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Happy Purim and Pesach, a special time of charity and kindness, from Eli Goldsmith and family! 🙂

P1100767THANKS TO YOU, the Jaffa Institute’s 2012 BAR MITZVAH CELEBRATIONS were AMAZING! Now please help us and our 30 2013 Bar Mitzvah students to make their day extra special and help change the direction of their lives forever. Please join us and donate generously by clicking here You can more than kindly donate the whole amount of $30,000, or be one of 30 people donating $1000. Otherwise we can’t wait for more than 300 donations of at least $100, as the boys themselves need this special day! Email!

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Bar Mitzvah at Bet Shemesh

2013 BAR MITZVAH CELEBRATIONS is in your hands! <-click here for our new campaign Root Funding to donate securely and for others to be motivated and share!

Bet Shemesh B’nei Mitzvah Ceremony 2012

On 23 April 2012, 15 boys who study at the Bet Shemesh Education Center celebrated their B’nei Mitzvah in a beautiful ceremony overlooking the Judean Hills. Like all of the boys at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center – a residential high school for at-risk boys – these adolescents come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. Sadly, their parents simply could not afford to provide them with celebrations to mark the important milestone of becoming Bar Mitzvah.

This year, the Center fulfilled the dreams of its B’nei Mitzvah students. The day’s events marked the culmination of a course in which the boys studied the significance of the Bar Mitzvah as an important boundary between childhood and adulthood. The young men began their special day with their family and friends at a beautiful ceremony, which was followed by a luxuriously catered meal. In honor of the momentous event, each of the boys was given a set of teffilin and a tallit, as well as a wrist-watch. They were then taken on an exciting field trip to the Old City of Jerusalem, where they enjoyed several historical tours and ate delicious pizza. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Western Wall; a poignant occasion which held much meaning for the Bar Mitzvah boys.

We would like to thank the Goldsmith Family and all the other donors who made this special day of celebration possible.

For more information about this year’s celebration as well as footage of the day’s events please click here

To see more photos of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, please click here and here

When Nissan arrives, a spirit of chiddush, newness and novelty, descends. This is seen in nature; the trees bud, the tulips bloom, and with the last vestiges of snow melting, the mood of the population lifts.
Chiddush is a power of Kedusha, holiness. Physically, everything is very much the same. Newness in a material sense is only an external mirage. The goal of the latest invention is the same as the invention of a hundred years ago – to give a person a temporary jolt of pleasure which dissipates quickly. In Kedusha, reality is constantly changing and assuming completely novel dimensions. Although externally it seems as if today’s prayer is a repetition of yesterday’s, it is a completely new reality all together. The words, though technically the same, have a completely different meaning and shine with a new and exciting Ohr, spiritual light. This is true for every single facet of holiness, be it Torah study, mitzvos, or anything related to Kedusha.
Unfortunately, if we do not tap into the wealth of chiddush that emanates in Kedusha and utilize it to serve Hashem with fresh vigor, the waves of novelty do not dissipate. They are captured by the evil forces and used to produce yet another invention which will further its cause. There are tremendous powers of chiddush today which are not being utilized by Jews in their service of Hashem as seen from the many inventions produced daily which serve to spread immorality. Every time a Jew seeks to gain a new dimension in Avodas Hashem by either learning a new idea which will infuse him with eagerness and freshness or by contemplating the meaning and value of every single act of Kedusha, we prevent the evil forces from gaining access to the power of chiddush and utilizing it for destruction.

A word on the strenuous Pesach preparations: The physical toil invested in Pesach is laden with meaning. Sefarim teach that the sweat produced through the Pesach preparations wash away our spiritual flaws, leaving us, too, ‘Pesach cleaned.’
Source: Based on the Shalosh Seudas Torah of Parshas Vayakheil Pekudei 5773 and other sources

Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian Feeds The Cat Midnightrabbi inspired!Taken in Jerusalem, Israel

Rav Eliyahu Lopian Feeds The Cat One day in Yeshivas Kfar Chassidim,inspirations-for-today! the almanah of the late Rosh Yeshivah, Rav Noach Shimanovich, went down to the storage room together with one of the bochurim to bring up some supplies for the kitchen. While they were in the storage room, they heard suspicious noises. When Rebbetzin Shimanovich asked the bochur what the source of the scurrying noises were, he told her that the bochurim had spotted mice on several occasions. Rebbetzin Shimanovich was aghast at this news, and asked the bochurim to find a solution to the problem. The bochurim located a cat that would hopefully take care of the burgeoning mice population in the yeshivah. A few weeks late, the Gaon Rav Eliyahu Lopian was walking around the yeshivah building on his daily walk accompanied by a bachur. They were discussing words of Torah when they suddenly ran into the yeshivah cat. Rav Eliyahu was surprised – this was the first time he had seen a cat on the yeshivah grounds. “Whose cat is this?” inquired Rav Lopian. The bochur explained that the cat had been brought to the yeshivah to curtail the mice problem. Rav Lopian inquired further, “And who feeds her?” The bochur answered, “What do you mean? She has plenty of food –she eats the mice. We don’t need to bring her food.” Rav Lopian answered, “I don’t understand. If she does her job well, and scares off the mice, she won’t have anything left to eat! We surely have to provide her with food.” Rav Lopian then entered his apartment and brought out a bowl of milk. He said to the bochur, “When you want one of Hashem’s creations to serve you and work for you, you need to provide it with food. This is an explicit mitzvah in the Torah, “And I will put grass in your fields for your cattle –and you will eat…” (Leorum Neilech)

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The original and cover of a song that lifts our soul up to the truth of who the Jewish the Soul of Israel really is !!!

2 parts of a song that inspired us all the way out of exile 🙂 Well done Ari and friends!


 Israel has began battling a swarm of locusts from Egypt <-click here to read more!

Locusts at the Kotel from Gutman Locks and Egypt’s Locust Plague Threatens Israel

     Perhaps for the first time ever, early this morning (Thursday) we were surprised to see a number of locusts lying on the floor. Seeing them right before Passover makes the story of the plagues during the Exodus from Egypt even more impressive… <- for more on Passover 2013/5773!

