Shyne and a Rebbe share in common a want to free Gilad Shalit!

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Shyne singing for Gilad Shalit and Justice for Jonathan Pollard freedom with Matisyahu, 2011.
Also my Rebbe on Rosh Hashanah in the new year before blowing the shofar  said “the importance of praying for Gilad Shalit our holy people to be truly free! Especially during the shofar blows”, and now through charity bring there freedom!
Intersting quote i just found on JC newspaper  “In 2000, as his trial loomed and he feared that the album, Shyne, would be shelved due to negative publicity, he declared to God: “You know what? You know how much I love women, I’m going to be shomer habris [refrain from all sexual activity unless married] until this record comes out.”As he talks, there is a sense that while he has left behind the gangsta lifestyle that characterised his teenage years, spent partly with his mother and partly in care, he relates to God in the same way he related to his allies on the streets – with a you-watch-my-back-I’ll-watch-yours understanding. As far as he is concerned, he became religious in prison and as a result, rather than finding he was a disgraced former star upon his release, he found the music world ready to take him back. He considers it a “miracle reward” for his spirituality that Def Jam Recordings signed him, and thinks that he needs to carry on being observant to ensure continued success. “Everything I hold today is pragmatic. Everything I’ve done on a basic level of Judaism got me so far – wouldn’t it make sense to do even more because I want more?” he says.How will Shyne’s new identity play itself out in his music? His new raps, which he previewed during our interview, are thoughtful and emotive, many of them predictably about his feelings during his conviction and prison stint. He looks back on his debut album as reflecting a lifetime of “pain and anger”, his second album, Godfather Buried Alive, as “a little more intellectual and a little more sophisticated, explaining why I’m angry”, and thinks that his two forthcoming albums, Messiah and Gangland de-glamorise gangster life. But he stresses: “I don’t make preachy records.”He will not make religion a dominant theme in his lyrics, but he expects some Jerusalem experiences to creep in and his Chasidic attire to become a familiar sight on stage.”There’s a girl by the name of Lady Gaga and she’s the number one pop artist in the world and she wears outfits that are stitched together with meat,” he says, reasoning that if her fans are OK with her unusual look, his fans will be OK with his.

Our prayers and wants for unified good become reality!

Singalong enjoy my latest songs- enjoy some tunes po<-!


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Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith, is originally from a well-known family, in the music biz and entertainment industry, from London, has transferred his upbringing and talents to be at the cutting edge of culture and Jewish talent hosting events for many programs. He studied in England at John Lyons School Harrow, Woodhouse College and Sussex University! Continuing his education in Israel, Talmudic Law and group council at Ohr Somayach, Kollel Aiza Birah and Kollel Boston, in Derech Hamelech and Rabbi in 6 well known programs where was named honorably the Midnightrabbi by the beloved students themselves, He has rounded off his outlook with a large breath of wisdom including the "7 habits" from Stephen Covey to become the “10 habits” practical business successful approach. Working as a Consultant in the well-known Charity these past 4 years, the Jaffa Institute and sister program the Bet Shemesh Educational Center is where he honed his talents as office management and consultancy and formed his special bond with many special people worldwide. Recently working as a Consultant and Office manager of UKA United Kashruth Authority with professionalism and Kosher Certification! And as a Counselor at Retorno the LARGEST JEWISH DRUG REHAB center in the world. Eli was excitedly consulting, and as Customer Service and Sales Executive updating their Social media and @Student Services at MJI Institute. Eli Goldsmith is currently looking for new opportunities to inspire, alongside performing successfully as a Customer Service Executive at Nu Mark LLC. Please contact Eli Goldshmit who is dedicating his time to the Future of Special Education. This is the key to the root of the issue in Education in our time! Donate - and email Eli - ! Eli Goldsmith is currently looking for new opportunities to inspire. Founder of UPI - Unity Inspires Projects Eli is near Jerusalem with his wife and 6 beautiful children. Contact 972-53-317-5856 Email -

4 responses to “Shyne and a Rebbe share in common a want to free Gilad Shalit!”

  1. midnightrabbi says :

    Thank G-d he is now free Gilad Shalit on the Ashupizin of Yosef Hatzaddick, to reveal that all jews are prescious to Hashem and our prayers our heard!

  2. midnightrabbi says :

    There is no direct connection with shyne and rebbe other than they both want gilad free and now he is unity of good of all yisrael was achieved , may we share more good news togehter !

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