The Jews Internet Gathering / Asifa/ Kennes Chizuk Jerusalem in English!

A time for peace 🙂 in the meanwhile its warR@ Click here to listen to our leaders in Jerusalem -> Internet!

 I just found this poster advertising a Kennes Chizuk, “Facing the Challenges of Modern Technology”, scheduled for June 17/27 Sivan. The speakers at the event will be R’ Yitzchok Berkovitz, R’ Yaakov Hillel of Ahavat Shalom, and R’ Yosef Elefant from the Mir. The speeches will be only in English, catering to English speaking Bnei Torah. It seems that women are not invited. The event will take place at 8:45 in Bais Yisrael Hall at 16 Ezras Torah. There is a 10 nis admission fee. A live broadcast for women will be available on Kol Halashon by calling 03-617-1111. For more info or to book advance/group tickets, call 02-653-6007.

Just adding someone elses two cents <- I find it funny that while the Asifa speeches in America were given in Yiddish, in Israel, the speeches will be given in English. עולם הפוך ראיתי


See below for more updates and comments arn’t there any better videos posted covering this Asifa thanks !

Listen to Rabbi Sitorsky’s weekly shiurim on the parsha are an eclectic and inspiring blend of rabbinic and kabbalistic influences. Bamidbar/Bamidbar_5772.MP3 “A kidush HASHEM” MAMESH”

Arthur Ashe stadium added as Second venue for sold out internet asifa, klal yisrael

Due to overwhelming response and a sold out Citi Field stadium, The Ichud hakehilas are in the final stages of arranging for a second nearby location  at Arthur Ashe stadium, enough to seat an additional 22,000. All those who ordered tickets will receive on a first come first serve basis. There will be live speeches at each location as well as satellite hook ups between both arenas. Many Gedolim from all international communities will attend. the full list and program will be made available.  Listen here 718-258-2008 and click 9 for the live teli-line!Tickets will not be available through email or phone order, they will be sold at specific locations  in the tristate area since many will first be allocated for those who purchased tickets already.for updates and important asifa information call the Asifa hotline at 732-551-3351 option 61. Call 855-Asifa-72 (855-274-3272)

Speakers and program for the Asifa in Citi Field

As it appears now, not confirmed yet. Mincha will be at 6:30 Asifa 7-9:15 The Speakers will be, the Mashgiach Rav mattisyahu Solomon ,The Skulener Rebbe, the main speaker will be the Mashgiach Harav Don Segal, who is coming from eretz yisrael as a Shliach for rav Shteinman and rav Chaim kanievsky. rabbi pesach krohn will speak in english and explain the asifa to the media as well. The djibo dayan” Satmar dayan” from montreal,  Rav dovid Feinstein, Rachmastrivker rebbe from eretz yisrael will recite the tefilas hashela, as the asifa is taking place on Erev Rosh chodesh Sivan. Rav Efraim wachsman will emcee. A video message from harav shmuel wosner shlita of bnei brak will air at the Asifa. There will be a hook up and live program as well at the Arthur Ashe stadium nearby. rav mattisyahu might speak live later on at Arthur Ashe stadium.Due to limited parking the tzibbur is requested to use mass transit. busses from all locations or the subway, # 7 train from Manhattan to Citi field Mets/Willets Point Station.

Rav Chaim kanievsky issues letter to upcoming Asifa.

In a special letter dated chof daled Iyar for those attending the Asifa, Rav Chaim kanievsky writes about the danger of the internet. It has taken many from the best homes and caused them to transgress. It is the Yetzer hora of avoda zara and Giluy arayos of our times. We must come together and formulate concrete ideas and solutions and figure out a way  how to combat and get rid of this yetzer hora. He commends the gedolim in america for arranging an Asifa bringing together tens of thousands yereim and shleimim to be mechazek and combat this yetzer. The letter concludes that there is absolutely no heter to use the internet without a filter even for parnasah. One must use guidance  as to what kind of filter is proper and kosher for his internet use. <-click here for ours!

Agudah statement on Obama’s approval of same gender marriage

The following statement was released by Agudas Yisroel of America following President Obama’s statement in support of same-gender marriage:
In the wake of President Obama’s sharing of his personal feeling that the millennia-old institution of marriage should be redefined in contemporary America, National Jewish Democratic Council chair Marc R. Stanley declared his admiration for the president’s demonstration of “the values of Tikkun Olam.”
A political group is entitled to its opinion, no less than a president is to his. But to imply that a religious value like “Tikkun Olam” – and by association, Judaism – is somehow implicated in a position like the one the president articulated, is outrageous, offensive and wrong.
We hereby state, clearly and without qualification, that the Torah forbids homosexual acts, and sanctions only the union of a man and a woman in matrimony.
The Orthodox Jewish constituency represented by Agudath Israel of America, as well as countless other Jews who respect the Jewish religious tradition, remain staunch in their opposition to redefining marriage.

Rabbonim change strategy, refocus the battle against Internet and technology.

    In September 2005 the first major Asifa regarding the dangers of the Internet took place in Lakewood. The Rabbonim and speakers all pointed out the fact how dangerous it is for the well being of families not only children but adults as well. Takkanos were implemented where people were not allowed to have internet access at home and kids will not be accepted, or expelled from school if parents didn’t comply with the ban. A local paper quoted “The community’s policy — formed with the principals of the area’s 43 yeshivas, or Jewish private schools, and unveiled in late September — decrees that any student with home access faces suspension or expulsion on the grounds that even one Internet-corrupted student could sway others”.