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A Prayer before Eating Hametz

(Bergen Belsen, 1944, there were no matzot in Bergen Belsen for Passover 1944. It was decided that bread could be eaten preceded by this prayer.)

Our Father in Heaven: You surely know that it is our desire to do your will, and to observe Pesach by eating matza and by observing the prohibition concerning hametz. But to our great distress, our situation prevents us from doing so, and our lives are hanging in the balance. As such, we are hereby prepared and ready to fulfill the mitzvah of “living by Torah, and not dying by it.’ And so our prayer before You is that You allow us to live on, and that You redeem us, so that we can soon fulfill Your laws and serve You with a fuller heart. Amen.

It’s almost time for spring-cleaning! Each year, the Food Distribution Center cleans out all of the chametz, and becomes kosher for Passover so that even the most religious of recipients are able to benefit from the food parcels. During Passover, the number of survivors who receive food triples to over 300. Help us ensure that all of these survivors receive the help that they need in order to have a happy and kosher holiday. #holocausttohope great causes and good deeds , real unity in real time proud to part of and support

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Mazel Tov to Midnightrabbi and friends -> How To Honor The Shabbos/Shabbat By Boruch Yitzchak 

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Click to visit the original postThis blog is to bring comfort for Leiby’s soul and family as its been a year everybody, also today is the 17th of Tammuz which is a fast day! Meet Boruch Yiztchak Hatzaddick getting ready for his special Shabbos event… Leiby’s soul is in the world of eternal Shabbos! He’s going to get dressed up as over the past year he finished learning all 39 forms of work you can’t do on Shabbos/Shabbat!

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A BIG mazel tov as just finished a large section of the Talmud Shabbos /Shabbat! Its all part of the Daf Yomi Cycle !  And theCongregation of Israel especiallyEmunas Yisrael keeps me going , your welcome to be part of this next time round for the Section of Eruvin and on bs’d <- click here to see how you can be part of this or email umuse613@gmailcom! Happy Pesach and Chag Somayah 🙂
Today in Jewish History:
Passing of Rashab (1920)
The fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom DovBer Schneersohn (“Rashab”), was born in the White Russian town of Lubavitch in 1860. After the passing of his father, Rabbi Shmuel (in 1882), he assumed the leadership of Chabad-Lubavitch.
Famed for his phenomenal mind and analytical treatment of Chabad Chassidism, Rabbi Sholom DovBer wrote and delivered some 2,000 maamarim (discourses of Chassidic teaching) over the 38 years of his leadership. In 1897, he established the Tomchei Temimim yeshivah, the first institution of Jewish learning to combine the study of the “body” of Torah (Talmudic and legal studies) with its mystical “soul” (the teachings of Chassidism); it was this unique yeshivah that produced the army of learned, inspired and devoted Chassidim who, in the decades to come, would literally give their lives to keep Judaism alive under Soviet rule.In 1915, Rabbi Sholom DovBer was forced to flee Lubavitch from the advancing WWI front and relocated to the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. In his final years, he began the heroic battle against the new Communist regime’s efforts to destroy the Jewish faith throughout the Soviet Union.Rabbi Sholom DovBer passed away in Rostov on the 2nd of Nissan, 1920. His last words were: “I’m going to heaven; I leave you the writings.”midnight rabbi ‏@midnightrabbi

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Good Deeds Day 2013

Today marks Good deeds day across the world. Here at the Jaffa Institute we celebrated on Thursday, with corperate groups coming to support our work. They spent time at the Food Distribution Center and at one of our After School Activity Centers. Thank you so much for everyone’s ongoing support!

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Happy Pesach, a special time of charity and kindness, from Eli Goldsmith and family!  :)

THANKS TO YOU, The Jaffa Institute’s 2012 BAR MITZVAH CELEBRATIONS Were AMAZING! Now Please Help Us And Our 30 2013 Bar Mitzvah Students To Make Their Day Extra Special And Help Change The Direction Of Their Lives Forever. Please


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Remember Rabbi HaGaon Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg passes away at 101 Tzl’B

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Click to visit the original postYeshiva Torah Ore, one of Kiryat Mattersdorf’s most highly regarded Rabbonim, and a member of Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah, who was renowned for wearing dozens of pairs of tzitzis passed away this afternoon Sha’arei Tzedek hospital, at the age of one hundred and one. HaRav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg ( חיים פנחס שיינברג‎) (1910-March 20,2012) was a Polish-born, American-raised Haredi  rabbi  and rosh yeshiva  who, since 1965, made his home in the Kiryat Mattersdorf  neighborhood of Jerusalem , Israel .

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We musn’t forget what was only a year ago !!!

Massacre in Toulouse
Today Adar 29, 5772/3 • March 23, 201

A Heartfelt Plea from Mrs. Chava (Eva) Sandler of Toulouse

My heart is broken. I am unable to speak. There are no ways for me to be able to express the great and all-consuming pain resulting from the murder of my dear husband Rabbi Jonathan and our sons, Aryeh and Gavriel, and of Miriam Monsonego, daughter of the dedicated principal of Ozar Hatorah and his wife, Rabbi Yaakov and Mrs. Monsonego. May no one ever have to endure such pain and suffering. Because so many of you, my cherished brothers and sisters in France and around the world, are asking what you can do on my behalf, on behalf of my daughter Liora and on behalf of the souls of my dear husband and children, I feel that, difficult though it may be, it is incumbent upon me to answer your entreaties. My husband’s life was dedicated to teaching Torah. We moved back to the country of his birth to help young people learn about the beauty of Torah. He was truly a good man, loving, giving, and selfless. He was sensitive to all of G‑d’s creatures, always searching for ways to reveal the goodness in others. He and I raised Aryeh and Gavriel to live the ways of Torah. Who would have known how short would be their time on this Earth, how short would be the time I would be with them as their mother? I don’t know how I and my husband’s parents and sister will find the consolation and strength to carry on, but I know that the ways of G‑d are good, and He will reveal the path and give us the strength to continue. I know that their holy souls will remain with us forever, and I know that very soon the time will come when we will be together again with the coming of Moshiach. I wholeheartedly believe in the words of the verse: “The L-ord has given, and the L-ord has taken away; blessed be the Name of the L-ord.” I thank the Almighty for the privilege, short though it was, of raising my children together with my husband. Now the Almighty wants them back with Him. To all those who wish to bring consolation to our family and contentment to the souls of the departed: Let’s continue their lives on this Earth. Parents, please kiss your children. Tell them how much you love them, and how dear it is to your heart that they be living examples of our Torah, imbued with the fear of Heaven and with love of their fellow man. Please increase your study of Torah, whether on your own or with your family and friends. Help others who may find study difficult to achieve alone. Please bring more light into the world by kindling the Sabbath candles this and every Friday night. (Please do so a bit earlier than the published times as a way to add holiness to our world.) The holiday of Passover is approaching. Please invite another person into your homes so that all have a place at a Seder and do kindness here (<=click here) to celebrate the holiday of our freedom. Along with our tearful remembrance of our trials in Egypt so many years ago, we still tell over how “in each and every generation, they have stood against us to destroy us.” We all will announce in a loud and clear voice: “G‑d saves us from their hands.” The spirit of the Jewish people can never be extinguished; its connection with Torah and its commandments can never be destroyed. May it be G‑d’s will that from this moment on, we will all only know happiness. I send my heartfelt condolences to the Monsonego family for the loss of their daughter Miriam, and I pray for the speedy recovery of Aharon ben Leah, who was injured in the attack. Thank you for your support and love.

