel.2
    This leads us to conclude that the place of the Mizbe’ach is the root of all Jewish couples.
    Because Adam [who incorporated all Jewish men] was taken from the Mizbe’ach and Chavah
    [who incorporated all Jewish women] was taken from him. That is why the Gemarah tells us that
    when a couple divorces even the Mizbe’ach sheds tears upon them. The Mizbe’ach, being their
    source of origin, feels the pain of them separating most acutely.

    Yovel – Everything is Drawn to its Roots
    There is a law in nature: Everything must return to its original roots. This is a theme oft
    repeated in Koheles, like the verse says, ” ” , To the place ללכת שבים הם שם הולכים שהנחלים מקום אל
    where the streams go, there they return. We find this in all of nature; an apple falls to the ground
    because that’s where it came from, fire strives upward because its source is the moon
    . This law
    of return is called Yovel.
    A man once came to the Satmar Rav Zt”l and asked the Rav to choose between two
    equally promising marriage suggestions. The Rav told him, “In today’s generation there is no
    one who can tell you who your destined is. Therefore, I advise you to choose the one that appeals
    to your heart most.” A person is naturally inclined toward his roots.
    Since the origin of the Jewish People is Eretz Yisroel, there is a natural feeling of deep
    longing for her. Why are there some Jews who don’t feel this longing? This is because their
    negative actions built a separation between them and their roots.
    The Sefer Chareidim writes:
    “צריך כל איש ישראל לחבב את ארץ ישראל, ולבוא אליה מאפסי ארץ בתשוקה גדולה, כבן אל חיק אמו.”
    “Every Jewish person must love Eretz Yisroel, and come to her from far away lands with
    a great yearning, like a son to the lap of his mother.”
    Eretz Yisroel and the Jewish Couple
    A Jew upon who it is G-d forbid decreed that he be cut off from his roots, would be cut
    off from his wife and from Eretz Yisroel. That is why Meseches Gittin (the tractate that discusses
    the laws of divorce) begins with a case of someone sending a get (divorce document) from a land
    outside of Eretz Yisroel to his wife in Eretz Yisroel. He is being separated from his wife and
    from Eretz Yisroel his original origin.
    A Sotah (a woman who commits adultery) desecrates the dust from under the Mizbe’ach
    from which her exclusive union with her husband originates. Therefore, ” בקרקע ‘יהי אשר העפר מן
    המשכן יקח הכהן ונתן אל המים”
    , From the earth that is in the floor of the Mishkan the Kohen should
    take and put it into the water [which tests the purity of the Sotah.] Adam and Chavah [the origin
    of all Jewish couples] were created from the earth under the Mizbe’ach; therefore, the dust of the
    Mizbe’ach tests the purity of their relationship. המים אל ונתן is gematria (has the numerical value
    of) וחוה הראשון אדם (they both equal 632), because this water has the earth of their origin mixed
    into it and is capable of testing it.
    The Individual Portion of Each Jew in Eretz Yisroel
    The Torah is written upon all of Eretz Yisroel. Each piece of land in Eretz Yisroel
    corresponds to a part in the Torah.
    Likewise, every Jew is a letter in the Sefer Torah (this was
    mentioned last week) and the piece of land to which he is assigned has the part of the Torah
    which corresponds to him. 3
    The Special Connection between the Daughters of Tzelafchad and Eretz Yisroel
    The daughters of Tzelafchad had a deep love for Eretz Yisroel as they requested ” לנו תנה
    אחזה , ”
    Give us (our father’s) portion in Eretz Yisroel. They descend from Yosef, who had a
    deep affinity for Eretz Yisroel. His love of Eretz Yisroel was so strong, that he requested that his
    remains be transferred there after his death.
    But why did the daughters of Tzelafchad love Eretz
    Yisroel more than the other women of the tribe of Menashe?
    The reason for this was because their connection was more direct than other women since
    they themselves actually had a part in Eretz Yisroel (the part which belonged to their father), and
    they sensed this.
