Ari Lesser – more than a M.C.!

#‎bringbackarinow‬ – please all our brothers come home.
We hope to hear only great news  But you need to help us host Ari Lesser in the new Jewish year (End of 2014) by sponsoring our shows, email
We hope with your support, Email here now for Ari Lesser 5775 to perform in the holy land together with everyone home!  ‪#‎inspired‬

So happy to get ready for Shemitah 5775 after Shavous 2014 with Ari this year in top form 🙂 

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  • Ari LesserAri Lesser 3 days ago (a year ago)

    Bamidbar -36 is set off by two upside-down נ. In the Gemara (Shabbos 115b-116a) according to Rebbi, those 85 letters are considered a separate book of the Torah. That means that what we call Bamidbar is actually three books (everything before those verses, the verses themselves, and everything after). Therefore there are a total of seven books of the Torah. This is also alluded to in Mishlei 9:1.

    • Eli Goldsmith

      This is a deep foundation as right now we are in the 4th connected to netsach and soon will be flying through yesod and hod , these 3 1st parshaos of bamidbar are connected to the song Menucha, vsimcha, light to the yehudim, keep shinning bro , and back to the holy land with the 7th book of Devarim Malchuis dkedusha love the song bro midnightrabbi inspired <-:)

Great work and sensitivity to the time we’re in, as on our way to Shavuot together the ultimate wedding!

Real big respect and kiddush Hashem from success to success 😀

ari lesser's wedding mazel tovMazel Tov Ari Lesser and family on your wedding!

All the blessings in the Torah and beyond, amen! Here’s my marriage blog with what not to do<- lol, and keep smiling , this is the key to the heart of every soul!

Good work Ari Lesser! Really love this song and miss my #grandma too.
Please G-d #mothersday2014 with #nachus.
Everyday is with #appreciation and #inspiredparenting 😀

Ari Lesser “I’m featured in Lipa Schmeltzer’s brand new Purim video… You got to watch the whole thing I don’t come in until the end…” – Lipa Schmeltzer is nuts a real #purimyid, and Ari Lesser this is the best collaboration yet, only good news and much success great presents for life and a #freilichinpurim, Midnightrabbi inspired & sending this to my wife D: !  Purim Someach!!

Let’s warm up this winter with highlights for Purim 2014 and from the yeshiva band playing last summer’s annual klezmer festival.

YTD Presents: Ari Lesser and the Kabbalah Dream Orchestra <-

#Happy Midnightrabbi inspiresd year! Please email inspired and worthy cause for our#needyboys and #fortunate all bring Ari to the holy land for some much needed show! Again contact<- 00972573175856, we welcome sponsors to bring Ari here again!!!

Ari Lesser in Safed inspiring many groups for the new year and album<- for a glimpse of vids and pics, Midnightrabbi Living inspired! Ari Lesser in Safed Wadi, “DAWN” and shout to the midnightrabbi & the fortunate ones on their way home! And more… click here for pics and vids <-  

It was Rosh Chodesh Elul, we start adding Psalm 27 to the end of our prayers. Here’s Ari Lesser’s rhymed remake King David’s classic:

Check out Ari’s new disk: Elul 2013 -> Tzfat Reggae, by Ari The MC 17 tracks, fresh from the Holy land, recorded and produced in Tzfat Israel… Enjoy! Happy new year all! Great seeing u Wednesday Ari in the holy city of Safed Midnightrabbi inspiresd with Ari Lesser 😀

For a show bs’d from the man Ari Lesser for the new year in the

holy land contact<-

The Comfort of our people is that we are always One! Love Story Is A Comfort- True TuB’Av Inspiration!