Getting->ready for passover/pesach 20135773!

In less that two weeks will be the holiday of Pesach (Passover) “just trying to wake you up or scare you lol”, celebrating the Exodus from Egypt. Please see below all the laws (in comments) that you need to know in order to Prepare Your House for Pesach 5773 (Based on the Halachic Rulings of Rabbi Shlomo Gissinger Shlita, Rav in Lakewood NJ) and please be kind and donate. This is a time of giving money for the poor so they can buy wheat for Matzos etc… (continued below) This is the first law to learn and the most important on Pesach/Passover as we are a nation based and built on KINDNESS>>>!

This coming Passover, (don’t you passover), the Jaffa Institute is hosting a Pesach Seder for 500 impoverished Ethiopian immigrants in the Bet Shemesh Educational Center’s beautiful new dining hall. For many of these families, this will be the first Seder of their lives; an experience never to be forgotten.

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Who wants to host Ari Lesser in the holy land Israel! AsMidnightrabbi inspiresd beyond words! Please comment below your interest so we can fly Ari Lesser asap back here!

Yeshivat Ashreinu already committed for after Passover 2013 the-fortunate-ones-and-the-midnightrabbi-musicmystic-hour-in-the-bet-shemesh-educational-center! The Head Rosh Ha yeshiva of our program was blown away and we want to bring him back again! -> hosted below with JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith

Jews in Egypt were not only enslaved physically but also spiritually. At that time, they were at their lowest spiritual level.

Their physical liberation from Egypt also freed them from their spiritual limitations. As a result, the Jewish people were able to attain great spiritual heights through the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.

At the Seder, we re-experience the Exodus. We must realize that G-d enables each of us to free ourselves of our spiritual limitations which constrict and limit our connection to G-d.

In truth, the mitzvah to remember the Exodus applies every day, morning and night, which is why we mention the Exodus in the daily prayers. Yet, there is more emphasis on remembering it on Passover, especially at the Seder.

Why is remembering the Exodus at the seder, on the anniversary of the Exodus, more meaningful than remembering it during the rest of the year?

Here is a parable from the Magid of Dubna, which answers this question: A king traveled with his entourage to visit his subjects. As they were passing through a forest, one of the riders became very thirsty and fainted. No one had any water so the king sent one of the soldiers to the river, a few miles away.

In the meantime, the person’s condition became very grave. The king ordered his men to immediately start digging for water. Everyone began digging furiously and before long they hit fresh water and revived him. A while later the soldier returned with fresh water from the river.

A few days later a wayfarer traveled through the forest and passed the same place. The sun was hot and he too became very thirsty and was in great need of water.

Now, if someone would tell him that a few miles further there is a river with fresh water, it may not help him much. Who knows if he could reach the river before he would faint. However, the well that was dug on this spot will surely help him. All he had to do is bend down and reach for the drink.

During the rest of the year, we are like the one who must walk down the road to the river to get water. On other days of the year,

we too, must make a greater effort to benefit spiritually from the Exodus. But on Passover, the time when the Exodus took place, we are like the man who is standing at the very spot where the well was dug. G-d grants us special powers and our spiritual liberation is at our fingertips, we just have to reach for it. Moshiach NOW!!!

Come visit with us Tiferes the best way and cheapest prices! Every fortunate person who approaches us for services is asked where did u hear about us ?

– The Answer is “eli” / “lazer”.

Tiferes means beautiful and balanced! OUR Even NEWER website –> click here now !!!

Pesach- The Festival Of Freedom from Rabbi Shlomo Price!

Last year on 25 Adar I spoke at the Yeshivah in memory of my Mother-in-Law’s Yahrzeit-Tzivia bas Moishe, and yibodel Lchaim Tovim in honor of my wife’s birthday.

This is a small synopsis of a much bigger sicha called, “Pesach -All Year Round,” which you can see by clicking on

Pesach is one of the most misunderstood holidays as far as the spirit of the holiday. We call it “Zman Cheiruseinu-Festival of Our Freedom,” and yet we don’t realize what “freedom” and “slavery” really mean.

People quote the verse “Shalach es Ami –Let My People Go…(Sh’mos 7:16) as if the main “freedom,” of Pesach is a physical freedom-let my people go so they can have no more master and do whatever they want.

But the truth is that the physical freedom was only a prerequisite to the main spiritual freedom of getting the Torah on Har Sinai (and we will soon explain how this is freedom) 49 days later. They counted the days-Sefiras Haomer- in anticipation of this great event.

This is what it says at the end of the previous verse-“Veyavaduni-so they may serve Me.”

This can also help us answer a question that is asked about Pesach. The author of “The Hagadah Treasury” questions; How was it possible to celebrate Pesach as a time of Freedom, during the Holocaust? What kind of Freedom was this? The same can be asked about the Crusades, the Inquisition, and about any time that the Jews were persecuted.

He answers with a Moshol- Parable.

