Lechaim &asap Seriously, WAKE UP already!

My last time together with Akedus Yitzchok,  with special words for us all to seriously, wake up already with only simchos for the new year ! like theMidnightRabbi Re-wrote the blog with more sad, but peace of mind after seeing a special 19 year old man burried in Bet Shemesh! Every day almost i pass his grave reminded that we need asap to make a change now ! make-a-difference-now

The last thing he said to one of his many friends, is see you soon in Israel, that he did, may all hear only Simchos! (rebbe Simcha Bunim Yahrzeit today!)

This is a Blog to Yitzchak (not allowed to name the family, and encouraged to make blogs that bring more smiles) who will be hugely missed and was an inspiration to us all! May he rest in Peace/Shalom and may the whole family and friends be comforted as mourners of Yisrael!

SERIOUSLY, make a difference!  like bigmike-gondelman-making-a-difference-everyday !

Please help us share awareness and help us make this happen, thanks- https://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/a-short-tribute-to-a-great-cause-bet-shemesh-educational-center/ for the donation its easy, safe and clear! So DONATE!

Donate generously as this brings life !  http://www.jaffainstitute.org/online-donations-to-the-jaffa-institute in the comments write  Eli’s friend

Make a real difference!

As one of my students died in the U.S. and was growing in a scool that couldnt afford to pay me for the last year and a half to be there for him as the  Midnightrabbi inspires! (like this link) I tried to volunteer but was never invited , just like with you , Why?

As you have to donate so we can do our work ! We got to have time for these kids or else ! See all the links choose and donate!

Everything is Divine Providence and have just been reading some books on the tradgedy and miracles of that day 9/11 the same day 10 years later we bury a young man of 19!-  simchos and miss u!
What will the Israeli government do if millions of our cousins decide to march on our borders on September 20? We had better start taking things seriously. Exactly 10 years ago, on September 11, 2001, Hashem gave a wake-up call to our brothers and sisters in the USA to start taking things seriously; unfortunately, few did. After the smoke and the debris settled at Ground Zero, it was business as usual. In Israel, it is no longer business as usual. Our neighbors’ noose is closing around our necks. It’s time to wake up, for who knows how loud the next wakeup call will be. Hashem may He have Mercy! The hebrew date was Elul 23rd, which was already, lets hope 2012 brings simchos! We got to pick us up from the ground together!~

911 Video – Remembering What We  Saw  http://www.nationalterroralert.com/2011/09/10/911-video-%E2%80%93-remembering-what-we-saw/

Interesting articles of unity and miracles http://www.vosizneias.com/39811/2009/10/15/jerusalem-30-palestinians-join-ichud-hatzalah-rescue-service/


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About Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith

Eli Goldsmith aka the Midnightrabbi inspired, is originally from a well-known family, in the music biz and entertainment industry, from London, has transferred his upbringing and talents to be at the cutting edge of culture and Jewish talent hosting events for many programs. He studied in England at John Lyons School Harrow, Woodhouse College and Sussex University! Continuing his education in Israel, Talmudic Law and group council at Ohr Somayach, Kollel Aiza Birah and Kollel Boston, in Derech Hamelech and Rabbi in 6 well-known programs where was named honorably the Midnightrabbi by the beloved students themselves, He has rounded off his outlook with a large breath of wisdom including the "7 habits" from Stephen Covey to become the “10 habits” practical business successful approach. Working as a Consultant in the well-known Charity for 4 years, the Jaffa Institute and sister program the Bet Shemesh Educational Center is where he honed his talents in management and formed a bond with many special people worldwide. Recently working as a Consultant and Office manager of UKA United Kashruth Authority. And as a Counselor at Retorno a REHAB center. Eli was excitedly consulting @Grantwatch.com, Hiko.Energy.com & Campuscasa.com as Customer Service & Sales Executive updating their Social media, @Student Services at MJI Institute. Eli Goldsmith is looking for new opportunities to inspire, alongside performing successfully as a Customer Service Executive at Nu Mark LLC. Eli contributes to HR and training with CX talks and positive professional feedback. Speaking in front of large audiences with confidence and inspiration. Eli is dedicating his spare time to the Future Special Education. This is the key to the root of the issue in Education! Partner with Founder of Unity Inspires Projects aka UPI! Unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com speaker :) Eli G manages Nissim Black to book please email eli@nissimofficial.com thanks :)

14 responses to “Lechaim &asap Seriously, WAKE UP already!”

  1. midnightrabbi says :

    wrote tihs in 5mins no time gotta go and see people mourning, lets wake up help the great causes do there work!

  2. midnightrabbi says :

    Baruch dayan emet Yitzhak Hatzaddick , may his family and all yisrael find comfort and wake up!!!

    Eli Pmusic he learnt a lot of Gemarah in his last years and lit us up with his humour!

    Wake up! Dangers from with in and with out http://midnightrabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/wake-up-an-almost-nuclear-iran/

  3. midnightrabbi says :

    My wife told me about 9/11 we were engaged to be married and we entered our marriage needing to be strong in a time of fear !

    thanks and listen http://www.rabbisitorsky.com/Chumash/Devarim/Kisavo/KiSavo_5767.MP3

  4. midnightrabbi says :

    Terroism seems to be drug problems to ourselves these days

  5. midnightrabbi says :

    Rav Shalom Arush had a bigger smile on his face this
    morning than I’ve seen in the last few weeks. He told Rabbi Nosson Maimon and me that Israel’s 36 hidden tzadikim – several of whom are in contact with Rav Shalom – got together and prayed at the Kotel, the Western Wall and remnant of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem. They succeeded in delaying the decree of imminent war before Rosh Hashana that we spoke about last week.

    Amazingly also, I heard this morning from a reliable source inside the IDF that if any of our diplomats or security personnel would have been harmed this past Shabbat in Cairo, then a war would have broken out between Israel and Egypt. With that in mind, we owe Hashem a tremendous note of gratitude for the prodigious miracle of rescuing the Israeli embassy staff from the thousands of blood-thirsty rioters that broke into the Israeli Embassy in Cairo this past Friday night.

    Rav Shalom says that Hashem’s love for us is beyond anyone’s comprehension; the delay – not cancellation – of the war decree is to enable more people to make teshuva. Just yesterday, Rebbetzen Kanievski said that outreach is the most important mitzva today – we must help others come home to Hashem immedately. People scoff at me when I keep saying there’s not much time; I’ll get no satisfaction from telling someone “I told you so” when he or she can no longer get on the train to redemption.

    Rather than dropping our guard, we must use the next few weeks to spread emuna everywhere and to strengthen ourselves in teshuva and emuna. We all have work to do; Hashem is moving forward in His timetable and things are definitely not business as usual.

    Halacha forbids conjecture about when Moshiach will come. But, Halacha also demands that we prepare ourselves for his immediate arrival. We must all do teshuva anyway before Rosh Hashana, so there’s no time like the present.

    Many people – particularly here in Israel – have written me that deep inside, they’re hoping for an all-out war to get things over with already. I understand their feelings, but with each day, so many people are getting closer to Hashem. Let’s appreciate the fact that everyone is getting another chance, for the more we come coser to Hashem, the more tremendous miracles we’ll see in the coming war, which Iran, Turkey, and Hizbulla are just itching to start.

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