    The Halacha of the Daughters of Tzelafchad Was Hidden From Moshe Rabbeinu
    When the question arose if the Daughters of Tzelafchad inherit their father’s portion in
    Eretz Yisroel being that he had no sons; Moshe Rabbeinu did not know the answer and had to
    ask Hashem. Why?
    The daughters of Tzelafchad yearned for their portion in Eretz Yisroel because they
    originated from it. This yearning to their roots came from the Law of Yovel.
    There are 50 levels of understanding. Yovel is derived from the 50
    level and therefore
    arrives in the 50
    We know that Moshe Rabbeinu reached until the 49
    level of understanding, as our sages
    derive from the verse
    ” , that Moshe Rabbeinu was only missing a little – מאלקים מעט ותחסרהו”
    the 50th level (which he acquired on the last day of his life.) Since this Halacha of inheritance is
    rooted in the 50
    level (Yovel) Moshe Rabbeinu did not know it. Hashem told him, this is what
    is written before me above; this is a Halacha from the very highest levels. ” את משה ויקרב,
    and Moshe bought their judgment [before Hashem,] משפטן is written with a large ן,
    which equals 50, to hint that their judgment was rooted in the 50
    level of understanding.
    The Daughters of Tzelafchad Married Only After They Got Their Inheritance
    Now that we know that a person’s spouse is rooted in Eretz Yisroel, we can understand
    why the daughters of Tzelafchad had to wait for their inheritance in Eretz Yisroel before they
    “,ותקרבנה בנות צלפחד בן חפר” .found their marriage partners
    and the Daughters of Tzelafchad
    came forward [to claim their inheritance in the land] is gematria “המשכן בקרקע ‘יהי אשר העפר,”
    dust that comes from the ground of the Mishkan [the place of the Mizbe’ach,] they both equal
    1773. When the daughters of Tzelafchad acquired their inheritance in Eretz Yisroel, they
    simultaneously found their husbands with whom their original roots were united with in the land
    of Eretz Yisroel (which is considered like the Mizbe’ach, as explained.)
    Moshe Rabbeinu Couldn’t Conquer Gilead
    As stated above, all of the Halachos of the Torah are written on Eretz Yisroel.
    Halachos are engraved upon the land of Gilead?
    Eliyahu Hanavi is called ‘Eliyahu HaGileadi,’ the one that comes from Gilead. The
    persona of Eliyahu Hanavi (as explained in depth last week), is the one who returns every Jew to
    his roots; to his land in Eretz Yisroel, to the original state of his Neshama [before sin], as it
    originated from close to Hashem his heavenly father. 4
    This would suggest that the Halachos of Yovel, the Halachos of the 50
    year of the
    Shemita cycle when all land returns to its previous owner are the halachos engraved on the city
    of Gilead.
    Now we understand why Moshe Rabbeinu couldn’t conquer Gilead. Gilead is Yovel,
    which is the 50
    level of understanding which Moshe Rabbeinu only attained on the last day of
    his life. ” ” , the land of Gilead is gematria ” גלעד ארץ ” , fifty, they both are equal 398. חמשים
    (Parenthetically, this is why Lavan caught up with Yaakov in Gilead after Yaakov
    attempted to run away from him. The Baal Shem Tov explains that Yaakov Avinu emptied
    Lavan’s house of all the sparks of holiness that were in captivity by Lavan who was then the
    head of all the powers of Tumah. However, there still were some holy sparks left which Yaakov
    had not yet managed to extract from his evil father-in-law Lavan. Therefore, Hashem caused
    Lavan to chase after him, and by the [verses in the Torah describing the] exchange of words
    between them the remaining holy sparks were extracted. Knowing that Gilead is a place of
    Yovel, return, we understand why it was specifically there that he was able to extract the last and
    most difficult remaining sparks of holiness and return them to their roots.)
    Eight – a Supernatural phenomenon
    The Maharal says that the number eight is a very significant number in Judaism. This
    world is complete with the number seven. There are seven days to a week, seven continents,
    seven musical notes; everything that connects with the physical world revolves around cycles of
    the number seven. In Olam Habah (the world in the days of Mashiach) however, we exit the
    cycle of seven and arrive at a world which revolves around the number eight.