“A poor fellow buys a lottery ticket and wins a lot of money. He uses the money for good things and hires a Rebbe to teach him Torah, soon becoming a Talmid Chochom himself. Every year on the anniversary of the day that he won the lottery he makes a special party, and thanks Hashem for all that He gave him. One year unfortunately he lost all of his money and found himself once again a pauper. He nevertheless still made a big party like he made every year, but not as lavish. This seemed absurd. “Why celebrate winning the money, when none of it remained”, he was asked. He answered, “The main thing I gained was not the money, but rather the wisdom of Torah that I gained through the money. I still have that wisdom.”

Likewise, Pesach commemorates our spiritual accomplishments which resulted from yetzias Mitzrayim, not just physical freedom. The Torah, which we received upon our exodus from Mitzrayim, is still with us, despite all the persecutions. Nobody can take it away from us. This is the main celebration of Pesach, and it can be celebrated even during the darkest periods of our history. They can take away the Jewish body but not the Jewish Spirit. There’s a whole book called, “The Unconquerable Spirit,” which describes how even in the Holocaust the Jews risked their lives to keep the Torah.

We may ask if we have to serve Hashem, then what kind of freedom is this? Till now we were slaves to Pharoh and now to Hashem, we just changed masters?

To answer this, I will first quote a Mishna in Avos (6:2);

“. . . For you can have no freer man then one who engages in the study of Torah. . .” The Tiferes Yisroel so eloquently explains,

“. . . And this is the [real] Freedom that his soul is not enslaved to the bodily desires [as a result of his learning Torah], only this is the true freedom and not when his desires are liberated and his soul is enslaved to the desires.”

Consider the following example that I saw in “Passover Survival Kit”, by Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf (Leviathan Press).

A young prodigy enters the prestigious Juliard School of Music. Her teachers give her a strict schedule of practicing many hours a day. They also warn and forbid her against certain things that may weaken her talents. The young girl follows her teachers’ instructions and in a matter of years becomes an accomplished musician.

Was she FREE?? Being under such a rigorous regimen, can that be FREEDOM?

The answer is , OF COURSE!!

If a dictator (like Pharoh or our Yetzer Haro-evil inclination) puts you under his strict rules for HIS BENEFIT ONLY, not for yours, this is slavery. The slave learns to despise his master, and wants to escape his slavery. But he cannot shake off the shackles that his master has chained him with.

But when a beneficial teacher (like Hashem and His Torah, our Yetzer Tov-good inclination-or L’Havdil the Juliard Music Teacher) wants to help you bring out your talents and potential FOR YOUR BENEFIT ONLY, then it is a lot different. The student realizes the only way to accomplish his perfection is with this strict regimen of doing what may seem hard and staying away from certain things that he desires. The student learns to love his teacher who is helping him manifest his true potential.

Imagine how a boxer, who is training for a championship bout, feels towards his trainer. The trainer keeps working him hard for many hours. He even warns him to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and certain foods. Then comes the clincher. The trainer gives him a whole sicha that he has to learn how to focus and concentrate only on his boxing. He can’t let any other deterrents enter his mind as they would ruin his chances of success. Yes, that means stay away from the opposite sex!

If the boxer has any brains in his head (if they weren’t knocked out of his head in his previous fights), he will love and respect his trainer. He will see the sagacity of his wise words. He certainly wouldn’t call it slavery. On the contrary, he will realize that he is a master over his desires and not a slave to them.

There is a saying,”Freedom is not the ability to do what you want, rather the ability to do what you ought”.

Consider the difference between the “freedom” of Rav Moshe Feinstien, z’tl, and l’havdil Sir Winston Churchill.

Everyone knows that Churchill was a genius. He always knew how to give a sharp retort, even when he was drunk.

I once read that he was once at a party and had imbibed a bit too much. A woman reprimanded him and said, “Sir Winston, you’re drunk!” He immediately responded, without missing a beat, “I know, and you’re ugly, but tomorrow I’ll be sober”.[He pointed out that his problem was temporary, while her problem was permanent]

On another occasion, he was told by a woman, “If you were my husband, I’d poison your tea!”

He immediately responded, “And if you were my wife, I’d drink it!”

Despite his ingenuity, he had a terrible temper. Whenever someone did something that wasn’t to his liking he would go into a tirade.

I read, in his biography, that once his butler had irked him so, that he even started to hit the butler. When the butler hit Sir Winston back, he was appalled.

“How dare you hit me!”, Sir Winston exclaimed.

“Well, you hit me first”, replied the butler.

“Yes, but I am a great man”.

The author concluded that everyone knew as well as the butler, that Churchill was right.

When I read this I was sickened. This is the freedom and privilege of the great “Gedolim” of the Goyim. He can hit and scream at anybody not as great as he, and doesn’t have to control himself.

Now listen to the freedom of  Lehavdil, Rav Moshe Feinstien z”tl.

(This amazing story is found in “Love Your Neighbor,” by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin and in “Bastions of Faith” by Rabbi Avraham Fishelis.)

Rav Moshe was getting a ride from one of his talmidim to the yeshivah. When the talmid closed the door of the car he accidentally closed it on Rav Moshe’s finger. Much to the surprise of the other talmidim present, Rav Moshe did not utter a word during the ten minute ride. Only after he arrived at the yeshivah and with the driver long gone, did Rav Moshe rush to sink to wash his fingers. The talmidim asked him why he didn’t say anything to the driver as soon as it happened?

Rav Moshe responded, “He was nice enough to do me a favor and drive me, how could I embarrass him”?!

Many years ago in America, I once personally witnessed the other type of “freedom” where one is so “free” that he becomes addicted to it. He can’t stop even when he wants to.

A certain fellow who strayed off the Torah path wanted to return. My Rebbi, who knew the fellow from long ago, invited him to our yeshivah for Shabbos. He arrived Friday afternoon by his car. However, when Shabbos morning came his car was gone, and the fellow was nowhere to be seen.

My Rebbe gave a sicha about “freedom” and explained what happened.

Friday night the fellow went into his room to sleep. He couldn’t sleep and was pacing the floor. The Rabbi who lived next door heard it and came in to speak with the fellow. The fellow said that he didn’t want to desecrate Shabbos, but he had the urge to do it. He couldn’t remember the last time that he didn’t go for his “Shabbos ride”. The Rabbi calmed him down a bit and left the room. A while later, the Rabbi heard the door close and a few moments later a motor started and he was gone.

