From Menachem Dov to Chanukah a time to light up and grow!

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From Menachem Dov to Chanukah a time to light up and grow! More a focus on purity and offerings to Hashem, may we see this all soon mamesh!

The Chumush Seudah (the five books meal) is based on and recommended by our Sages in Pirkei Avot 5:21 :

“בן חמש שנים למקרא, בן עשר למשנה…בן חמש עשרה לתלמוד”

“The five-year-old [is brought] to the Written Torah,

And the best way to begin anything good and important is with Simcha and happiness… And eating and drinking of course with a blessing!

Ahron Yosef before…

the Rebbe,

Rebbe Pinchas puts his heart and soul into the children…

Every child is made to feel like a King taking his place on the podium with microphone and crown with cloak…All the decorations are filled with words of inspiration and phrases from the Torah…

The meal doesnt begin until many introductions and prayers for the future of all the children and families etc… The main rabbi from the school gives his blessing, amen…

With pictures of the Rebbe from Vitznitz that survived the war with his Father the prev. Rebbe and rebuilt the schools of pre-war Europe in the holy land, now based in Bnei Barak and Yerushalayim…

From times of tradegdy to times of rebuilding and joy…

Now the children begin to sing the 5 books of the Torah covering all the Sefers, and weekly Parshos and all the titles of the Mishnah and Gemarah (Talmud) etc…

The main thing is the simcha and nachus that is felt at this holy time, which is compared to receiving the Torah at Har Sinai, and each child is like a dancing Sefer Torah (leibidik Torah Scroll)…

they sing!

they eat!

they dance!

True pure simcha… A time the children and family shall cherish!

wishin u all simchos and nachus …

From father to son…  send us your powerful moments

beyond words…

Enjoy some more pics ->media/set

Contemplate And Good Shabbos
Being one with our creator in the now,
breathing in the breathe of a new creation, every moment a new world…
Hayom im bekolo tishmau– “If you hear my voice today”A clock that will bring us closer to Moshiach…

Why Should I Help You?

Why did this young boy stop at the entrance to the men’s side of the Kotel to put tefillin on this soldier? He doesn’t know that soldier. He never even saw him before! But still, he cared. Why should he care?

Click on the link to find out why.

Why Should I Help You?  Gutman’s new video


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