Now B4 New Year becomes old! FRIENDS Donate Now 4the Ethiopian Bar Mitzvot Asap!

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Great new picture collages Bar Mitzva collage- general Bar Mitzva- collage08  from past Bar Mitzvot the kids are loosing out until now, donate now and make this happen!

2012 awaits, we are still here, & big things are going on here and above . A great Month is here for us all to get ready for the new year! Make a difference with kindness!

Please help us share awareness and help us make this happen, thanks--short-tribute-to-a-great-cause-bet-shemesh-educational-center/ for the donation its easy, safe and clear! So DONATE before the new year begins so we can make the Ethiopian Barmitzvot asap!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011  

Bet Shemesh is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged boys
and helping them reach their full potential.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” –

Maimonides (the Rambam z’l)

Please watch our latest video and read our letter below and respond kindly …

This is a short tribute for a Great Cause and there founders-

Dr. David J. Portowicz – Chairman
Dr. David J. Portowicz - ChairmanDr. David J. Portowicz co-founded the Jaffa Institute in 1982 and orchestrated it’s merger with the Bet Shemesh Educational and Residential Center in 1986. Prior to establishing the Jaffa Institute, Dr. Portowicz, an American-born rabbi with a Ph.D. in social work, was the director of the Jewish Community Center of Jaffa. Today, he is acting Chairman of the Jaffa Institute and the Bet Shemesh Center, and lecturer in the School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University; a post he has occupied for over thirty years. “Students here are given the chance, for the first time in their lives, to be part a nurturing community. The best way to help these children is to say ‘you are our son, you are our family'”.

Rabbi Avi Burstein – Founder
Rav Yemin Akrish- Rosh YeshivaRabbi Avi Burstein founded the Bet Shemesh Educational and Residential Center over 20 years ago. From the beginning, his vision was to provide beyond a standard education. He created a supportive boarding school for 10 at-risk boys, which, over the years, grew to be a warm home with a nurturing family of over 300 students per year. “Hundreds of graduates still have a strong connection to the Center; they are the proof that we are one big family. I dream and pray that this educational center will continue to support and advance hundreds of students for many years to come.”

                                                                                    Dear kind friends this just one of the causes i want you to help…

I (eli goldsmith) work for the Jaffa Institute We have over 30 programs helping 4,000 Israeli citizens a year, if you cannot come to volunteer in Israel short/long-term then you can still connect from home! We have had groups make challahs, sell them at shul and donate the proceeds to our Food programs. There have been Mother’s Day sales for our parenting program, garage sales to adopt a kid, fashion shows conducted to adopt an at-risk teenager at our girls hostel, fun packs sent with notes in Hebrew, walks organized for the Jaffa Institute’s after-school programs and more. It is all up to your group and their interests.

The Jaffa Institute is also currently funding the Bar Mitzvah’s of 28 Ethiopian Immigrant children this summer at its sister organization that it founded, Bet Shemesh . A Bar Mitzvah costs$944/child and includes the ceremony, a new pair of tefilin, a breakfast for them and their families and an educational field trip. It would be amazing if you or anyone you know could sponsor a child and give them a really special day! Be in touch about this mitzvah opportunity and read below how to make a difference now!

I look forward to being in touch.

Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith
Israel 00972-57-317-5856
U.S. line  718-705-7395

P.S. Thank G-d we have managed to raise 5000$ with some smaller donations on the way for a cause that breaks our hearts until it is filled.
Imagine not having ability to get married, or in this case to have a Bar Mitzvah,  28 children await your kindness to correct that now!
 Join us: and donate generously after reading below write in comments eli’s friends …

And join our new blogs with some creative contribution to help us all be inspired !
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Please send an email with your blog post –

e.g. for your band music, vids, poems, news, views, umuse…

Please read some of our other blogs on and realise we still need 23,000$ to go , every donation will help! –

Make a real difference!


