Bd’H Vizhnitzer Rebbe, HaRav Moshe Yehoshua Hager ZATZAL Bnei Barak!

The generation of Tzaddikim pass on Bd’H but they leave us with  a fire to go on!

Midnightrabbi regrets to inform you of the Petira of the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, HaRav Moshe Yehoshua Hager ZATZAL, just a few moments ago, at the age of 95. The family and close Chassidim were gathered around the Rebbes bedside as they recited Viduy and Krias Shema, and shortly after finishing, the Rebbe returned his Neshama to the Ribono Shel Olam.

The Rebbe was born in Romenia in 1916, to his father, the previous Rebbe, the holy Imrei Chaim. He is survived by his brother, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Monsey, and his sons Rav Yisroel, Rav Mendel, and daughters who are married to Rav Menachem Ernster (Rosh Yeshiva of the Vizhnitzer Yeshiva in Bnei Brak), the Satmar Rebbe from Kiryas Yoel, the Belzer Rebbe, and the Rebbitzen of the Skver Rebbe (New Square).

Rav Yisroel Hager has been leading the Bnei Brak Chassidus since the Rebbe became unwell in recent years, while his son Rav Mendel Hager was appointed at the Av Beis Din of the Chassidus. מרכז חסידי ויזניץ

Not by chance that the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, HaRav Moshe Yehoshua Hager ZATZAL Bnei Barak passed away 20th Adar as the Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk left this world on 21 Adar 5547 (1787) at
the age of seventy. It is said that before his passing, Eliyahu HaNavi paid
him a visit. Rebbe Elimelech asked the prophet to invite the holy Avos to see
him. hey all came except David HaMelech, who refused to come. He said
he felt slighted because “the Rebbe did not honor me and he did honor my
meal, the seudah of melaveh malkah, which escorts out the Shabbos Queen.
herefore I do not wish to come.” Rebbe Elimelech promised David
HaMelech that he would command his children and offspring to guard the
path of Hashem and to honor the seudah of melaveh malkah as well. Upon
hearing the Rebbe’s promise, David HaMelech consented to come and visit
Rebbe Elimelech.
here are stories of Rebbe Elimelech  that demonstrate
how he valued the importance of the melaveh malkah meal. In fact, Rebbe
Elimelech passed down to us a segulah for an easy childbirth — to eat every
motza’ei Shabbos in honor of the melaveh malkah meal.
It is a tradition passed down from several Torah scholars and  yirei
Shamayim that the holy Rebbe Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk promised that
anyone who visited his grave site would be saved and attain salvation just as
when the Rebbe was alive. he holy Rebbe Reb Meir of Premishlan used to
say: “Whosoever wishes to really and truly obtain the fear of Heaven should
go to the tzion (grave site) of the Rebbe Reb Melech of Lizhensk and pray
there, and then his words will bear fruit.”
Rebbe Mendel of Rimanov said
that one who visits the grave site of Rebbe Elimelech will be inspired to repent.
Furthermore, that individual will not die without having repented.
his is why so many people travel to his grave every year on the day of his
hillulah, his yahrtzeit, the twenty-first of Adar. Reb Shlomo of Radomsk was
one of those who made an annual pilgrimage to Lizhensk on Rebbe
Elimelech’s yahrtzeit,
and Reb Aharon of Cracow, the son of the author of
Ma’or VaShemesh, related the following story about a visit be made with his
father to the Rebbe’s tzion:
“Once, my father and I traveled to the tzion in Lizhensk. Reb Kalonymous, the Ma’or VaShemesh, asked his family and followers to allow him to
enter the building that housed Rebbe Elimelech’s grave alone; no one was
allowed to enter while he was in there. Of course they consented, and he entered alone while his followers and family, including Reb Aharon of Cracow,
remained outside.
“Once he entered, he closed the door behind him from inside. He stayed
inside for a very long time. His family grew worried because they knew that
his custom was not to tarry so long. hey feared that something had hap-32 / MiPeninei Noam Elimelech
pened to him. hey broke down the door and entered and found Reb Kalonymous lying prostrate on the grave of Rebbe Elimelech. hey attempted to
revive him and after several strong attempts finally succeeded in doing so.
When he regained consciousness, the Rebbe was agitated. ‘What have you
done to me!’ he exclaimed. ‘If you had allowed me to lie here just a few minutes longer I would have gone straight into Gan Eden together with the
Rebbe [Elimelech]!’ ” he Rebbe of Radomsk later added a low fence surrounding the grave, which would prevent anyone from doing the same.”
After Rebbe Elimelech’s passing, people asked Rebbe Elimelech’s son Reb
Elazar what his father had left over as a will and testimony. He answered
them: “If you wish to read my father’s last will and testament, then you
should study the sefer Noam Elimelech. For twenty-two years before his passing he taught and said the things found in this sefer, and I know that each
day he was testifying before the day of his death.”
Noam Elimelech is held to be a very deep and holy sefer; some say that the
physical sefer itself is holy and can be used as a segulah. If a woman places the
first edition of sefer Noam Elimelech in her bed during childbirth, she’ll have
an easy delivery!From simchas to mourning , the cycle of life continues! mamesh lives on !

Yisroel ben Eliezer
The Baal Shem Tov
Yaakov Koppel Chosid
(disciple of theBaal Shem Tov)
Menachem Mendel Hager ofKosov
Ahavas Shalom
Chaim Hager ofKosov
Toras Chaim
Yaakov Shimshon Hager ofKosov
Yosef Alter Hager
of Radovitz
(1820?-1879)(grandson-in-law of Moshe Zvi of Savran)
Menachem Mendel Hager,
1st Rebbe of Vizhnitz
Tzemach Tzadik
(1830-1884) (son in law of Yisroel of Ruzhin)
Boruch Hager
2nd Rebbe of Vizhnitz
Imrei Boruch
Yisroel Hager
3rd Rebbe of Vizhnitz
Ahavas Yisroel
Israel Hager of Vizhnitz.jpg
Chaim Hager of Ottynia
Tal Chaim
Moshe Hager ofShatz
Shmuel Avrohom Abo Hager ofHorodenka
Yitschok Yaakov Dovid Hager
Pinchos Hager ofBorsha
Menachem Mendl Hager
Rov ofVisheve
Chaim Meir Hager
4th Rebbe of Vizhnitz
Imrei Chaim
Eliezer Hager
Damesek Eliezer
Baruch Hager
Vizhnitz Rebbe in Seret and Haifa
Mekor Baruch
Israel Shalom Joseph Hager
Rebbe ofStanisławów
Menachem Mendel Hager
Rebbe ofOttynia
Moshe Yehoshua Hager
5th Rebbe of Vizhnitz,Bnei Brak
Mordechai Hager
Rebbe of Vizhnitz-Monsey
Eliezer Hager
Rebbe of Seret-Vizhnitz inHaifa
Moshe Hager, previous Rosh Yeshivah of Seret-Vizhnitz

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