Eli Goldsmith Remember Ari and friends when Moshiach comes soon, these days will be turned to the most happy days of the year, see u soon in the holy land. The Gemara says blue is to reminds us of the sky, which reminds us of the Throne of Glory, this is to make people truly happy and aware of the ultimate Goodness 🙂

Ari Lesser <-> inspires us with his latest new vid, and he told me personally just yesterday that a new Purim vid is HERE! wHAT DO U SAY? as more recordings and live shows are on the way, even one with the Moshav band!“The four holy cities” 

Latest Chanukah present from Ari , Ari Lesser shared a link. Sunday Chanukah 5773!

Hey Rabbi, I wanted to wish you and your family a happy Hanukkah! Stay in touch.Shalom from Chutz L’Aretz
See lyrics below in comments!
New tracks all the good ->

Ari Lesser the M.C. Accapella to buy a copy or book a show  please call 0(0972)507083026. (0)12164104259 

Introducing Ari Lesser … people are talking about this great talent that is in the holy land bringing us love, talent and inspiration… I got to see first hand that its all true, unity and love… A Midnightrabbi inspiredmeeting thank G-d…

Check out the latest live show in Bet Shemesh and Sfas of Ari Lesser and band!

Religious Views HaShem is God, HaShem is One

Happy pesach

Favorite Quotations “Focus on whats there, not on what there wasn’t. What happens happens, and what doesn’t happen doesnt.” -Ari”You can fool some people some times, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” -Bob Marley”Come mothers and fathers throughout the land, and don’t criticize what you can’t understand, your sons and your daughters are beyond your command, your old road is rapidly aging, please get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand, for the times they are a changing.” -Bob Dylan

“I’ll give you all I got to give, if you say you love me too. I may not have alot to give, but what I got I’ll give to you. Cause I don’t care to much for money, money can’t buy me love.” -Beatles

Love this song – Miriam , a school is going to use it for their coming big production!

from Old School by Ari The MC

Check out my fav.Title: Great time to bring u all together at the Seder 2012 with The Ten Plagues
Artist: Ari Lesser    +55 songs
Genre: HipHop : Battles/Disses
More to come please G-d , stay tuned and  lets pray for a  hiphoprevolution and more lol …!

There’s loads more video’s of the show on line @<-click here!

Midnightrabbi inspires said “This great post and program “The Fortunate ones” motivated me to post my latest class , spread the love and truth with success and blessings Click here -> midnightrabbi-musicmystic, for the full audio post! New midnightrabbi-music-mystic blog Click here -> Friends of midnightrabbi wants us to share this thanks”


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About Midnightrabbi inspired aka Eli Goldsmith

Eli Goldsmith aka the Midnightrabbi inspired, is originally from a well-known family, in the music biz and entertainment industry, from London, has transferred his upbringing and talents to be at the cutting edge of culture and Jewish talent hosting events for many programs. He studied in England at John Lyons School Harrow, Woodhouse College and Sussex University! Continuing his education in Israel, Talmudic Law and group council at Ohr Somayach, Kollel Aiza Birah and Kollel Boston, in Derech Hamelech and Rabbi in 6 well-known programs where was named honorably the Midnightrabbi by the beloved students themselves, He has rounded off his outlook with a large breath of wisdom including the "7 habits" from Stephen Covey to become the “10 habits” practical business successful approach. Working as a Consultant in the well-known Charity for 4 years, the Jaffa Institute and sister program the Bet Shemesh Educational Center is where he honed his talents in management and formed a bond with many special people worldwide. Recently working as a Consultant and Office manager of UKA United Kashruth Authority. And as a Counselor at Retorno a REHAB center. Eli was excitedly consulting, & as Customer Service & Sales Executive updating their Social media, @Student Services at MJI Institute. Eli Goldsmith is looking for new opportunities to inspire, alongside performing successfully as a Customer Service Executive at Nu Mark LLC. Eli contributes to HR and training with CX talks and positive professional feedback. Speaking in front of large audiences with confidence and inspiration. Eli is dedicating his spare time to the Future Special Education. This is the key to the root of the issue in Education! Partner with Founder of Unity Inspires Projects aka UPI! speaker :) Eli G consults with many artists and businesses to success! Look forward to hear from you for dedicated work together!