“Is this freedom or slavery??” the Rabbi exclaimed.

“The fellow is begging not to desecrate the Shabbos, but he’s so addicted and enslaved with his ‘freedom’ and non-conformity that he can’t break the shackles that force him to be ‘free'”.

I also saw a beautiful letter, a few years ago, from a former Neveh Zion alumnus that echoes these sentiments. Our Mashgiach Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Blumenfeld had posted it on the wall in the Yeshivah. It was printed by Avi Leibovic, an alumnus that runs a program in L.A. for over 200 talmidim. This letter was written by another Neveh Zion alumnu.

I am going to try bring the main points of the letter, which also had a profound impact on me.

The young fellow was trying to comprehend the concept of  going “from slavery to freedom”  that we speak about on Pesach.

“ ‘From Slavery to Freedom,’ in my youth I often wondered if we really understand these words. As contemporary American Jews, living, as we do, with all the comforts of modern day society can we really grasp the concept of ‘Ovdus-Slavery?’ We certainly don’t have the ubiquitous Egyptian taskmaster, cruelly lashing out with his whip as we toil under the Middle-Eastern midday sun. Generally, we are not starving, or exposed to the elements, or acting as unpaid laborers.

Without feeling the depth of the idea of slavery, is it then possible for us to truly comprehend the concept of ‘Cheirus-Freedom?’ Free from what? Sure we’re free, in this country obsessed with freedom, but do we ever stop, sit down, and contemplate the gratitude we feel for our freedom? I don’t believe that this is something we can fully appreciate without first experiencing what it feels like to be enslaved.

As a nation, we have been persecuted throughout the generations, perhaps more so than any other people on Earth. Even with our intrinsic system of transmitting from one generation to the next, it still takes a rare individual who can actually feel the pain of his forefathers. How easy it is to forget the massacre of our people only 60 years ago, when we live in such relative comfort and opulence. Human nature dictates that we focus on the good that we have, rather than on the pain of others before us.

Perhaps I searched for an answer a little too hard, because then slavery found me.

Slavery came to me in disguise, wearing many masks. Slavery came to me with a fun-loving facade and the promise of freedom. Slavery came in the form of little bottles and bags. Slavery crept up on me slowly, convincing me that it was anything but. Slavery moved in and freedom moved out.

What is slavery? Slavery is not being in control of one’s destiny; letting an outside influence, be it person or pill, dictate what we do. Slavery is being beholden to something just more powerful than we are. It is waking up in the morning and not being able to get out of bed without the aid of poison. Slavery is despair, hopelessness.

It was a long painful arduous journey. When the realization that I was a slave, a prisoner, set in, I did what all prisoners do. I tried to escape. Unfortunately, this prison comes with bars of a different sort. They follow you. Having tried nearly everything, I was at the brink of emotional, mental spiritual and physical despair.

Out of desperation I searched for freedom in the one place I was sure it wasn’t- the one place that I knew deep down it had to be. I searched where I started. I searched for freedom using my tefillin and my prayers. I found freedom at home, the same place where I had left it all those years before. In many ways, that was the most painful part of the entire process. Admitting [that] one’s entire life has been a lie is no easy task. Many die rather than face the perceived humiliation, the acknowledgement of the destruction they’ve wrought….but out of pain comes healing.

As a Rebbe of mine is fond of repeating, ‘The darkest part of the night is before the dawn. [my note-This is a saying that our Mashgiach Rav Chaim Yisroel Blumenfeld often says.]

But when that dawn finally breaks…when ovdus [slavery] becomes cheirus [freedom]….nothing ever feels so sweet. Freedom has a meaning for me now. It was a lesson learned at high cost, but what else in life has value? This year sitting at the Seder table, I don’t think I’ll have a problem with Rabbi Elazar’s commandment ‘…A person is obligated to view himself as if he, too, left Egypt.’

When we experience slavery, we appreciate freedom.

May we all merit to experience freedom from our own personal slavery, and as a people, may we merit to experience the ultimate freedom, in our time, and return from exile.” Till here is the letter.

The main point we have to understand is that everyone has his own slavery-whether it’s drugs, alcohol, girls, television, internet, sleep, etc.

We also have to realize that we are not just commemorating events on Pesach that occurred thousands of years ago, rather as it says in”The Haggadah”, (published by Mesorah publications) by Rabbi Joseph Elias ;

“Any achievement that was attained, any great light that radiated at a certain time – when that time comes around again, the radiance of that light will shine again, and the fruits of that achievement will be received, for whoever is there to receive them.” (Derech Hashem)

“Each season of our year thus contains its unique emanations of holiness; through the cycle of the year we can seek to relive the great of happenings of our history, and – entering into their spirit – draw from them strength and inspiration for the future.” (S’fas Emes)

My berocho to us all is that we should gain and relive the real freedom of Pesach from our own personal slavery and then we will live a happier life in this world and the next.

Chappy birthday Tate and thanks Yonatan Razel for your great new album, which we recommend!

Happy birthday to Jaffa Institute 🙂 We are going to dedicate my Birthday gifts to our Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program 

The Jaffa Institute and Eli would like to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes!
We are very proud to be serving the population of Jaffa and South Tel Aviv for the past 31 years.  And Eli Goldsmith has been alive and in service, thank G-d for 33 years!
This is the place to donate for your birthday wishes 🙂 thanks -> gift to you all is to bless you all to give with open hearts and help others on their 13th birthday 2013 start this beg. to manhood with happiness and our kind investment!

Eli Goldsmith

Today is the right day to share this, may his holy merit protect us and he got rid of all the travails that would trouble us before Moshiach’s coming :), and this is with his hard work to sweeten the judgements, keep dancing to his holy light and song and service to Hashem!

Yonatan Razel- New album

Yonatan Razel is an Israeli singer, writer, composer, musical arranger and conductor!

