Explaining Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh – R. Itamar Shwartz

Who is the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh – R. Itamar Shwartz?

He is an Israeli rabbi and author of the highly regarded “Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh” series (“In My Heart I Will Build a Mishkan”).

It’s likely because your mitzvot are separate from one another and no one has taught you to use them as the building blocks to construct a larger structure. A Mishkan in your heart. 
Each Jew’s lifelong task isn’t just to serve Hashem at an intellectual level, but to integrate that service into our hearts. Once we learn to penetrate our hearts, we are meant to use our hearts to connect to our Creator directly.
Unfortunately, building that foundation for our personal Mishkan is something that very few Jews have been taught today – and that’s true of every community across the Jewish world. It’s a big part of why we often daven every day on “automatic” and our mitzvot can feel like individual bricks left lying around a construction site.
Rabbi Schwartz gives very specific, practical suggestions for building this foundation.
The reason these books have been so enthusiastically received is because they are just about the only books to address this subject directly in our generation’s language. Reading them is one giant session of “Oh, so THAT’S how I’m supposed to be doing it.” Just remember, you have to actually do the exercises the books suggest or none of it will take root in you.
There is an active website devoted to the Bilvavi books at www.bilvavi.net . In fact, most of the books are offered free on the site in their entirety. Just go to bilvavi.net/content/view to check them out.
And … watch and listen to the man of inner Torah give encouragement to our inner connection to Hashem~!


We all know and believe that Torah & mitzvos are what life is all about, but do we really feel that these are what make our lives meaningful Listen to the Rav’s personal account of how he searched and grappled with these issues, and how he came to feel these truths in his own heart. Listen »»

Live English TranslationsBilvavi PartnersReal PermanenceDevotionDiscover the truth

Permanence  If a person seeks truth , he must be aware of the instability of this world, and not take it too seriously, and on the other hand, connect to the permanent world of Hashem and the Torah of the eternal world.This awareness will enable us to accept the Torah … »»

Rav Moshe Weinberger's Bilvavi ShiurimDevotion? Rav Yechezkel Levenstein once remarked that yeshivos in his time were not producing gedolim because the yeshivos had public phones, and people used them to be connected to the outside world. What would he say of the dreadful situation nowadays? »»

Discover the truth! The influences in this world are very strong. The values

are all wrong and our thinking can become distorted. The proper way is to discover the truth on your own   …  The Geulah will only come when we don’t copy others, but live from our own self-discovered truth. »»

Path of the Baal TeshuvahBuilding a Sanctuary in the Heart - Part I

Building A Sanctuary in the Heart I » This book, the foundation of the “Bilvavi” series, gently but firmly guides the readers to the awareness that we must rediscover the purpose of our own lives: deveikus to Hashem, a palpable connection to G-d. The author presents an outline of the way to achieve deveikus, one step at a time.

The Essence The only thing one really has throughout his existence, in this world and the next, for all eternity, is Hashem!  One must recognize Him, become close to Him, and cleave to Him, “and anything else deemed good by people is vanity and deceptive emptiness.”  Everything else is truly vanity. »»

Building a Sanctuary in the Heart II

Building a Sanctuary in the Heart II » In this book, the Rav offers very detailed instructions for step-by-step spiritual growth, going from the various levels of emunah to yirah and then to the stages of ahavah, culminating in selfless love of Hashem. It is filled with invaluable practical advice on achieving these levels and is the perfect companion to volume 1.

Consistency The way to attain levels in the service of Hashem is to keep awakening the matter again and again, with only brief intervals between the reminders. … If not, it is like… one who puts the kettle on a fire for a minute & then removes it for a minute, and keeps repeating the process. The water in it will never boil! »»

Getting to Know Your Self

Getting To Know Your Self » To properly grow, you must first know who you really are. This work teaches us to see ourselves as pure souls, and not be disheartened by flaws, which are in fact nothing more than superficial “garments” over the soul. Once this is achieved, we learn to feel love toward the rest of the world, and finally, to discover Hashem deep within us.

Inner Mission  I have come to write this sefer  because of an inner mission – an awareness of a particular world that exists, which in reality, is more real than the world we sense, but is very hidden from people.  This inner world is en-chanting. it is a world of pleasure and connection, but it is not a world of fantasy   »»

Getting to Know Your Soul

Getting To Know Your Soul » This sefer helps us to take a deeper look into ourselves. We can align our personalities with the will of Hashem through in-depth study & understanding of our faculties. The 1st section explains the elements of fire, wind, water & earth corresponding to the 4 basic personality traits. The 2nd section explains the 13 basic faculties of the soul.

CD disks availableGetting to Know Your Home

Getting to Know Your Home » This sefer explains the Torah view on taking care of our children’s emotional needs as well as the Torah perspective on love and marriage. The chapters describe love from various angles. Included also are chapters addressed to cheder Rebbe’s and sections on “Tikkun haMiddos” and Dealing with Challenges in Life.”

Shabbos Kodesh

Shabbos Kodesh » This sefer focuses on the uplifting power of Shabbos, covering different aspects of the Shabbos preparations. Activities that may have seemed mundane, such as bathing, cutting fingernails, donning special clothing, and tasting the food, are shown in an entirely new light, as the teachings of the Arizal on such topics are made relevant and inspiring to all readers.

Drasha at the FarmThe Rav Speaks Video



Anthology »

Bilvavi AnthologyA collection of essays covering the fundementals of Yiddishkeit: kaddish, Bris Milah, Bar Mitzvah, Pideon haBen, Tzisis, Shema Yisrael plus several stimulating lectures such as the Path of the Baal Teschuvah, the Rav Speaks, Yishuv haDaas, Connecting to the Inner Will, the Way of Mussar and Chassidus, Avodah derech haShoresh.

The Rav has authored over 40 seforim to date. He has studied the full spectrum of Torah literature that discuss how to best serve Hashem. Great tzaddikim in our generation have written haskamos to his many Hebrew sefarim on a variety of topics. Using an eclectic approach, he has developed a method that speaks to the hearts of Jews from all walks of life. His sefarim are lapped up by the entire spectrum, from modern Orthodox youths to Mea Shaarim chassidim.

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