New Shiur Nissan and Happy Pesach 2015!

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Happy Pesach. The learning for this week’s shiur, New Shiur – Nissan, tonight’s learning should be a zechus for the speedy redemption of:

Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka (Rubashkin). and Freedom For Jonathan Pollard too!

Please remember him in your tefillos.

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Oded Ashkenazi Thanks for the great tour!

Something New from Rav Moshe Wolfson Shlita and Rav Eliyahu Lopian Tz’l!

When Nissan arrives, a spirit of chiddush, newness and novelty, descends. This is seen in nature; the trees bud, the tulips bloom, and with the last vestiges of snow melting, the mood of the population lifts.
Chiddush is a power of Kedusha, holiness. Physically, everything is very much the same. Newness in a material sense is only an external mirage. The goal of the latest invention is the same as the invention of a hundred years ago – to give a person a temporary jolt of pleasure which dissipates quickly. In Kedusha, reality is constantly changing and assuming completely novel dimensions. Although externally it seems as if today’s prayer is a repetition of yesterday’s, it is a completely new reality all together. The words, though technically the same, have a completely different meaning and shine with a new and exciting Ohr, spiritual light. This is true for every single facet of holiness, be it Torah study, mitzvos, or anything related to Kedusha.
Unfortunately, if we do not tap into the wealth of chiddush that emanates in Kedusha and utilize it to serve Hashem with fresh vigor, the waves of novelty do not dissipate. They are captured by the evil forces and used to produce yet another invention which will further its cause. There are tremendous powers of chiddush today which are not being utilized by Jews in their service of Hashem as seen from the many inventions produced daily which serve to spread immorality. Every time a Jew seeks to gain a new dimension in Avodas Hashem by either learning a new idea which will infuse him with eagerness and freshness or by contemplating the meaning and value of every single act of Kedusha, we prevent the evil forces from gaining access to the power of chiddush and utilizing it for destruction.

A word on the strenuous Pesach preparations: The physical toil invested in Pesach is laden with meaning. Sefarim teach that the sweat produced through the Pesach preparations wash away our spiritual flaws, leaving us, too, ‘Pesach cleaned.’
Source: Based on the Shalosh Seudas Torah of Parshas Vayakheil Pekudei 5773 and other sources

Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian Feeds The Cat Midnightrabbi inspired!Taken in Jerusalem, Israel

Rav Eliyahu Lopian Feeds The Cat One day in Yeshivas Kfar Chassidim,inspirations-for-today! the almanah of the late Rosh Yeshivah, Rav Noach Shimanovich, went down to the storage room together with one of the bochurim to bring up some supplies for the kitchen. While they were in the storage room, they heard suspicious noises. When Rebbetzin Shimanovich asked the bochur what the source of the scurrying noises were, he told her that the bochurim had spotted mice on several occasions. Rebbetzin Shimanovich was aghast at this news, and asked the bochurim to find a solution to the problem. The bochurim located a cat that would hopefully take care of the burgeoning mice population in the yeshivah. A few weeks late, the Gaon Rav Eliyahu Lopian was walking around the yeshivah building on his daily walk accompanied by a bachur. They were discussing words of Torah when they suddenly ran into the yeshivah cat. Rav Eliyahu was surprised – this was the first time he had seen a cat on the yeshivah grounds. “Whose cat is this?” inquired Rav Lopian. The bochur explained that the cat had been brought to the yeshivah to curtail the mice problem. Rav Lopian inquired further, “And who feeds her?” The bochur answered, “What do you mean? She has plenty of food –she eats the mice. We don’t need to bring her food.” Rav Lopian answered, “I don’t understand. If she does her job well, and scares off the mice, she won’t have anything left to eat! We surely have to provide her with food.” Rav Lopian then entered his apartment and brought out a bowl of milk. He said to the bochur, “When you want one of Hashem’s creations to serve you and work for you, you need to provide it with food. This is an explicit mitzvah in the Torah, “And I will put grass in your fields for your cattle –and you will eat…” (Leorum Neilech)


 Israel has began battling a swarm of locusts from Egypt <-click here to read more!

Locusts at the Kotel from Gutman Locks and Egypt’s Locust Plague Threatens Israel

     Perhaps for the first time ever, early this morning (Thursday) we were surprised to see a number of locusts lying on the floor. Seeing them right before Passover makes the story of the plagues during the Exodus from Egypt even more impressive… <- for more on Passover 2013/5773!

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