Nigun Belz is the second single from Yonatan Razel’s new CD. Just five

years after he released his debut album, “Sach Hakol” has reached the status of GOLD and the sales has surpasses 30,000 CDs. After the huge success of the song “Vehi Sheomdoh” which was released in 2008 by singer Yaakov Shwekey. Razel returns to work with Eviatar Banai and is currently finishing recording his second album to be released in the next few weeks. The new album will include 10 including songs penned songs and melodies and texts from the scriptures. “This melody” says Razel “has always touched me, it is a gift something that has rested for a moment, takes you back up and up again and again”. “When we recorded the album, I had a thought suddenly to re-introduce this song to the musical world I grew up in, the world of classical music”. It started as meditation and slowly caught “size” although this result is still perceived as a kind of “anecdote” – but anyway, baruch Hashem it is joyful and refreshing.

Click the play button to listen to this sampler.

  Date: February 2013 Make A Donation and mention Eli in comments thanks
Welfare to Wellbeing
In January, we saw the enrollment of our first Welfare to Wellbeing group of 2013. The 12 long-term unemployed women will be increasing their skills base through workshops and seminars. As some of the women participating in this cycle have not graduated high school, The Jaffa Institute offered a prerequisite computer course before the official opening of the program to help the women catch up on their skills. Additionally, at the end of the program, the women will receive employment counseling to assist thaem in finding long-term employment at the end of the course.
Purim Celebrations
Purim has recently come to an end, and this year was certainly one to celebrate! Lasting over a week in our after school activity centers, the children had a great time, eating Hamantashen, dressing up in costumes, having Purim parties and enjoying a fun show by visiting clowns. During the week the children decorated masks, made balloon models and enjoyed cotton candy. Volunteers came from Bank Discount, Bank Mizrahi, Tahal and Lions to make Purim at our after school activity centers an even more memorable event for the children. On behalf of all the children we would like to say a big thank you to the Shilo School in Jaffa for giving us the use of their space for celebrations for all the moadoniot. Have a look at some more pictures on our website.
Double Your Impact – Support the Feinstein Matching Challenge
Between March 1st and April 31st The Jaffa Institute is taking part in the Feinstein Matching Challenge. During that time any gift for our Food Security Programs will be eligible for a match of up to $35,000 from the Feinstein Foundation. By giving today and mentioning eli goldsmith sent you thanks, your gift will go further in helping us supply 2,200 food parcels and sponsoring 550 Passover meals this Passover season.
Midot – We’re doing great!
In the past few months the Jaffa Institute has been reviewed by Midot – the leading non-profit company that strives to promote effectiveness and impact for nonprofit leaders. At the end of the process Midot granted the Jaffa Institute its Seal of Effectiveness – a proof of the Jaffa Institute’s successful implementation of its vision and goals.Find out more about the report



🙂 purim to pesach be kind This could be better, but cute for now!

 Happy times ahead, 🙂 Purim with Lazer Lloydhappy-purim-and-pesach-2013-bar-mitzvah-awaits-your-donation-now!
Elyon will be performing Purim for the Fortunate ones please G-d @Yeshivat Ashreinu the-fortunate-ones-and-the-midnightrabbi-musicmystic-hour-in-the-bet-shemesh-educational-center!

Introducing The Artist Formerly Known As … Now Nissim Baruch BLACK!

Eli played miracle-music and Unbelievable!


Includes my new single “UNBELIEVABLE” and many more amazing songs.
Miracle Music, by NISSIM

Happy times ahead, more Good news & Purim book with Elyon! 0573114867 happy-purim-and-pesach-2013-bar-mitzvah-awaits-your-donation-now!

Will be performing Purim for the Fortunate ones please G-dYeshivat Ashreinu 🙂 the-fortunate-ones-and-the-midnightrabbi-musicmystic-hour-in-the-bet-shemesh-educational-center!

Elyon is Eliezer Kosoy (<-click here for more) musical creation and he came special this week for our Fortunate ones and students <-click here for info on Yeshivat Ashreinu, we ended off with a dance !

The real Midnightrabbi inspires 🙂 JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith all the way and we all have good inside us! Even the one with the beard lol !!!! Lazt years fun 🙂


On Purim, it is a mitzvah to hear the Megillah both at night, and Purim day. Every single one of us has our own Megillah. Some of the pages are filled up, but there are still many empty pages. When we read the Megillah, we are reminded of how we were at such a low level, but we were able to attach ourselves completely to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, and reached great levels in our Avodas Hashem… we were zoche to receive the Torah again M’Ahavah! You have the whole megillah ahead of you to write! You have a whole life ahead of you, until 120! Every person is different, no situation is the same. Your megillah is unique, beautiful, precious, the most sweetest thing to Hashem Yisbarech that can not be compared to anyone else! Just like any healthy mother or father can not show more favoritism or love towards one child over the next, every single life is so precious to Hashem. After 120, what will your Megillah look like? Will it be a story of hester panim, where Hashem was hidden throughout the whole Megillah? Or will Hashem be revealed in EVERY chapter? YOU have the ability to bring out Hashem throughout every single page in your life, every sentence, every word, and every letter mamesh! To reveal Hashem in the hester and shine His light throughout the world- throughout YOUR world!

Why do we read the Megillah both on Purim night and Purim day? Hashem gave me a beautiful thought: It is two types of readings. At night it is dark, and the aspect of “hidden” is felt more than ever. We read the Megillah to remind us that in the darkest of time, Who never leaves us? HaKadosh Baruch Hu! Our Loving Father! We read the Megillah at night as a reminder that Hashem is the only One in the world who can help pull us through and that we need to daven and rely ONLY on Him! We have to put our complete faith in Him and know that He will help us through, no matter how thick the night may be. Emunah is the opening of that light in our personal darkness! Why do we read it a second time on Purim day? This is also to remind us that no matter how thick the night may be, there is always morning that follows it. There is always light after the darkness. Reading the Megillah during the day is not a reading of hopelessness and despair, but a reading of gratitude! We are able to SEE the light so clearly that we thank Hashem over and over again, and from that light we so clearly see, we are mamesh able to feel the warmth of His love so strongly. From Emunah Lessons like and be kind JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith

Love this good friend i met at the healthy break with Jeff just before Spring, hes kind hearted and helped me with my stuff when my back went! Time for health aspirations to become reality!