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About Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith

Eli Goldsmith aka the Midnightrabbi inspired, is originally from a well-known family, in the music biz and entertainment industry, from London, has transferred his upbringing and talents to be at the cutting edge of culture and Jewish talent hosting events for many programs. He studied in England at John Lyons School Harrow, Woodhouse College and Sussex University! Continuing his education in Israel, Talmudic Law and group council at Ohr Somayach, Kollel Aiza Birah and Kollel Boston, in Derech Hamelech and Rabbi in 6 well-known programs where was named honorably the Midnightrabbi by the beloved students themselves, He has rounded off his outlook with a large breath of wisdom including the "7 habits" from Stephen Covey to become the “10 habits” practical business successful approach. Working as a Consultant in the well-known Charity for 4 years, the Jaffa Institute and sister program the Bet Shemesh Educational Center is where he honed his talents in management and formed a bond with many special people worldwide. Recently working as a Consultant and Office manager of UKA United Kashruth Authority. And as a Counselor at Retorno a REHAB center. Eli was excitedly consulting, & as Customer Service & Sales Executive updating their Social media, @Student Services at MJI Institute. Eli Goldsmith is looking for new opportunities to inspire, alongside performing successfully as a Customer Service Executive at Nu Mark LLC. Eli contributes to HR and training with CX talks and positive professional feedback. Speaking in front of large audiences with confidence and inspiration. Eli is dedicating his spare time to the Future Special Education. This is the key to the root of the issue in Education! Partner with Founder of Unity Inspires Projects aka UPI! speaker :) Eli G manages Nissim Black to book please email thanks :)

4 responses to “Now B4 New Year becomes old! FRIENDS Donate Now 4the Ethiopian Bar Mitzvot Asap!”

  1. midnightrabbi says :

    get ready and do charity On Rosh Hashana, all of creation passes before Hashem, the supreme and sole Monarch of the Universe, who personally sits in judgment in the awesome trial that determines our fate for the coming year.
    The Talmud also teaches that a Heavenly court judges the world in general and each person in particular, every single day. All court decisions must receive the final approval of The Almighty, who is much more merciful and compassionate than the court is. Frequently, G-d delays the implementation of an unfavorable decision against a person, to give that person an opportunity for self-evaluation.
    When a person mends his or her ways, G-d cancels the verdict altogether. Double jeopardy is illegal in the Heavenly court. Therefore, when a person admits guilt after self-evaluation, he or she has in effect conducted his or her own mental courtroom. The heavenly court is no longer allowed to try the case. If the court has already tried the person, but has not yet activated the sentence, then the sentence is nullified.
    If a person makes no change in the behavior that led to a guilty verdict, then the spiritual sentencing manifests itself in some type of affliction in this world. The resulting suffering from a person’s own deeds is therefore self-induced.
    Don’t wait until until the fateful trial of Rosh Hashana – judge yourself before the Heavenly court judges you! The minute a person begins to evaluate him/herself, G-d sends an urgent message that forbids the Heavenly court from passing judgment on the self-evaluator. Again, The Almighty prohibits double jeopardy. When a person judges him/herself truthfully, the Heavenly court is not allowed to touch the case.
    Once a person decides to improve in some way, two things happen: One, The Almighty grants the person’s decision the validity of a Heavenly court decision. Two, all punishment is cancelled. As soon as a person decides to improve – even if the decision hasn’t been fully implemented – G-d no longer needs to use punitive stimuli to stimulate that person’s improvement. Also, The Almighty takes keen interest in a person’s self-evaluation, and always listens when a person judges him/herself.
    During the month of Elul, even the last day before Rosh Hashana, Hashem is very lenient and forgiving. The Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed and saintly memory used to say that in Elul, Hashem resembles a king who visits his subjects in their villages; out in the field, anyone can approach the King. But, in Tishrei – from Rosh Hashana until the end of the judgment days on Shmini Atzeres, Hashem resembles a King on His throne; it’s not so simple to visit the King in His palace when He sits on His throne. Also, on Rosh Hashana, Hashem judges all of creation, and the trial is much more serious.
    Don’t wait for the fateful trial on Rosh Hashana. Now’s the time to judge yourself, taking stock of the things you want to avoid doing in the future and identifying those areas in your observance of Hashem’s commandments where you’d like to improve. You’ll be doing yourself the favor of your life.
    In an earthly court with human judges, when an accused person pleads guilty, he or she gets the book thrown at them. In the Heavenly court, the opposite is true – when one confesses and pleads guilty, yet sincerely asks for forgiveness, one is not only pardoned, but granted a joyous and sweet New Year!

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