Great Art and Chassidic/Hassidic sayings that inspire!

My most popular daily blog is a big Surprise and just tells you what people are searching for nowadays i.e. The Lubliner Rabbi: “Better an insincere peace than a sincere quarrel”. My wife wants this beautiful painting / picture for her holy birthday this week 7 Adar<- Moshe Rabbenu’s style, The story is about Zecharya’s Prophecy <-listen here to original song from Midnightrabbi inspired about this. Oil on Canvass  100cm x 80cm Original:  Private Collection.  Givat Ze’ev, Israel.  High quality, signed Giclee prints are for sale here <- and more … 

“ Old men and women will yet sit in the streets of Jerusalem,
and each will have his staff in his hand due to old age, 
and the streets of the city will, once again, 
be filled with boys and girls playing”. 

[ Zecharya 8:4-5]
This painting depicts the prophecy of Zecharya, that despite the doom and destruction that he and the other
 prophets forsaw, there will be a day, that will see true peace, tranquility and happiness return to Jerusalem.
A large number of midrashim and Rabbinic interpretations of the prophecies have been included in the painting.

fam pic shayan

The narrative begins in the upper, far left, with the story of Rabbi Akiva and three Sages on the Temple Mount.

As a fox emerges from the rubble of the Holy Temple, Rabbi Akiva smiles and brings comforts to the weeping Sages (and all future generations) with his assurance that the phrophecy of the Redeption will also be fullfilled.
Underlying the composition, is the shape of the Great Shofar that will herald this great Redemption.
As the “sound” of this shofar sweeps upwards through the trees, the circular composition brings the story to a close with a depiction of the Third Temple, of white fire,  that will descend from Heaven.

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On the day before Passover, Rabbi Levi Yitzhak, while walking through the marketplace, met several Gentiles who were known to be smuggling goods across the border.
‘Do you have any smuggled silk’ he asked them.
‘We do’, they answered.
‘How many yards to you have’, he continued.
‘Don’t worry Rabbi,’ said the smuggler. ‘We have as much as you need.’
He left them and soon met a Jew.
‘Do you have any Hametz’, he asked.

‘Hametz?’ asked the astonished Jew. ‘Heaven forbid that a Jew should have Hametz after the sixth hour on Erev Pessach!’
Soon he met a second Jew and again asked, ‘Do you have any Hametz?’
‘What did you ask, Rabbi’, answered the distraught man. ‘Hametz at this time!”…

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