    This is the significance of Yovel. We have seven years to a Shemita and then seven
    Shemitos. When we finish the seven cycles of seven, which equals 49, we arrive at the beginning
    of the eighth cycle, which is the 50
    year, Yovel.
    The Connection between the Tribe of Menashe and the City of Gilead
    In the travels of the wilderness, the tribe of Menashe was the eighth tribe. They
    correspond to Cheshvan which is the eighth month when counting from Nissan. Cheshvan is the
    month in which the 3rd Temple of the era of Mashiach [a supernatural era], will be
    . מנשה has the same letters as שמנה, [Hebrew word for] eight.
    The tribe of Menashe has a connection to Yovel – the 50
    year which starts a cycle of
    eight after seven cycles of seven, and to Gilead – the land upon which the Halachos of Yovel are
    written on, and to Eliyahu HaGileadi – the Neshama that returns everything to its source. ” בן מכיר
    ” , Machir the son of Menashe, is gematria מנשה י”התשב, a reference to Eliyahu Hanavi (as
    explained last week) they both equal 717.
    The Emori Gentiles that lived in Gilead were the klipah (impure forces that block
    holiness) that covered Gilead, the place where the Torah of Yovel is engraved upon. It was
    Machir from the tribe of Menashe who was able to conquer that klipah which covered it, because
    of the special connection that his tribe has to Yovel.
    How Did the Daughters Of Tzelafchad Understand Something That Moshe Rabbeinu Didn’t?
    On Pesach we celebrate our freedom from Egypt, by drinking wine and eating Matzah.
    We have 3 Matzos corresponding to the 3 Avos (patriarch,) Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov; and
    4 cups of wine corresponding to the 4 Imahos (matriarch). The Matzah (grains) feeds and
    strengthens the intellect. Wine, on the other hand, doesn’t enhance the mind; to the contrary, it 5
    weakens one’s intellectual power. However, it feeds and strengthens one’s emotional faculties,
    one’s intuition.
    In Hebrew, intuition is called ‘Binah.’ Women have a stronger Binah than men. ” את ‘ה ויבן
    ” , and Hashem fashioned the ri הצלע b bone [that he took from Adam into Chavah]. Our sages say
    that this refers to the enhanced intuition, ( ויבן meaning בינה) that Hashem created in Chavah.
    Moshe understood things with pure unbiased intellect. However, intellect is limited when
    it comes to things that are above the human understanding. The daughters of Tzelafchad
    understood with Binah that their father’s inheritance can’t be lost and must be transferred to
    There are seven Sefiros (spiritual powers which are transformed to The Seven Middos –
    character traits by which we function) which Hashem used in creating this world. There are an
    additional three Sefiros which are more heavenly and lofty. Binah, intuition, is the eighth Sefirah
    (the first of the additional three Sefiros), which as explained above refers to the coming world.
    “בני בינה ימי שמונה”
    , (after the miracle of Chanukah) the men of Binah enacted eight days (of
    Chanukah). It also corresponds to Yovel (the eighth cycle). This would bring us to an additional
    explanation as to why the daughters of Tzelafchad understood what Moshe Rabbeinu didn’t,
    because they had a connection to Yovel whereas Moshe did not.
    The Connection of the Tribe of Menashe to Binah – Yovel

    The tribe of Menashe, being the eighth tribe, has a very strong power of Binah. ” בן מכיר
    ” , Yair the son of Menashe is gematria מנשה
    ” , the ones who know with Binah לעתים בינה יודעי”
    how to adjust the calendar (a reference to the sages,) they both equal 717.
    They therefore have a strong connection to Yovel. Yovel is that which brings all the
    Jewish People back to their roots, Eretz Yisroel. Therefore, ” ” , to Machir [son הגלעד את נתתי ולמכיר
    of Menashe,] I gave Gilead, is gematria ” ” , those lost in מצרים בארץ והנדחים אשור בארץ האובדים ובאו
    Assyria, and those cast off in Egypt will come [to Eretz Yisroel,] they both equal 1679. Gilead is
    the vehicle of returning all Jews to Eretz Yisroel.