53 responses to “Ari Lesser – more than a M.C.!”

  1. midnightrabbi says :

    Happy Pesach and like our theMidnightRabbi page …

    Download at NO COST – click Here

    A Time of Techiyas HaMeisim – The Reviving of the Lifeless

    On the first day of Pesach we replace the phrase, “Who makes the wind blow and the rain fall,” with the phrase, “Who makes the dew descend.”
    In the future, Hashem will revive the lifeless with a ‘Dew of Revival.’ In the phrase, “Who makes the dew descend,” we also refer to this ‘Dew of Revival.’

    During the month of Nissan, the world becomes alive. The landscape was covered in the white burial-shrouds of snow all winter long. The unknowing would have assumed that the tree had died when the last dry, brown, crumbling leaf fell to the ground.
    Suddenly, with the coming of Nissan, nature awakens from its death slumber. A Dew of Revival descends; brilliant pink, purple, yellow, blue and red tulips peek up from beneath their brown blankets, and vegetation begins to sprout once again.

    Nature cries out to man: We are coming alive! It is your task to join us! An evil person is termed dead even in his lifetime. You need not remain lifeless! You, too, can awaken under the effects of the Dew of Revival! Renew yourself in the service of Hashem!

    Source: Excerpted from written English translation of the Parshas Vayikra Shalosh Seudos Torah 5772

  2. midnightrabbi says :

    Reblogged this on midnightrabbi inspires! and commented:

    Great hosting Ari , new songs soon too come… and shows, you can be apart of this …
    Ben from @gutman locks, thanks…
    Ben is a very nice teen from America. I was surprised that he knew the beginning of the blessing that we say before doing a mitzvah. I asked him if he had ever put on tefillin. He had never even seen them before. “So how did you know that much of the blessing?” I asked.

    He said that he learned it in shul (synagogue). “How can you go to shul and never have seen tefillin?” I asked.

    I told him how to pray for his family, and sent him to the Kotel. As soon as he began, he started to cry. He stood there some 5 minutes praying for his loved ones, and crying.

    What a waste for this boy not to have been introduced to tefillin before, and thank G-d that someone was there to help him when he came to the Kotel. He was so ready.

    The Jewish soul that resides within and enlivens each of us, can sit there an entire lifetime without ever showing itself to the Jew! Then, thank G-d, something can happen that sends the Jew on his lifelong journey, searching for his own Being.


    Send Your Mother a Present

    Michael is visiting from America. His Hebrew name is Tzvi. Tzvi’s mother just passed away. He cried when he told me. He loved her very much. He had never put on tefillin before, but when I was putting them on his arm he said, “Seven times.”

    I asked, “If you have never put tefillin on before, how did you know to wrap them 7 times around your arm.”

    He said, “I’m a Jew, aren’t I!” As if to say, doesn’t every Jew know such a basic thing as this!

    I explained to him why he should put them on regularly, and do other mitzvahs, too. I told him something that I had heard from the Rebbe (Chabad). It is a very powerful teaching that always helps to ease a mourner’s sorrow.

    “When a person passes away, they go to a place so far away that they cannot contact us, but we can send them a present whenever we want. If we will do a mitzvah in that person’s name, the spiritual benefit of that mitzvah will elevate that person’s soul in Heaven.”

    He said, “Thank you. My mother would like that.”

    I told him to put a charity box in his home, and whenever he missed his mother, he should put a coin in the box, and ask G-d to bless her. He cried, and called me “An angel who helped me.”

