Breslev Israel presents “Emunah is our Future” Tour!

We are happy to introduce our new podcast (subscribe), & the first guest presenting the Uman Inn!

Please contact Aharon Dobinsky Breslev Israel for info & to sign up email – for a sweet Rosh Hashanah, please G-d, and the great start to the New Year with Emunah is our Future Tour!

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Big news to share for all to join our tour in October in Canada & the US, with our beloved Rav Shalom Arush – הרב שלום ארוש​ & student Rabbi Lazer Brody​ tagged “Emunah is Our Future” – Email – for info and to bring our tour to your town!

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Enjoy another great class from Rabbi Lazer Brody, on one of the most important and popular topics – Is life after death a Jewish concept? What awaits a person after the physical life? Is the “near death experience” (NDE) something substantiated in the Talmud and Zohar?

For a tour with Rabbi Lazer Brody plz email!

#Lifeafterdeath #Emunah #Spiritual #Torah #Tour #EmunahisourFuture!

One of the great moments in #Emunah #History!

Join us on #Soundcloud & #newpodcast –!

Thanks to US Army Chaplain Rabbi Jonathan Zagdanski Lieutenant Colonel for inspiring us! Listen to the full Parsha class… &…!
Truly making kosher our body with Emunah for our Soul. For our body to be a vessel for our soul we need to Kasher our body with the Fire of Emunah! Email for info about making a tour with Rabbi Lazer Brody and our up and coming tour with Rav Shalom Arush #EmunahisourFuture!!
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#Emunah is Our #Future” TOUR – Enjoy a Soundcloud (click here) sample inspirational beyond words, of past Tours to listen too!
Email please for tour info
#love #soul #JOY!

Check Out the New Brand – Shtettl Wear!

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Loving this new innovative and purifying urban-wear brand! Just read their Tagline – Inspiration from a village of the past, Shtettl is about ‘living higher & feeling deeper.’ Lighting up streets with mighty soul& healing the orphans.!

Their latest release brings us to upward intentions! –

It’s all about the KAVANAH!! 😇😇New summer T’s available tomorrow!!
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Unity in Guidance! Consult Now!

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Unity in Guidance! Consult Now!

Looking forward to being #inspired service! Thank you for your time and sincerely live dedicated focused lives together!

Unity Inspires

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Happy to focus on full unified consultancy goals, aiding friends to succeed in their dreams, goals, and practical business life success.

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Living Aligned – An Ancient Innovative path to Fulfillment!

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Excited to introduce Living Aligned – Rabbi Gartner & ready to help us all #livealigned! Stay tuned for our daily tweets, like our new page and share the aligning teachings!

For Quality Connecting time with classes, personal workshops, and full courses plz email to book #Inspiration #lifecoach #spirtualguide!





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Living Aligned – Rabbi Gartner – Living Connected to know Why we can be Aligned with Joy!

ZERO TO PRO! Photos that will Inspire Eternally!

Capture those special moments together by learning to be a PRO!
We believe in our course so much that if you complete all eleven classes and hand in all seven assignments, if for ANY REASON you are not COMPLETELY satisfied we will not only refund the TOTAL cost of the course but we will PAY YOU $100 as an apology, with absolutely NO hard feelings – WE PROMISE!
We are SO SURE that our course can totally change your life that we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is!
Either you complete the course with the skill set and knowledge to take exceptional portrait photography or you end up $100 richer!!
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Unity of Bands 2018/9-2020 online “Unity” music & vid inspired project!

Important to awaken the Unity Projects, especially with Sefirah, Shavous, the need for true Unity in the world today!!! Email for yours!

Unity Inspires

Dear Friends & Creative talented souls,

Hope this finds you all well,

I’m excited to announce to all musicians, videographers, and photographers the amazing opportunity to build Unity of Bands 2018-9/5778-9.

All followers and lovers of music🎶 are also invited to share their feedback and talents to makes this online experience the best for us all!

Welcome to our Unity Inspires Projects blog and realize this is a growing site that will constantly need to be developed to get the best innovative Unity experience we are all looking for!

We are hosting together many Unity Inspires Projects to create a platform for increasing more unity in everything e.g. from family to education, business to health and fitness!

However, our first Unity project we want to focus on is Unity of Bands!

We had past success in Unity of Bands being a live event in Jerusalem with over 700 people being musically…

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The Ultimate online Photography course!

Bring a Nissim Style Smile this Pesach!

Get your new #merch for #Nissim #Inspired!
Please give a mo for the international orders 😉 just the beginning!!!
Eli Goldsmith- Nissim’s Booking Agent:
Whatsapp: +972505305002.

The hashpa in Aish Kodesh is another world. So fortunate to be spending shabbos here in Woodmere, with Rebbe and his special chevra. Long time coming. #Nissim #Lemala #FridayNightTisch#AishKodesh #Woodmere #instagood #inspired #goodshabbos#goodchodesh

Excited to have been in LA 15th March for a rocking show!!! Taking the Simcha of Purim & Mazel tov to the Black Family for Nachman Yisreol Bris Kodesh! Now preparing for the coming Spring and Pesach with #nissim #inspired#UStour #concert!

 Raising us up in @miami before returning home in styles! #Nissim #Purim #concert#ustour #instagood #inamillionyears #hashemmelech!

 Feeling the unity vibes of our shows and great media…/nissim-baruch-black…Manage
Jewish Pride in Times Square! Lifted up the @_cteen over Shabbos now it was time to rock them!
Kind love to Cteen staff & all! Click here to watch this unforgettable event, or go to Rocking show with 1000s of #Inspired #cteen Special souls #concert #chabad #unity

#inspired Us trip and Rocking in Rananah #nissim #flyaway #israel#miami #Purim !

Thousands of Jewish teenagers from around the world gathered in Brooklyn over the weekend for an annual convention organized by Chabad.
Ex-gangster rapper Nissim Black, or ‘D Black’, has embraced Orthodox Judaism, changing his music to fit his new lifestyle.

Tour Together & Miracles Purim!

Good week all, looking forward to being in Manchester with MD and AY #Shabbos and then on to this great #Genesis event with #Nissim Saturday night. Then onto London for some great family, friend time with some #exciting media #inspiring opportunities with the BBC and the Guardian etc!

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Interested Genesis National Weekend Feb 16 – Feb 18 · Hilton Birmingham Metropole · Birmingham, United Kingdom – You like Genesis On Campus!
Pesach in Jamaica beyond, and I’m in the Holy land, Jerusalem!

Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling, textWishing everyone an #inspired climax to #Shovavim. Nice to see my #inspiring Rabbis and friends, #Nissim is rocking the new Album Gibor Aka Hero! As Stephen Covey wrote, “the key to happiness is self-control!” Moving on from Cellular Israel with #Emunah for that good unlimited Shefer ahead!

Off to Miami again Purim and LA too!

Whats one MIDDAH Klal Yisrael as a whole should work on? Check out this weeks edition of The VUES

Image may contain: 1 personWhat a crazy time period before moving to Jerusalem and going on a tour! The focus has to be to #inspire like this great flier thanks to Rabbi Eli Goodman! Nissim ניסים!

Looking forward to be there #inspired #beyondwords Cteen #Shabbaton! With #Purim and #Nissim miracles beyond!

Feb 22 – Feb 25 · CTeen · New York, NY, United States You like CTeen!

Check out #Nissim #inspired in the #Tachlis magazine front cover as the Tour in UK, US and LA is under way 🙂

Happy to see this #inspired

Purim skit has grown in the mission to bring Emunah in joy everywhere. Next trip to London, UK in 2 weeks has a lot of personal opportunities for us. See you all 😉

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