Getting ready for Chanukah with Matisyahu!

  • Dear Matisyahu . Miracles it is ! This is what Rav Wolfson ended off his Shabbos inspirations with” The entire Jewish
    People, including Matisyahu, the neshama of Chanukah, that lights up in the realms of the
    kelipah, and Mashiach, that will transform the entire world to be openly under the Kingdom of
    Hashem are within him! ו חודChodesh Kislev  is gematria אחד ושמו אחד ‘ה יהיה, (they both equal 434). This is a very
    favorable month for the coming of Mashiach. As in the days of Matisyahu, may we merit the
    revelation of the Or Haganuz, the light of King Mashiach;

  • The Question is , is the Matisyahu today doing the same Moshiach type tikkun as Matisyahu in the times of Chanukah? I pray we know soon , Moshaich now!

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4 responses to “Getting ready for Chanukah with Matisyahu!”

    • midnightrabbi says :

      The Holiness Inherent In the ‘Migdanos’, (Delicious Fruit) That Eliezer Brought
      Eliezer bought delicacies prepared from the fruits of Eretz Yisroel, which the verse
      refers to as ‘Migdanos’. These were prepared in utmost holiness.
      When Lavan and his mother ate from them they were infused with holiness. They
      understood things they could have never understood otherwise.
      Lavan, who ended up being Bilam
      , the famous magician, realized then that the holy
      Migdanos will release from him sparks of holiness that will one day be the matriarchs of the
      Jewish People. Rachel, Leah, Bilah, and Zilpah were his daughters. The entire Jewish
      People, including Matisyahu, the neshama of Chanukah, that lights up in the realms of the
      kelipah, and Mashiach, that will transform the entire world to be openly under the Kingdom of
      Hashem are within him!
      He regretted having agreed to allow his sister out of his domain! He therefore changed
      his mind and now wished to keep her with him, under the domain of the kelipos.
      The ‘Migdanos’, were filled with the Light of Chanukah
      The Migdanos had the task of lighting the sparks of holiness that were trapped in
      Lavan, which would be released in his daughters. The Chanukah candles are placed beneath
      ten handbreadths, the place of the kelipos, where the Shechina does not usually descend to.
      They, too, light up the dark.
      ” , ‘and he gave Migdanos’, is gematria, ” נתן ומגדנת” ” , ‘within ten עשרה בתוך
      [handbreadths]’ where the Chanukah candles are placed (they both equal 1003). Both the
      Chanukah candles and the Migdanos light up sparks that were trapped in the place of the

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