    However, no one at the time was tech savvy enough to understand the importance of the internet in our daily lives it was seen as a luxury and maybe for some, essential for business. They fought it with the same tactics and strategy that was used to fight television. They did not do proper follow up to the ban and failed to realize the good of the internet too. The results were predictable: more people got internet access. The availability of Smart phones and newer tablets  give people access to the web where ever they go. Its not restricted or confined to a house or office. A lack of education in explaining the good and the bad of the web contributed to many not being careful when going online.
Realizing that its a lost battle, the rabbonim now are refocusing the approach on how to fight the dangers of the web. A giant Asifa is planned for this coming may 20th. The theme is not to ban the internet, but, rather: The Internet  “We cant live with it we cant live without it” using technology responsibly al pi torah. They realize it is here to stay and the fight now is to  focus on proper safeguards, filters, and education on the dangers of technology especially with smart phones ipads and other devices. Over the years there have been many different ways and approaches by various rabbanim, roshei yeshiva and admorim on how to deal with the Internet, but a noticeable change is that all agree it is here to stay and we must learn how to deal with it properly.
Kiryas Joel, NY – The Satmar Rebbe, R’ Aron Teitelbaum, broke his silence on the upcoming CitiField Asifa today, announcing that there was no reason for any of his chasidim to attend this event or the upcoming Siyum Hashas.Until now the Satmar Rebbe had been careful not to speak out publicly against the Asifa but his words came today after Shachris at the Satmar yeshiva in Kiryas Joel, alluding to the fact that the Satmar Rebbe Reb Yoel was against any gatherings of rabbis belonging to the Agudah.“Whoever remembers my uncle, the Divrei Yoel and participated in his Shalsoh Seudos and heard his holy words and came to his house with a kvittel knows that a Satmar Chasid has nothing to gain from attending either the Asifa or the Siyum Hashas.”R’ Teitelbaum emphasized that he supported the Rabbonim who are endorsing the assemblage and would encourage his followers to abide by the suggestions that will be proposed at the Asifa, but that he felt that this gathering was not in the best interests of his followers.“It is impossible to speak to every person in the same way.  There are people who are already filtering their internet and other who need to be told that they should not have a computer in their house at all.”R’ Teitelbaum also took issue with the fact that the Asifa would be conducted in English saying “our forefathers fought against having speeches in the languages of other nations and I do not want to send my followers to a place where they will be speaking a foreign language.”In recent days askanim arranging the event have suggested that the Satmar Rebbe had lent his endorsement to the event and that while he was not sending his Chasidim as a group to the Asifa he had given permission to any individuals who wanted to go to the event.In an address to a group of teenage students, noted author, lecturer and educator Rabbi Manis Friedman dismissed the notion of banning the internet and rejected the idea that the Jewish community is facing an unprecedented crisis.

Speaking on May 2nd at the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Crown Heights, Rabbi Friedman called the internet the nisayon of today’s generation and advised students to do what Jews have been doing for years – stay strong and withstand the test that is being placed before klal yisroel.

Rabbi Friedman explained to the bochurim that while for their grandparents, it was communism that enticed Jews to stray from their yiddishkiet, today it is the internet that presents a challenge.

“The test, the nisayon of that generation was, are you going to give in to communism or not,” said Rabbi Friedman. “In our generation, the test is can you handle a computer or you can’t? Can you handle the internet or not? That is the test. Is it any worse than communism? No, communism was much more dangerous.”

Reminding the bochurim that each generation of klal yisroel has withstood its own nisyonos, Rabbi Friedman urged them to use their yiddishkeit to master the potential nisyonos presented by the internet saying, “instead of being afraid of the computer we need to become stronger than the computer.”

Rabbi Friedman told the students that just as Jews over the years have survived the inquisition and communism, they will weather the challenges presented by the internet as well.

“We are much stronger than the internet,” added Rabbi Friedman. “Don’t get so intimidated.”


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    The written English translation of the
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    Yishmael and Eretz Yisrael

    Yishmael demands a part in Eretz Yisrael claiming, “I also circumcise myself!” However, his Milah is an illusion; it is merely a procedure. He commits to no standard of holiness with the Milah; to the contrary, the Ishmaelite nations are the least moral of the nations.

    However, Yishmael demands his due! So Hashem did give him Eretz Yisrael – but only during the Jewish exile, when Eretz Yisrael is empty. (That is why the efforts of Christian crusaders to wrench control of Eretz Yisrael from the Muslims failed.) Indeed, throughout the years that Yishmael occupied Eretz Yisrael, it yielded him nothing. The barren desolate hills of Eretz Yisrael were Yishmael’s lot for a Milah devoid of spiritual content.
    Only for the Jews does Eretz Yisrael yield its bounty. Today Eretz Yisrael is blossoming with greenery in contrast to as little as forty years ago. (Fascinatingly, as soon as any piece of land is returned to the Arabs, they themselves destroy it!) There is no sign as promising for the redemption as the renewed flowering of Eretz Yisrael.
    When Mashiach will come, Hashem will shake Eretz Yisrael like one who shakes out linen and all of those who don’t belong in Eretz Yisrael will fall out.

    Source: Excerpted from written English translation of the Parshas Naso Shalosh Seudah Torah 5772

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