The Inspirational Fire of Lag B’omer 2013!

Getting ready today for some big fireworks the holy way this year Lag Bomer 2013 🙂

40 Days in Meron Until Lag Ba'omer


In less than a weeks time, the roads to Meron will be packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic. The small settlement will expand, and as was the case during aliyah leregel, thousands of Yidden will stream in from all over Eretz Yisrael and the entire world. Mount Meron will be bathed in song and thousands of pairs of feet will dance on its pathways. Rabi Shimon can be relied upon in a predicament. Here, from the tip of this mountain, yeshuos flow to all who pour out their hearts in prayer. This is the place where miracles take place every year anew.
Oh, Rabi Shimon! These are wondrous, spiritually-charged hours. Musicians outdo themselves playing hartzige music. People sigh and people dance; chai rotel mashkeh is poured countless times; bonfires glow. The unity is palpable – Yidden of all stripes are attracted to Meron and feel there what they’ve never felt anywhere else.
The Midrash (Koheles Rabbah) tells of a student who forgot whatever he learned. He went to the tziyun of Rabi Shimon to request that he know how to learn, and merited a wondrous miracle.
It is also related that Rabi Aba and Rabi Chiya went to Meron to pray.
First of all, believe. Believe that you, too, can merit a personal miracle at Meron. So many childless couples were blessed with children; do you think only your problem has no solution? Is it easier to cure serious illnesses than to resolve your difficulties? Nothing is difficult for Hashem, after all. You can have the merit of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai stand in your stead so that you will be worthy of having Him alter the course of nature on your behalf.

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midnightrabbi inspires!


Everybody wanted to look at the blog on getting-ready-for-lag-bomer-2012-meron-on-lag-bomer-defies-description etc…

and enjoyed this year in Jerusalem with the Tolna Rebbe and more!

Watch our videos and enjoy the pics, share the inspiration!

Rebbe Rav Tzvi Meir Silberberg lights up Jerusalem lag B’omer 2012!

Mazel Tov on his Bar Mitzvah of Hatzaddick Rebbe Simcha Bunim shlita a future leader of our holy people and light unto the world!

13 in 2013-bar-mitzvah-celebrations-is-in-your-hands!

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  1. Midnightrabbi inspired says :

    Going up in the Sefirah For those listening anyway otherwise u can listen to the speech 🙂 enjoy!

    Getting ready Lag Bomer -> 2013

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