    Why the Sons of Menashe Insisted That the Daughters of Tzelafchad Don’t Intermarry
    Now we can understand why the tribe of Menashe wanted their territory to remain theirs.
    They intuitively sensed that that each tribe belongs in his own piece of land in Eretz Yisroel
    because each person is rooted in the lot of land to which he was designated. His part in the Torah
    is also engraved there. Menashe felt this more intensely than the other tribes, because he’s rooted
    in (the Sefirah of Binah) Yovel, the law which ensures that each man owns the property he was
    designated to in Eretz Yisroel.
    The Three Weeks and Yovel
    Yovel, the returning of everything to its roots will come to its ultimate expression with
    the coming of Mashiach.
    The three weeks beginning with the 17
    of Tamuz and concluding with the 9
    of Av,
    have a connection to the first three Sefiros which are heavenly. These Sefiros are now hidden
    and will only be revealed with the coming of Mashiach. That is why the Three Weeks are a time
    of melancholy; their spiritual power is, as of now, hidden.
    The Jewish People conquered the Seven Nations of Eretz Yisroel proper. The three
    nations whose land is across the Jordan were never conquered; Edom, Amon and Moav. The 6
    reason why these lands weren’t conquered is because they are from the first three Sefiros that are
    waiting for the days of Mashiach to be revealed, and are presently covered with the klipos of
    Keini, Knizi and Kadmoni.
    Part of these three nations was conquered in the days of Moshe, but their holiness is
    considered inferior to Eretz Yisroel proper as of today. Gilead is part of these lands who’s
    essence is as of yet concealed until the days of Mashiach.
    The tribe of Menashe being the eighth tribe, as mentioned above, has a connection to
    Binah which is from the three Sefiros to be revealed in the days of Mashiach. As mentioned the
    Three Weeks also have a connection to the first three Sefiros. ” ” , the son of Menashe, is מנשה בן
    gematria ” ” , the Three Weeks (they both equa המצרים בין l 447) to symbolize their connection.
    Reading about the Daughters of Tzelafchad – A Consolation for the Three Weeks
    We do not marry in the Three Weeks because they represent the exile of a Jew from his
    roots in Eretz Yisroel as well as the separation from his marriage partner. ” “הים ממדינת גט המביא
    one who bring a divorce from a faraway country, is gematria, ” “השמים בקצה נדחך
    , cast of to the
    ends of the heavens (a reference to exile,) they both are gematria 672 ) ( . התיבות עם
    The topic of the daughters of Tzelafchad is about the returning of every Jew to his roots
    in the land of Eretz Yisroel as well as his spouse. ” ” , one who bring a divorce הים ממדינת גט מביא
    from a faraway country, is gematria ” “אויב מארץ ושבו
    , they will return from the land of their
    enemy (a reference to the redemption,) they both equal 664 ) ( . May we be zocheh to this הכולל עם
    very soon with the coming of Eliyahu HaGileadi.
    יבאו אליהו לבשרנו יבאו משיח צדקנו
    מטות במדבר לב:לט
    מסעי במדבר לו:י”א
    בראשית ב:כג
    גמ’ מס’ סוכה
    במדבר ה:יז
    ס’ ערבי נחל
    בראשית ויחי נ:כה
    רש”י במדבר כז:ה
    תהילים ח:י
    רש”י במדבר כז:ה
    במדבר כז:א
    ס’ ערבי נחל
    בני יששכר חודש חשון
    ראשית רבה יח:א
    זמירות חנוכה
    דברי הימים א יב:לג
    בראשית טו:יט
    גיטין ב .
    דברים ל:ד
    ירמיהו לא7 from Rav Wolfson Shlita

  2. midnightrabbi says :

    & midnight rabbi
    making wedding during the 3 weeks lol …dnightabbi1eligoldsmith.w​ordpress.com/2011/07/27/we​-… i remember after on 10 bAv afternoon a chuppah and meal at Machlis erevShabbos wow http://www.rabbisitorsky.com/

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    “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” – Purim Drunk?

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