  3. midnightrabbi says :

    Enjoy and good yom tov

    Mazel Tov, 1 year of Inspirational Posts! This blog has topped the charts how ironic lol , moshaich now and good yom tov pontov lol Mazel T…

    Eli Pmusic like
    Midnightrabbi inspires and enjoy this with the cheesecake

  4. midnightrabbi says :

    Published on Dec 7, 2012 by Ari Lesser
    More Music at

    Connect with me on facebook:

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Ari Lesser

    Chanukkah just ain’t what used to be
    Cause some Jews got jealous of the Christmas Tree
    Spent all their money on a shopping spree
    Trying to be like the people they see on TV
    Don’t let yourself forget history
    Knowledge is key, to set your mind free
    Just open a book look back and see
    What a really meant to be a Maccabee

    Over two thousand years ago it began
    When the Greeks marched on the Holy Land
    They demanded the Jews lose their tradition
    And those who refused were beat to submission
    They conquered our country from west to east
    Banned every festival, fast, and feast
    Burned non-kosher beasts on the altar, the least
    Righteous man paid a bribe so they made him High Priest
    Every scroll of the Torah they saw was burned
    Along with the teachers and students who learned
    If they found out a circumcision was done
    They’d slaughter the mother along with her son
    Back then we could not rest on Shabbat
    And those kept kosher were killed on the spot
    Making us break our diet by taking
    The life of those who would not eat bacon
    The set up their idols in every town
    And told all the Jews around to bow down
    Most people obeyed trying to stay intact
    But the Maccabees rose up and fought back

    Chanukkah just ain’t what used to be
    Cause some Jews got jealous of the Christmas Tree
    Spent all their money on a shopping spree
    Trying to be like the people they see on TV
    Don’t let yourself forget history
    Knowledge is key, to set your mind free
    Just open a book look back and see
    What a really meant to be a Maccabee

    When they told a man named Matisiyahu
    To bow to an idol in public view
    Not only did he refuse, he slew
    Some Jew who did what they told him to do
    Then he fled to the wilderness and led
    An army of rebels who liked what he said
    They rose and stood to fight for what’s good
    Waging guerilla warfare in the woods
    He had five sons named Yochanan
    Shimon, Yehudah, Elazar, Yonantan
    When their father passed, they vowed to fight on
    Until they were dead or the Greeks were gone
    Like a Hebrew hammer the Maccabees hit
    Hellenists so hard that their army split
    Made them run and hide, with G-d on their side
    Retook the Temple had it purified
    They only found enough oil to light
    The Holy Menorah for a single night
    But then a great miracle changed their fate
    And the lamps all burned for eight days straight

    Chanukkah just ain’t what used to be
    Cause some Jews got jealous of the Christmas Tree
    Spent all their money on a shopping spree
    Trying to be like the people they see on TV
    Don’t let yourself forget history
    Knowledge is key, to set your mind free
    Just open a book look back and see
    What a really meant to be a Maccabee

    They risked their lives to fight assimilation
    But now Chanukkah’s just a cheap imitation
    Of some other foreign nation’s celebration
    That falls on a similar calendar location
    The hocus pocus made you lose focus
    You broke all the rules acting like Antiochus
    Drinking eggnog like a hog till you get sick
    Making your potato pancakes from Bisquick
    You light the Menorah, but you don’t study Torah
    Cause your running like Lot after Sodom and Gomorrah
    No Divine presence all from Walmart
    So you still feel empty when you fill up your cart
    If your great granddad saw that Chanukkah bush
    You would get no gift just pach on the tush
    Cause this holiday’s not about buying stuff
    It’s to teach that a little bit’s more than enough
    Doesn’t really matter if you’re losing or winning
    All you need is a dreidel to keep on spinning
    Fry up feast bring your family near
    And steer clear of the cashier this year

    Chanukkah just ain’t what used to be
    Cause some Jews got jealous of the Christmas Tree
    Spent all their money on a shopping spree
    Trying to be like the people they see on TV
    Don’t let yourself forget history
    Knowledge is key, to set your mind free
    Just open a book look back and see
    What a really meant to be a Maccabee

  5. Robt says :

    Asking questions are actually good thing if you are not understanding something entirely, but this post gives fastidious understanding

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