Also Midnightrabbi Inspires wants your opinion on this 1st stage of new book idea thanks, a world changer :)


Question (we remember to destroy Amalek this shabbos, this means all the doubts inside of us, oh just ruined the ?, anyhow read on!):

I like your modern interpretations of biblical Judaism. But it seems that you pick and choose what commandments are still relevant, and just ignore the primitive ones. For example, theTorah commands the Israelites to wage an eternal war against the nation of Amalek, and to wipe them out totally. If the word of G‑d is eternal, why aren’t you armed and dangerous, seeking out Amalekites to kill?


I’ve got news for you — I do seek out Amalekites. Between you and me, I’ve even killed a few. You should try it, it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. No one gets hurt, and it feels great. But first you have to learn to identify who Amalek really is.

Amalek was an ancient Middle Eastern nation that had an inborn hatred towardsIsrael. The Amalekites took any opportunity to attack Jews for absolutely no reason. There was no land dispute or provocation that caused this hatred – it was an intrinsic pathological need to destroy G‑d’s people. Such hatred cannot be combatted through diplomacy. There was no option to re-educate the Amalekites or review their school curricula. Their hatred was not taught – it was ingrained. As long as an Amalekite walked the earth, no Jew was safe. It was a clear case of kill or be killed. A Jew had to take the command to kill Amalek quite literally – his life depended on it.

In time, the Amalekite nation assimilated into the people around them. Their inborn hatred became diluted as their national identity dissolved, and the command to kill them became impossible to fulfill. This was no accident of fate. The G‑d who authored the Torah is also the Author of history. He decided that the time had come that this command should no longer apply in its literal sense. It was time for the Jewish people to move on.

But this doesn’t mean that Amalek has disappeared. Amalek is alive and well today, albeit in a different form. No longer a foreign nation, today’s Amalek is an internal enemy. We each have an Amalekite lurking within our very self. The inner Amalek is unholy cynicism. That little voice inside each of us that derides, belittles and attacks truth and goodness; our irrational tendency to mock people who act morally, to be cynical when we see altruism, to doubt our own or other’s sincerity – these are the modern day Amalekites. They wage a lethal war with our soul. If we let it, cynicism can kill our every attempt to improve ourselves and smother any move towards refining our character and expressing our soul.

There is only one effective response to Amalek’s attacks: Annihilation. Don’t argue back, it won’t work. The power of cynicism is that it is irrational. The most inspiring, uplifting and profound moment of spiritual awakening can be dismissed in an instant by Amalek’s sarcastic taunts. The most logical and sound arguments can be deflected with his quick one-liners — “Get real!”, “Who ya kidding?” or “Hey, you think you’re so holy-moly?” There is no answer to such cheap pot-shots. You can’t fight cynicism with reason. Just wipe it out. No dialogue. No compromise. Erase it from the face of your soul.

Next time your cynical Amalekite raises his ugly head, stomp on it. Beat him at his own game: Do good things for no good reason. Be kind without an explanation. Love your fellow irrationally. Become the hero of your own inner battle, and free your captured soul–kill an Amalekite today.

Rabbi Aron Moss teaches Kabbalah, Talmud and practical Judaism in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
About the artist: Sarah Kranz has been illustrating magazines, webzines and books (including five children’s books) since graduating from the Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan, in 1996. Her clients have included The New York Times and Money Marketing Magazine of London.
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So close and yet so far, @moshe rabbenus birthday and yahrzeit and Masha my wife’s birthday ud 120 years …. Rebbe we love u @mid….

Nice past Purim pics here 🙂 

Midnightrabbi Inspires wants your opinion on this 1st stage of new book idea thanks, a world changer 🙂
The Spiritual Guide to the husband to make a happy wifey! To be “together”, Eliyahu Eliezer! Bs’d
Copyright to Eli Goldsmith Shlita !The Ant Infestation and smiley cake!It was a special day of deeds of kindness, as many good husbands … 13 in 2013

Happy times ahead, Good month & Purim book with Elyon! 0573114867 happy-purim-and-pesach-2013-bar-mitzvah-awaits-your-donation-now!

Will be performing Purim for the Fortunate ones please G-dYeshivat Ashreinu 🙂 the-fortunate-ones-and-the-midnightrabbi-musicmystic-hour-in-the-bet-shemesh-educational-center!

When the time came for the construction of the Tabernacle, Moshe turned to the people for donations [1]. On the one hand, the donations were voluntary, but on the other hand, the donors were limited by what they could give. But if there we no (general [2]) limits as to who was making a donation, then why were there limits as to what they should give?

   In the Spring of 1973, Binyamin Naor’s parents wanted him to go to the Israeli army and so he left the Ponovezh Yeshiva. On Yom Kippur that year, the war began and Binyamin was called to the front. The hardships of battle were taking their toll on the boy and he was missing his yeshiva. One particularly bad day, he received a postcard from a friend in Yeshiva letting him know that he was being missed. It was signed ‘your friend Shmuel’.

   He did not know a Shmuel in the Yeshiva, but was thrilled to receive the card. He would often look at it for encouragement.

   After weeks of fighting, the war was finally over and Binyamin retired to the Yeshiva. He was greeted by his Rabbi, “did you get my postcard?”

   It was the great Torah leader of the generation, Rabbi Shmuel Rozovsky!

The question is asked [3] how mortal flesh and blood can receive the (spiritual) Torah? Perhaps we can answer that Moshe received the Torah due to his humility. In effect, humility is ‘minimising’ ones physical status. Such a person is actually immortal.

Whilst on the one hand, voluntary contributions were made to the Tabernacle, it was to be a place where the Divine presence were to dwell. This is only possible when we ‘make room’ for it. By placing limits upon our voluntary donations, we somewhat take ‘ourselves’ out of the picture and so the Divine presence can find its dwelling place.

Have a humbling Shabbos,   click here for more -> Dan.

Tiferes World
Tiferes Travel (the best way) Tiferes the best way and cheapest prices! Every fortunate person who approaches us for services is asked where did u hear about us ? – The Answer is “eli” / “lazer”. Tiferes means beautiful and balanced! OUR Even NEWE…
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  • Every fortunate person who approaches us for services is asked where did u hear about us ? – The Answer is “eli” / “lazer”. For more information or to book your trip now, call our sales representative: egoldsmith@tiferestravel.comlike
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    From UK: (020) 3150-1562 Israel: 072-224-4301

Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith
Israel – 00972-57-317-5856
Email –
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Support The Jaffa Institute’s Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program And Donate On Our New Root Funding Campaign <- Click Here! 

The Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program aims to help Ethiopian children who cannot afford to celebrate their Bar Mitzvahs because of their families’ financial hardships.  The boys are provided with an educational course about the significance of the Bar Mitzvah as well as a set of teffilin, a talit and a small gift in honor of the occasion.

Apologies for the seasonal emails, but the cause is great and urgent bs’d! If you have chosen to fundraise for the Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program, create your own fundraising page! Click Create a Branch Campaign and get started!  We are also looking to start a raffle/lottery,  you can also donate a prize or prizes to help our great causes! Just email us your free prize pledge and sincere thanks with appreication! Eli 🙂


We are so excited to have hosted Lazer Lloyd at our Midnightrabbi Mystic Music hour with the Fortunate ones! His talent is beyond words and take a glimpse at the best jewish guitarist around. Even my father and mum was here for this show and loved it beyond talent,  thank G-d! We hope to bring the whole band here soon with a Rockin’ Midnightrabbi concert for more Fortunate ones! bs’d!

A Good Time & Redemption: 2013

Support the Jaffa Institute’s Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program and Donate on our new root funding campaign <- click here! 

The Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program aims to help Ethiopian children who cannot afford to celebrate their Bar Mitzvahs because of their families’ financial hardships.  The boys are provided with an educational course about the significance of the Bar Mitzvah as well as a set of teffilin, a talit and a small gift in honor of the occasion.

If you have chosen to fundraise for the Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program, create your own fundraising page! Click Create a Branch Campaign and get started!

Zalman Krause, the inspirational new act, beyond dreams!

If you have chosen to fundraise for the Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program, create your own fundraising page! Click Create a Branch Campaign and get started!

Please listen to this new talent and be Midnightrabbi inspiresd This is my favourite song so far and he pieced together a video of the song Hurricane with the lyrics, so everyone can understand what it is about. Enjoy!  And enjoy Zalman’s first new book “A Dreamer Among them”! “Deep and thought provoking especially in terms of the youth culture and what’s needed to help them. The midnightrabbi was happy to have received this 2013 and awakened the need to be in touch with more teenagers to help then through this dream like time period so it shouldn’t turn into a nightmare! The book from talented Zalman Krause doesn’t need my thumbs up , but the part about how much potential and super powers we have truly gets my thumbs up!’  Check out brotherly love and talent ! 

Gutman locks inspires again, A Good Time & Redemption: 2013 5773

     When a group of young Jews comes to Israel on a Birthright trip, how do they have a good time? Well, one of the things they do is to go to the Kotel and put on tefillin.

Real inspirations-for-today! Real changes please G-d for the better, and achudus with moshiach bkrov mamaesh!

Mazel tov to Congregation Aish Kodesh

and Rav Moshe Weinberger, Mara D’Asrah

From the midnightrabbi !

Oros HaTorah (129) Permission To Be Alive And Happy
Oros HaTorah (129) Permission To Be Alive And HappyAish Kodesh

A letter i received from the Rav’s special community!

It is with great pride and love that we wish our mora d’asra, HaRav Moshe Weinberger, Shlita, much hatzlacha and bracha in his new additional role as a Mashgiach at Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan, the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University beginning in the Elul zman 5773.  We are certain that this partnership between our Rebbe, the Yeshiva and Aish Kodesh will be beneficial to all.  We know that the bnei hayeshiva will love and appreciate Rebbe’s divrei torah and divrei chizuk, and that the wonderful example of midos tovos and avodas Hashem that Rebbe embodies will lift the Yeshiva to new heights as it has done for us over the past twenty years.

We look forward to many more years together with our Rav and with our new friends from the Yeshiva and look forward to the day when we will all be together in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh, bimheira b’yameinu.

Elliot Blumenthal                                              Avi Feinberg

President                                                           Chairman, Board of Trustees

Having a Private-Concert with Lazer Lloyd (<-click here for more info) in Bet Shemesh Monday night 03/03/2013. For details feel free to contact The MidNight Rabbi @Eli PMusic —

Great new classes online on “The way of G-d” for deep thinkers , it there are any out there lol !-> emunah!

We all know and believe that Torah & mitzvos are what life is all about, but do we really feel that these are what make our lives meaningful Listen to the Rav’s personal account of how he searched and grappled with these issues, and how he came to feel these truths in his own heart.

Download this song and more:

Lyrics: Tree Rap
by Ari Lesser

Ari Lesser <- inspires us with his latest new vid, “The four holy cities” and he told me personally just yesterday that a new Purim vid is on the way so stay tuned, as more recordings and live shows are on the way, even one with the Moshav band!

Annually, the international community recognizes the 27th of January asHolocaust Remembrance Day. Commemorations are held in honor of the six million Jews and countless other victims who perished in the Holocaust.

Today, about 250,000 survivors are living in Israel, 30,000 of whom live in the area of Jaffa and South Tel Aviv. The Jaffa Institute distributes food packages to 120 Holocaust survivors on a bimonthly basis and 250 survivors during the Holiday times.

During our Holocaust to Hope Campaign, our goal is to raise $5,600 in order to provide 10 packages per week for a total of eight weeks to the survivors that we serve. The campaign will begin on Holocaust Remembrance Day, as the international community recalls the horrors and the bondage of the Holocaust, and it will come to a close eight weeks later on Passover, as the Jewish community celebrates its liberation from oppression-both biblical and modern day.

Join us in not only remembering the victims, but also in celebrating the strength and perseverance of a minority who we must continue to support both because of the tragedies of their past, and because of their struggles in the present.

Good shabbos all and enjoy the song , as my best friend really has used his talents 🙂 inspired by him acrylicize-welcome-to-our-world!

‘Hummingbird’ <-click for blog update!

And Alex Clare is a great advert for Brutus Trimfit 🙂 image.jpeg



Free Jewish Timeline Poster – Download & Print

The timeline was created for everyone to learn and enjoy. Therefore it is published under the license cc-by-sa, which basically means you are allowed to use it for any need as long as you credit and link to

13 in 2013-bar-mitzvah-celebrations-is-in-your-hands!


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